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BYU Student's Dorm Activity 'Was Definitely Reckless'

Brigham Young University Police say 22-year-old tried to make rocket fuel

(Newser) - "I mean, this was definitely reckless." That's how a rep for Utah's Brigham Young University Police Department is describing a student's Sunday afternoon activity: attempting to make homemade rocket fuel on the stove in his dorm. The unnamed student—BYU Police are calling him "...

USC Apologizes to BYU Over Televised Chant

'F--- the Mormons' rang out multiple times from the stands

(Newser) - Anyone who tuned in to USC's home game against Brigham Young on ESPN over the weekend might have heard a not-so-friendly chant from the stands. On at least five occasions, the crowd broke into a chant of "F--- the Mormons" during the game, reports the Deseret News . Now,...

A Leap in the Air, Then an 'Excruciating' TikTok

BYU pole vaulter accidentally impales scrotum in video that's since gone viral

(Newser) - A compelling caption can be the deciding factor on whether someone views your TikTok video, and it looks like Zach McWhorter came up with a good one. "That one time the pole went through my nuts," is how the Brigham Young University student puts it in the clip...

Best Undergrad Biz Schools
Best Undergrad Biz Schools

Best Undergrad Biz Schools

Wharton keeps the top spot for undergraduate business education

(Newser) - The financial world may be on its ear, but undergraduate business schools are booming as increasing numbers of quality high school grads drive up standards and B-school grads command more on the employment market. Here are the 10 best, as ranked by Business Week:
  1. Pennsylvania (Wharton): Can be too competitive.

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