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SCOTUS: Bring On the Roundup Lawsuits
SCOTUS: Bring On
the Roundup Lawsuits

SCOTUS: Bring On the Roundup Lawsuits

Court upholds $25M judgment for Edwin Hardeman, paving path to further legal action

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has rejected Bayer's appeal to shut down thousands of lawsuits claiming that its Roundup weed killer causes cancer. The justices on Tuesday left in place a $25 million judgment in favor of Edwin Hardeman, a California man who says he developed cancer from using Roundup for...

Landmark Agent Orange Case Is Dismissed

Vietnamese woman sued chemical companies, but French court says it has no authority to rule

(Newser) - She would have been the first Vietnamese civilian to win a judgment against the chemical companies that produced Agent Orange, notes the Washington Post . But a court in France on Monday dismissed the case brought by Tran To Nga against companies including Dow Chemical and Monsanto, now owned by Bayer....

Bayer: We'll Settle Suit With $10.9B Payment

The German company faces a lawsuit that involves subsidiary Monsanto

(Newser) - German pharmaceutical company Bayer says it's paying up to $10.9 billion to settle a lawsuit over subsidiary Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup, which has faced numerous lawsuits over claims it causes cancer, the AP reports. In a statement Wednesday, Bayer said it was also paying up $1.22 billion...

For Ailing Couple, a $1.9B Disappointment Over Roundup

Judge cuts award due to Alva and Alberta Pilliod from Bayer from $2B to $86.7M

(Newser) - If $2 billion-plus seems like an astonishing amount to award in a lawsuit involving Roundup weed killer, a California judge just agreed. In May, a jury awarded $1 billion each in punitive damages to Alva and Alberta Pilliod, a husband and wife in their 70s who say they used the...

Couple With Cancer Awarded $2B in Roundup Lawsuit

Bayer faces shareholder revolt

(Newser) - Bayer lost its third Roundup lawsuit in a row Monday, with the jury awarding a couple an amount that dwarfs the verdicts in the previous two. The California jury awarded Alva and Alberta Pilliod, a couple in their 70s who blame the herbicide for their non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, $1 billion...

Man Who Blames Roundup for His Cancer Awarded $80M

Edwin Hardeman has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

(Newser) - Bayer inherited thousands of lawsuits when it bought Monsanto —and after the latest lawsuit involving the latter company's Roundup weed killer, the German pharma giant may be experiencing buyer's remorse. A jury in San Francisco federal court Wednesday ordered Bayer to pay $80 million to a man...

New Owners Will Lose Monsanto Name
New Owners Will Lose
Monsanto Name

New Owners Will Lose Monsanto Name

The agri-chemical company will get some new branding once it's officially acquired by Bayer

(Newser) - Monsanto , a name many critics equate with genetically modified crops and the heavy use of herbicides, will be rebranded once German pharma leader Bayer takes the helm, NPR reports. Bayer announced in 2016 it would acquire the agri-chemical business and this week said, following the takeover, "Monsanto will...

Chemical Brothers: Monsanto Acquired by Bayer for $66B

Bayer AG is paying big bucks to acquire the seed and weedkiller company

(Newser) - After months of courtship, German drug and farm chemical maker Bayer AG has finally reached an agreement to buy US seed and weedkiller company Monsanto, in a deal valued at $66 billion, the AP reports. In a statement Wednesday, Bayer said it's paying Monsanto shareholders $128 per share in...

4 Things to Know About the $62B Bid for Monsanto

Bayer announces specifics of its bid

(Newser) - A German company, in a country that's definitely no fan of genetically modified crops, has offered to buy the world's biggest producer of the seeds they come from for $62 billion—in cash. Bayer on Monday said its offer of $122 a share is a 37% premium over...

Erin Brockovich Has a New Target

Bayer's Essure sterilization device is 'perforating uteruses, colons'

(Newser) - Erin Brockovich, whose fight to clean a water supply took her story to Hollywood, has a new target: pharmaceutical giant Bayer. Its Essure sterilization device permanently prevents pregnancy without surgery via nickel-coated coils in the fallopian tubes. The coils create scar tissue that blocks off the tubes, an approach that...

Delta the Least Respected Brand in America
Delta the Least Respected Brand in America
survey says

Delta the Least Respected Brand in America

Pepsi, Coca-Cola are apparently the most respected

(Newser) - Poor Delta: It gets less respect than even Denny's and cigarette maker Philip Morris. A new survey of businesspeople finds the airline is the least respected of the brands studied, Yahoo Finance reports. The most respected? PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, in a tie. CoreBrand, a branding research firm, asked respondents...

Clinton & Co. Land Cheap Birth Control for World Poor

27M women affected in deal that halves the cost: Bill Clinton

(Newser) - Prices for long-acting contraception will be halved for 27 million women in the developing world through a new partnership, Bill Clinton and other world leaders announced yesterday. The deal will help avoid almost 30 million unwanted pregnancies and save an estimated $250 million in health costs, the partnership said. By...

BP Funding Tea Party's Climate Change Deniers

Big polluters give $240K to Senate campaigns

(Newser) - Big-time big-polluting European firms are funding the Tea Party's climate change deniers, finds the Guardian . The paper discovered that 80% of campaign donations from major European firms like BP and Bayer went to politicians opposed to action on climate change. Recipients include Tea Party-backed incumbents Jim DeMint and James Inhofe...

FDA Slaps Birth Control Giant Over Deceptive Ads

Bayer ordered to air clarifying spots for Yaz

(Newser) - Bayer Pharmaceuticals has just launched a $20 million ad campaign for Yaz, the country's most widely used birth control pill. But the ads aren't promoting the drug; rather, they're clarifying earlier commercials that seemed to say Yaz prevented acne and mood swings. As the New York Times reports, the FDA ...

Bayer Knew Pesticide Killed Bees, Critics Charge

(Newser) - A German prosecutor is investigating allegations that chemical giant Bayer CropScience knowingly sold a pesticide that kills honeybees, the Raleigh News & Observer reports. The investigation follows complaints from German beekeepers and environmentalists that the company covered up incriminating data on chlothianidine. In the US, meanwhile, an environmental group sued...

Stocks Tumble as Bayer Loses Patent for Contraceptive

Generic birth control pill could soon steal market

(Newser) - Bayer shares tumbled to a 12-month low yesterday after a US judge ended the pharmaceutical giant's patent on Yasmin, the company’s top-selling birth control pill. The ruling means rival Barr Pharmaceuticals may introduce a lower-priced generic version of Yasmin in the next few months, Bloomberg reports. 

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