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Canada Teaches Alcoholics to Make Their Own Beer

Program aims to steer users away from toxic drinks

(Newser) - Another innovative harm-reduction strategy from the Vancouver group that introduced crack pipe vending machines : Brewing lessons for hardened alcoholics. The Portland Hotel Society, which works to help addicts and the mentally ill in the Canadian city, says the aim is to steer extreme alcoholics away from more dangerous substances like...

Alaska Communities Ban Possession of Sugar, Yeast

...in pound quantities, should resident be planning to make 'homebrew'

(Newser) - Two ingredients that sit harmlessly in most most kitchens are actually barred in parts of rural Alaska—and a recent arrest is shining a light on the odd law. In an effort to curb the alcohol-abuse epidemic, a 2007 state law not only allows communities to ban booze but also...

Hipsters Go Redneck With Taxidermy, Moonshine

A little bit of country finds its way to Williamsburg

(Newser) - Hipster faves fixed-gear bikes, v-neck T-shirts, and ironic mustaches have a pair of new, and very red-neck, companions: Taxidermy and moonshine. The former, Melissa Milgrom reports for the Daily Beast , gives actual and spiritual Williamsburgers the chance to actually own an animal. And, one practitioner notes, “part of being...

More Americans Brew at Home
 More Americans Brew at Home 

More Americans Brew at Home

Recession spurs Americans to make their own beer

(Newser) - Home brewing has grown in popularity as Americans with increasingly sophisticated taste in beer look to cut costs, Time reports. Despite layoffs and bankruptcies nationwide, a couple in Connecticut just opened Maltose Express, a beer-brewing supply shop, and are already doing brisk business. Home brewers also gather there to share...

Biodiesel Gains Converts on Home Front

Reputable retailers selling kits to turn veggie oil to fuel

(Newser) - Half a billion gallons of it were brewed at home last year, and we're not talking beer. Homemade biodiesel is expanding from the days of hippies converting old electric water heaters to mainstream retailers offering safer, reliable processors, Wired reports. Anyone with the equipment, ranging from $3,000 to $13,...

Making Mead Creates a Buzz Among Foodies

Ancient brew kinda cool, but not likely to replace Bud

(Newser) - Mead, that honey-based alcoholic drink last popular around King Arthur’s Round Table, is making a comeback—well, sort of, Nicholas Day reports in Slate. Meaderies are springing up around the US, publishers have printed a spate of how-to books, and the Internet is rife with mead-making sites that include...

6 Stories
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