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Recently Discovered Papyrus Details a 5-Year-Old Jesus

It's a brief, 'clumsy' letter, but researchers say it's oldest known copy of gospel about Jesus as a child

(Newser) - Experts in ancient documents have discovered the oldest known copy of a gospel detailing Jesus' childhood, text originally written some 200 years after his death. The manuscript itself, a passage from the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, which lies outside the accepted canon of Scripture, is dated to the fourth or...

Old Stained Glass Window Depicts Jesus in Unusual Light

His dark skin in 150-year-old Rhode Island window may have been sending a message

(Newser) - A nearly 150-year-old stained-glass church window that depicts a dark-skinned Jesus Christ interacting with women in New Testament scenes has stirred up questions about race, Rhode Island's role in the slave trade, and the place of women in 19th century New England society. The window installed at the long-closed...

Archbishops: It's OK if You're Single Like Jesus

Church of England issues report on families that calls to 'honor and celebrate" not being coupled up

(Newser) - What would Jesus do if he were navigating today's high-tech dating world? He wouldn't necessarily swipe right on anyone, and that's OK, per the Church of England, which is now using the world's most well-known bachelor to assure singles in the UK that they're fine...

Real-Life Crucifixions Are Back After 3-Year COVID Pause

Church frowns on Good Friday reenactment of Jesus' suffering, but it's tradition in Philippines

(Newser) - Eight Filipinos were nailed to crosses to reenact Jesus Christ's suffering in a gory Good Friday tradition that draws thousands of devotees and tourists to the Philippines, despite the practice being rejected by the Catholic Church. The real-life crucifixions in the farming village of San Pedro Cutud in Pampanga...

Pastor Dies Trying to Recreate Jesus' 40-Day Fast

Francisco Barajah was 39

(Newser) - A pastor in Mozambique died during a fast that he intended to last for 40 days—the length of time Jesus is said to have fasted after his baptism. Francisco Barajah reportedly consumed neither food nor water during that period, though the Daily Beast sees the water part as unlikely,...

They Used to Come to 'Salome Cave' to Pray. Now, a Big Dig

Inside the 2,000-year-old burial cave said to be for Jesus' midwife: lots of beautiful oil lamps

(Newser) - An ancient tomb traditionally associated with Jesus' midwife is being excavated anew by archaeologists in the hills southwest of Jerusalem, Israel's antiquities authority said Tuesday. The intricately decorated Jewish burial cave complex dates to around the first century AD, but it was later associated by local Christians with Salome,...

Art World's 'Indiana Jones' Recovers Relic in Surprising Way

Anonymous person gave to Arthur Brand stolen vials said to hold blood of Christ

(Newser) - Thieves were inconspicuously locked inside a French church on the evening of June 1. According to police, they burst out the next morning with one of the most cherished Christian relics: two lead vials containing pieces of linen said to be covered in the blood of Jesus Christ—collected in...

'Really Amazing Artifact' Found at Jesus' Supposed Crucifixion Site

Medieval altar would've stood at apex of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

(Newser) - A medieval altar, apparently long forgotten, has been rediscovered at the supposed site of Jesus Christ's crucifixion. Recent excavations on Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the site where many Christians believe Jesus was crucified , buried, and resurrected, revealed a large stone slab, "pressed against a wall...

Shipwreck Ring Belonged to One of the First Christians

Ring inscribed with 'Good Shepherd' among Roman-era treasures found off Israel

(Newser) - A gold ring belonging to one of the first Christians is among the treasures pulled from a Roman-era shipwreck off Israel, researchers say. Also discovered in the wreck off the ancient port of Caesarea is a bronze eagle figurine, bells meant to keep evil spirits at bay, various pottery, and...

Slick Series About Jesus Upends Crowdfunding Strategy

'The Chosen' is breaking new ground on that front, reports the 'Wall Street Journal'

(Newser) - Like any Hollywood-esque production depicting Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, The Chosen needed plenty of extras for the scene. The twist here: In this case, the extras actually paid for the privilege, with most shelling out at least $1,000 each. Welcome to the unusual—and successful—production model of...

Bones Cast 'Rare Flicker of Light' on Early Christianity

But they do not belong to St. James the Younger as long thought

(Newser) - It appears Rome's Santi Apostoli church doesn't have the bones of two of Jesus' 12 apostles after all—but perhaps it does have one. LiveScience reports the church has since the 6th century believed it possessed remains belonging to St. James the Younger and St. Philip. A study...

Netflix Ordered to Pull Film About Gay Jesus

Brazilian judge says 'freedom of expression ... is not absolute'

(Newser) - A Brazilian judge has ordered Netflix to remove a film depicting Jesus Christ with a boyfriend. The First Temptation of Christ, released as a Christmas special, caused such fury among Brazil's conservative Christians that 2 million signed a petition calling for its removal, while a group lobbed firebombs at...

'Original' Jesus Relic Arrives in Bethlehem

The pope returns it, 1,400 years later

(Newser) - A tiny wooden relic that some Christians believe to be part of Jesus' manger arrived Saturday in its permanent home in the biblical city of Bethlehem 1,400 years after it was sent to Rome as a gift to the pope, the AP reports. Sheathed in an ornate case, the...

It Was Hanging in Her Kitchen. She Found Out It's Worth Millions
It Was Hanging
in Her Kitchen.
She Found Out It's
Worth Millions
in case you missed it

It Was Hanging in Her Kitchen. She Found Out It's Worth Millions

Elderly French woman's 'Christ Mocked' by Renaissance painter Cimabue could go for $6.6M

(Newser) - An elderly French woman had the painting hanging above a hot plate in her kitchen, thinking it was just an old piece of art. When she finally got curious enough to get it appraised, she found out it was indeed old—and extremely valuable. That's because, per an old-masters...

There's New Hope for Believers in Holy Shroud
Dating of Turin Shroud to 
Middle Ages Was Flawed

Dating of Turin Shroud to Middle Ages Was Flawed

Study offers new hope for believers

(Newser) - Whether the Shroud of Turin served as Jesus' actual burial cloth has long been debated —and a new study, while not weighing in one way or the other, is likely to keep that debate raging. Researchers reanalyzed data compiled in 1988, when experts at the University of Arizona, Oxford...

Steve King Can Now Relate: I Get What Jesus Went Through

Iowa congressman compared House censure for racist remarks to what Christ endured

(Newser) - If there's anyone who can relate to what Jesus went through, it's ... Steve King? Definitely, according to Steve King. Per Politico and CNN , the GOP Iowa congressman— recently censured by his colleagues in the House and stripped of committee assignments for racist remarks—attended a town hall Tuesday...

Virgin Mary Work Is Only Surviving Leonardo Sculpture
'New' Da Vinci Work Is Unveiled

'New' Da Vinci Work Is Unveiled

It's called 'The Virgin with the Laughing Child'

(Newser) - A smile, a laugh, a few folds, and presto—you have the only existing sculpture by Leonardo da Vinci. That's pretty much the takeaway after The Virgin with the Laughing Child was presented this week at an exhibition in Florence, NPR reports. An Italian academic and a Leonardo scholar...

Comic About 2nd Coming of Jesus Doesn't Go Over Well

DC Comics cancels plans for 'Second Coming' after backlash

(Newser) - Picture this: Jesus Christ returns for his prophesied second coming, and ends up a superhero's sidekick so that he can carry out his "most holy mission by God" and "learn what it takes to be the true messiah." If that sounds like an entertaining romp to...

LDS Church Supporters Cry 'Blasphemy' Over Deadpool Poster

Promo looks strikingly like painting of Jesus commissioned by the church

(Newser) - Once Upon a Deadpool opened nationwide Wednesday, and while it's earning tepid reviews , its promo poster is drawing more heated reaction. Who's hot about it: supporters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which boasts a painting that looks to be the inspiration for the Deadpool...

Jesus Christ Writes to Oprah
Jesus Christ Writes to Oprah

Jesus Christ Writes to Oprah

Jesus Christ of Maine, that is

(Newser) - A letter from Jesus Christ might be the affirmation Oprah Winfrey needs to run for the presidency, reports the AP . An 83-year-old Maine woman who changed her name to Jesus Christ says she began a letter writing campaign 50 years ago to spread a message of faith and peace, WGME-TV...

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