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College Students' Lake Trip Has Park Service Peeved

Thousands of students converged on California's Shasta Lake—and left heaps of trash behind

(Newser) - SFGate gets right to the point in a recent headline: "Thousands of college students trashed a California lake." About 3,000 of them, according to Debbie Carlisi of the US Forest Service's Shasta-Trinity National Forest, who says crews at Shasta Lake spent six hours scooping up...

5 Bodies Left on Everest Will Soon Be Retrieved

Along with 10 tons of trash

(Newser) - The climbing season opens later this month on Mount Everest, and as people flock to the mountain, the remains of five people who died during their summit attempt will be removed from it. CNN reports Nepal's Mountain Cleanup Campaign intends to bring five bodies off the mountain, as well...

NYC Takes Big Step Toward Ending '24-Hour Rat Buffet'

All businesses now required to use bins

(Newser) - New York City's tradition of piling garbage bags on the sidewalk for pickup is going the way of the dinosaur. As of Friday, all 200,000 businesses in the Big Apple are required to put out their bags of trash in garbage bins, as communities across the country and...

Woman Falls in Dumpster, Gets Compacted by Trash Truck

New Hampshire resident was compacted 4 times and survived

(Newser) - A woman fell into a dumpster while throwing out her garbage and was later rescued from a trash truck that had compacted the contents while she was inside, fire department officials in New Hampshire said. Luckily, neighbors heard her screams, and the trash compartment was equipped with a camera, reports...

In 'Texas' Gift to the Nation,' a Big Ol' Mess

Park rangers remind public to clean up after photos show Big Bend National Park strewn with trash

(Newser) - On Saturday, rangers at Big Bend National Park, affectionately dubbed "Texas' Gift to the Nation," didn't find any gifts on a trail near the park's Panther Junction Visitor Center. Instead, the Houston Chronicle reports that they discovered piles of plastic bags, chip containers, soft drink cups,...

Retirement Change Wins Vote Despite Protests, Garbage Piles

French Senate approves raising age from 62 to 64

(Newser) - A widely unpopular bill that would raise the retirement age in France from 62 to 64 has pushed forward with the Senate's adoption of the measure despite labor strikes, street protests, and tons of uncollected garbage piling higher by the day. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne tweeted late Saturday after...

That's an Appliance Floating in This River

Sections of one Balkan river have become a floating garbage dump

(Newser) - Tons of waste dumped in poorly regulated riverside landfills or directly into waterways that flow across three countries end up turning a section of one Balkan river into a floating garbage dump. Bosnia's Drina River runs 215 miles from the mountains of northwestern Montenegro through Serbia and Bosnia. Some...

82-Year-Old Arrested Over Her Unpaid $77 Trash Bill

Martha Menefield was handcuffed, briefly taken to jail

(Newser) - After the handcuffs were placed on Martha Menefield, the Valley, Alabama, woman says one of the officers leaned in and "kind of whispered" to her that she shouldn't cry. She had a biting response, per CBS42 : "How would you feel if they came and arrested your grandmama?"...

She Realized She Was a $110K Lottery Winner. Then, 'Panic'

Va.'s Mary Elliott had already thrown her ticket in the trash; luckily, she found it

(Newser) - It's not clear why Mary Elliott threw away a lottery ticket before finding out whether she'd won, but what is clear is that she'll probably never prematurely toss such a ticket again. The woman from Buckingham County, Va., won $110,000 in her state's Cash 5...

$340K Painting Found in Dumpster
$340K Painting
Found in Dumpster

$340K Painting Found in Dumpster

Work by French surrealist Yves Tanguy had gone missing

(Newser) - A surrealist painting worth more than a quarter million dollars that was forgotten by a businessman at Duesseldorf's airport has been recovered from a nearby recycling dumpster, police said Thursday, per the AP . The businessman, whose identity was not given, accidentally left behind the painting by French surrealist Yves...

In Age of Virus Lockdown, Garbage Day Gets Interesting

Aussie woman's Facebook page encouraging people to dress up while taking out trash is a hit

(Newser) - Never say Australians don't know how to have a good time—even while self-quarantining and taking out the trash. Per CNN , a Queensland kindergarten teacher started a Facebook page two weeks ago documenting herself and her friends dressing up in wild outfits while dragging their garbage cans to the...

'Disgusting' New Trend Can Sicken People, Wildlife

People are littering the landscape with gloves, masks, and wipes used to fight coronavirus

(Newser) - From California and Texas to New Hampshire and New York , there's a "new, disgusting trend" cropping up around the coronavirus, and it's a potentially dangerous one. The Washington Post and other outlets report on the "small pops of color" suddenly showing up in parking lots, by...

All That Ocean Plastic? It Has an Unexpected Source

It doesn't all come from land-based sources

(Newser) - In 1984, 2009, and 2018, researchers made the trek to Inaccessible Island, which sits between Argentina and South Africa in the South Atlantic. They describe it as a "remote, uninhabited island ... that has a very high macrodebris load"—and that debris is what they were there for. In...

The City of Light Has a Dirty Secret

Refuse of all kinds is piling up in Paris

(Newser) - Paris has long been brimming with culture, romance, beauty—and, in recent years, too much trash. From Place de la République to the Trocadéro gardens, the city is full of homeless people, beer cans, wrappers, cigarette butts, abandoned bicycles and scooters, and (of course) dog poop, the Guardian...

Trash Shipped to Philippines in 2013 Leads to Threat of War

Duterte is pretty peeved with Canada

(Newser) - Canadian trash has been sitting at a port in the Philippines for more than five years, and President Rodrigo Duterte wants it gone—or else. Duterte's word choices tend to grab headlines , and this instance is no exception: "I'll give a warning to Canada maybe next week...

Mark Zuckerberg Tosses Out Some Decent Trash

'Times' feature follows around a garbage picker, who finds a working vacuum cleaner, hair dryer

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg insists he's pushing Facebook on a path toward greater privacy for users. And Business Insider notes that if Zuckerberg read the New York Times on Sunday, he got a real taste of what it feels like to have your privacy violated. There, in a feature on a...

China: No Permit, No Trip to Everest Base Camp

Tourist ban aims to cut down on mountain trash

(Newser) - China is making a move to help with the trash problem on Mount Everest. Bejing is closing the base camp on the Tibet side of the peak to everyone except those with climbing permits, reports the BBC . And China hands out only 300 of those permits a year. The Tibetan...

In One of Planet's Most Remote Spots, a Plastic Bag
Plastic Bag Found in
Truly Depressing Spot
new study

Plastic Bag Found in Truly Depressing Spot

Not even the bottom of the Mariana Trench is safe from our trash

(Newser) - "Single-use plastic reached the world's deepest ocean trench at 10,898 m," states the study plainly, referring to that great scourge: the plastic bag. National Geographic reports that a review of the Deep-Sea Debris Database, an assemblage of photos and videos taken during roughly 5,000 dives...

US Grocery Stores Graded on Food Waste, and One Gets an 'F'
US Grocery Stores Graded
on Food Waste, and
One Gets an 'F'
in case you missed it

US Grocery Stores Graded on Food Waste, and One Gets an 'F'

That would Be ALDI

(Newser) - As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It's apparently not an adage that America's grocery stores have taken to heart, at least according to a new report from the Center for Biological Diversity and the Ugly Fruit and Veg Campaign . They...

Mountain of Garbage Collapses, Kills 17

Search and rescue underway in capital of Mozambique

(Newser) - Heavy rains triggered the partial collapse of a huge mound of garbage in Mozambique's capital on Monday, killing 17 people who were buried by debris. Authorities believe more bodies could be buried at the Hulene garbage dump on the outskirts of Maputo, per the AP . The garbage in the...

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