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GOP Needs to Get Real About Caring for Poor

Arthur Brooks: Time for conservatives to focus on the needy

(Newser) - The Republican Party has a serious image problem: Too many Americans think the GOP cares "only about the rich and powerful," writes Arthur Brooks at the Wall Street Journal . Indeed, Mitt Romney's 2012 loss can be linked to a single figure: The fact that as of April,...

Too Late: America Is Already Socialist

Arthur Brooks tells his fellow conservatives that this isn't a right-wing country

(Newser) - People often ask Arthur Brooks if America is in danger of becoming a European-style social democracy. "My answer is: 'No, because we already are a European-style social democracy,'" the president of the American Enterprise Institute writes in the Wall Street Journal . "The political right can...

Conservative 'Power Players' to Watch in 2010

Andrew Breitbart, Smart Girl Politics site make the list

(Newser) - They may not get the headlines of Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, but here are some conservative "power players" to look for this year from Matt Lewis at Politics Daily .
  • Smart Girl Politics: "With a cool logo and an army of feisty, young conservative ladies," the website

Arctic Melt Busies Coast Guard
Arctic Melt Busies Coast Guard

Arctic Melt Busies Coast Guard

Shoreline exposed by global warming needs patrolling

(Newser) - Global warming affects some unexpected entities, and one is the US Coast Guard, which is dealing with increased maritime traffic above the Arctic Circle. As retreating ice exposes more coastline, officials are evaluating future needs, the Military Times reports. Says the commander of the district that includes Alaska, "Until...

4 Stories