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First Dig at Legendary Arthur's Stone Begins

Archaeologists start excavating tomb linked by legend to King Arthur

(Newser) - Archaeologists in England have begun excavating a tomb thought to be more than 5,000 years old. While that in itself isn't too unusual in archaeological circles, this particular dig is attracting attention because it's taking place at what's known as Arthur's Stone, reports the Hereford ...

Girl Pulls Sword From Excalibur's Fabled Resting Place

Her dad says it's 'probably an old film prop'

(Newser) - Legend has it that King Arthur ordered a faithful servant to throw his sword , Excalibur, into a lake after he was mortally wounded in battle. A British 7-year-old has just pulled a sword from that very spot. While on holiday in Cornwall on Aug. 29, Matilda Jones asked her dad...

Monks Lied About King Arthur's Burial to Raise Cash

Supposed grave is really a pit of rubble

(Newser) - A team of 31 specialists led by an archaeologist at the University of Reading are shedding light on some supposed Dark Age legends in their four-year work at Glastonbury Abbey in the UK, reports the Guardian . To wit: "Those feet, immortalized in William Blake’s poem Jerusalem , never walked...

King Arthur Was a Scot, Lived in Swamp: Historian

Amateur historian says claims proven "beyond reasonable doubt"

(Newser) - Scotland may have a new, ancient celebrity to call its own, according to an amateur historian. In a new book , Adam Ardrey claims King Arthur was actually Arthur Mac Aedan, the son of a Scottish king, whose "Camelot" was not Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, but a Scottish marsh—and...

King Arthur's Round Table Uncovered in Scotland, Say Archaeologists
King Arthur's Round Table Uncovered in Scotland
say archaeologists

King Arthur's Round Table Uncovered in Scotland

Or so say archaeologists who have been surveying the King's Knot

(Newser) - A little more than a year ago, the Telegraph reported that excited historians in England claimed to have found the site of King Arthur's round table. Apparently, it's been discovered again ... in Scotland. The Telegraph reports archaeologists have been researching a geometrical earthwork called the King's Knot,...

'King Arthur' Can't Reclaim Stonehenge Remains

Self-styled Druid chief loses bid

(Newser) - The injustice! King Arthur Uther Pendragon cannot reclaim 5,000-year-old remains that were dug up at Stonehenge, a British judge has ruled. But don’t get too riled up: Pendragon isn’t actually related to the legendary kind of yore, although he is chief of the Loyal Arthurian Warband Druid...

King Arthur's Round Table Site Discovered

Not furniture, but a meeting spot for 1,000

(Newser) - A group of thrilled historians claim to have discovered the site of King Arthur's storied "Round Table" at an ancient Roman amphitheater in Chester, England. But the discovery is a further indication that the "Round Table" was not a mere piece of furniture, but a massive wooden and...

Leave Keira's Bust Alone: Brit Pols on Ads

(Newser) - Liberal politicians in Britain are demanding that advertisers stop altering stars' images, including enhancing Keira Knightley's bust and trimming the muscle from Madonna's arms, reports the Independent. Such alternations put more pressure on teen girls already mortified about their looks, say Liberal Democrats, who are pushing for a bill banning...

King Arthur Chucked Out of Stonehenge

County council dragons aim to slay druid's protest

(Newser) - A British court has ordered King Arthur to stop hanging around Stonehenge, the Daily Telegraph reports. The pagan protester—who legally changed his name to King Arthur Pendragon decades ago—has been camped near the ancient stone site since last June. He argues that the site should be open to...

Making Mead Creates a Buzz Among Foodies

Ancient brew kinda cool, but not likely to replace Bud

(Newser) - Mead, that honey-based alcoholic drink last popular around King Arthur’s Round Table, is making a comeback—well, sort of, Nicholas Day reports in Slate. Meaderies are springing up around the US, publishers have printed a spate of how-to books, and the Internet is rife with mead-making sites that include...

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