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Renowned Colombian Artist Botero Is Dead
Renowned Colombian
Artist Botero Is Dead

Renowned Colombian Artist Botero Is Dead

Painter and sculptor's distinctive works were known around the world

(Newser) - Renowned Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero, whose depictions of people and objects in plump, exaggerated forms became emblems of Colombian art around the world, has died at age 91. Lina Botero told the Colombian radio station Caracol that her father died Friday morning in Monaco of pneumonia complications, per...

Ecuador Busts 6 Foreigners in Assassination; 7th Is Killed

6 Colombian nationals arrested in murder of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio

(Newser) - Six people have been arrested in connection with the assassination of Fernando Villavicencio , the Ecuadorian presidential candidate gunned down Wednesday, and they're all Colombia nationals. Citing a police report, the AP reports the men were found hiding in a home in Quito, Ecuador's capital, and that cops also...

Colombia's President Says He'll Stay Out of Son's Arrest

Nicolas Petro is being held in money laundering investigation

(Newser) - Colombian police arrested the president's son Saturday as part of a high-profile money laundering probe involving funds he's accused of collecting from convicted drug traffickers during last year's presidential campaign. President Gustavo Petro, a former rebel who rose through Colombia's political ranks as an anti-corruption crusader,...

Irish Team Decides Soccer Friendly Wasn't

After shortened match, Colombia player mocks complainers over 'one little foul'

(Newser) - A soccer friendly between the Colombia and Republic of Ireland women's teams was called after 20 minutes when the Irish side said its players "feared for their bodies." Denise O'Sullivan, an Irish midfielder, was taken to a hospital after a violent challenge, the Guardian reports; X-rays showed...

Colombia Credits Military Tech, Indigenous Potions With Rescue

President bestows 86 medals on Amazon searchers who found children

(Newser) - Colombia's president handed out 86 medals Monday to soldiers, Indigenous volunteers, and government officials who helped in the rescue of four children who spent 40 days on their own in the jungle after a plane crash. President Gustvao Petro described the search that captivated world attention as an example...

Dog Led Rescuers to Missing Kids. Now They Search for Him

If Wilson is still alive in Amazon, Colombian soldiers hope to lure him with female dogs, food

(Newser) - With his powerful snout and his pointy ears, Wilson became a national hero in Colombia when he helped the military find four Indigenous children who survived a plane crash and were lost in the Amazon jungle for 40 days. Paw prints from the military-trained search dog led trackers to the...

Corrupt Cop Chokes on Cash
Corrupt Cop
Chokes on Cash

Corrupt Cop Chokes on Cash

Colombian authorities say officer tried to eat extortion payment to destroy evidence

(Newser) - A Colombian police officer caught taking a bribe tried to eat the evidence and continued to deny wrongdoing even as he was choking on the cash, authorities say. The Guardian reports that the officer and a colleague tried to extort payments of 500,000 pesos a week—around $120—from...

4 Kids Stranded in Jungle Had Been Fleeing for Their Lives

According to the father of the two youngest, who says armed group threatened their safety

(Newser) - The four children who survived 40 days in the Amazon rainforest after their plane crashed in the Colombian jungle were fleeing their home region in southern Colombia at the time. That's according to Manuel Ranoque, the father of the two youngest children, who are ages 5 and 1, the...

Mom Briefly Survived Crash That Stranded 4 Kids in Amazon

Children apparently reported their mother was alive for the first 4 days or so

(Newser) - More details of the 40 days that four indigenous children survived in the Amazon jungle are coming out, and one is particularly heartbreaking. After their single-engine propeller plane plane crashed in Colombia on May 1, the children's mother survived for about four days. That's according to the father...

Keys to This Jungle Miracle: Flour, Seeds, a Savvy Girl

Details emerge on how 4 siblings survived 40 days in the Amazon jungle

(Newser) - "Miracle, miracle, miracle" is how a Colombian general involved in the search for four missing siblings described their survival over 40 days in the Amazon jungle. The Indigenous children, ages 1 to 13, were found Friday by searchers hunting for them ever since their small plane crashed on May...

40 Days After Crash, a Stunning Find: 'The Jungle Saved Them'

4 Indigenous children, one a baby, survived in the Amazon on their own after plane went down

(Newser) - Four Indigenous children survived an Amazon plane crash that killed three adults and then wandered on their own in the jungle for 40 days before being found alive by Colombian soldiers. The announcement of their rescue on Friday brought a happy ending to a saga that had captivated many Colombians,...

Newsom Threatens DeSantis After 'Immoral' Migrant Move

More migrants allegedly sent by Sunshine State dropped off in Sacramento

(Newser) - After 16 South American migrants were allegedly sent from Florida to California on Friday, California officials say Florida did the same thing with a group of 20 migrants Monday. In response, California Gov. Gavin Newsom appeared to threaten DeSantis, whom he called a "small, pathetic man," with kidnapping...

4 Kids, Including Baby, Still Missing After Plane Crash in Jungle

But footprints offer hope they're still alive

(Newser) - Colombia's president rescinded his announcement from last month that four children who survived a plane crash in the country's dense jungle had been found—but there is new hope that the children could still be alive. Small footprints were found Tuesday about two miles northwest of the crash...

This Nation Spends the Most Time Online

South Africans spend average 578 minutes per day on the internet, per Atlas VPN

(Newser) - It can be hard to accurately estimate how much time we spend online, though Atlas VPN notes that for many of us, it's a "significant portion of our day." Using data on internet usage trends among internet users 16 to 64 years old, the VPN service found...

Number of People Braving the Darien Gap Is Exploding

Some 250K migrants crossed the perilous stretch of jungle in 2022

(Newser) - The Darien Gap is a perilous place: a jungle filled with vipers and anacondas, deadly spiders, bandits, and flash floods and lacking any roads or even trails. It's also the sole overland path from South America into Central America, a 66-mile run of land between Colombia and Panama. As...

On This Narco-Sub: 4 People, 2 of Them Dead

The Colombian navy said it recovered nearly 6K pounds of cocaine from the vessel

(Newser) - Some 6 million doses of cocaine likely headed for Central America have been intercepted by authorities—along with two bodies. The Colombian navy on Sunday said it seized a 50-foot submarine in the Pacific that was ferrying 5,800 pounds of cocaine valued at upwards of $87 million. Four people...

In Colombia Election, Two Historic Firsts

Gustavo Petro is first leftist president, and Francia Marquez is first Black female VP

(Newser) - Colombia will be governed by a leftist president for the first time after former rebel Gustavo Petro narrowly defeated a real estate millionaire in a runoff election that underscored people’s disgust with the country’s traditional politicians. Petro’s third attempt to win the presidency earned him 50.48%...

Supermarkets Find $83M Worth of Cocaine in Banana Shipments
Oops: $83M Worth of Cocaine
Sent to Supermarkets
in case you missed it

Oops: $83M Worth of Cocaine Sent to Supermarkets

And in Colombia, cocaine disguised as potatoes

(Newser) - Supermarkets in the Czech Republic got a little more than they bargained for in their banana shipments last week: $83 million worth of cocaine. Police were alerted after grocery workers started discovering blocks of pressed cocaine in with the fruit; ultimately, 1,851 pounds were found, Newsweek reports. The crates...

Colombia Shares New Pics of 'Holy Grail' Shipwreck

The navy also revealed the discovery of other shipwrecks in the vicinity

(Newser) - The wreck of the San José galleon was discovered in 2015 off the coast of Cartagena, and it’s known as the “Holy Grail” of shipwrecks because of the enormous treasure it was carrying when it went down in 1708. This week, Colombian President Iván Duque announced that...

Anti-Mafia Prosecutor Shot Dead on Honeymoon

Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci was killed in Colombia hours after pregnancy announcement

(Newser) - A Paraguayan prosecutor known for fighting against organized crime was shot dead Tuesday while vacationing in Colombia on his honeymoon, hours after his wife posted a pregnancy announcement. "The best wedding gift ... the approaching life that is a testimony to the sweetest love," read the caption of the...

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