Grand Theft Auto

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Hacker: I've Got Source Code for Grand Theft Auto

Rockstar Games is 'extremely disappointed' on leaked footage of upcoming version of video game

(Newser) - Video game producer Rockstar Games said Monday that early development footage from the next version of its popular title Grand Theft Auto was stolen in the hack of its network. Someone claiming to be the hacker, posting on Telegram, dumped 90 video clips from the theft online on Sunday and...

Fan Fixes Longstanding Issue With Grand Theft Auto

'tostercx' speeds up load times and is now $10K richer

(Newser) - A gamer who set out to fix the poor loading times on Grand Theft Auto 5 has now been awarded $10,000. The loading times "have been the butt of many a joke over the last seven years," writes Mollie Taylor at PCGamer . But Github user tostercx, who...

Politician Tweets Praise for Pilot's Feat ... in 'GTA 5'

'GTA 5' does have pretty realistic graphics—enough to fool this Pakistani politician

(Newser) - "Narrow escape of an aircraft which could have ended in a great disaster. Miraculous save by the pilot's presence of mind." Any pilot would be pleased to receive such kudos from a high-up politician. But Vice reports there was one problem when Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, secretary-general of...

Cops: Gamer Left Microphone on During Sex Assault

Another PlayStation gamer overheard the attack in Florida, say authorities

(Newser) - A Florida teen took a break from his game of Grand Theft Auto to rape an underage girl, police say. Daniel Enrique Fabian, 18, allegedly told another player on an online multiplayer network that he was leaving the game for a few minutes to "smash" the 15-year-old girl, the...

Court Rules Video Game Didn't Steal Lindsay Lohan's Likeness

Actress sued publisher of 'Grand Theft Auto' series in 2014

(Newser) - It's game over for Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit against the publisher of the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Reuters reports the New York Court of Appeals voted 6-0 on Thursday to toss the actress' lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive. Lohan had accused Take-Two of violating her privacy rights by...

A Boy's Night Playing GTA Ended Up With Real Cops

Ontario police thought they were dealing with an 'impaired driver' when calls started coming in

(Newser) - Yet another reason to not let young kids play M-rated video games: They may get ideas they carry over to real life. At least that's what apparently happened to one curious 11-year-old boy in Ontario, who cops say spent Saturday evening playing Grand Theft Auto, then set out in...

Grand Theft Auto Fans Spoof Critics, Go After Bible

Gamers in Australia start petition after retailers ban 'GTA V'

(Newser) - Some big retailers in Australia aren't stocking Grand Theft Auto V on the grounds that it's misogynistic and sends a bad message to kids. As a result, gamers have started a petition of their own to stop sales of the Bible—on the grounds that it's misogynistic...

ISIS Tries Recruiting With Grand Theft Auto

Sunni militant group uses video game to attract young members

(Newser) - A new ISIS recruitment video mixes music and message with clips from an unexpected source: a modified version of the video game Grand Theft Auto, reports Forbes . The video shows GTA clips of a man shooting up army vehicles and riddling a police officer with bullets, while the text tells...

Lindsay Lohan Suing ... Over Grand Theft Auto

Says character was based on her without her permission

(Newser) - Lacey Jonas looks like Lindsay Lohan. She has a clothing line like Lindsay Lohan's. She dresses and accessorizes like Lindsay Lohan. She hangs out at the Chateau Marmont like Lindsay Lohan. Who is she? A character in Grand Theft Auto V, which is why Lohan is now suing the...

Grand Theft Auto Out for iPhone

Chinatown Wars is getting good reviews from early users

(Newser) - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars has been released for the iPhone, for those who want to indulge in a little Liberty City mayhem in between emails. The game is a direct port of the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP versions and costs $9.99, a little pricey for an iPhone...

Mom Calls Cops on Grand Theft Auto-Addled Teen

Boston police talk boy into shutting off PlayStation

(Newser) - A Boston teen's excessive video game playing caused his mom to call 911 this weekend. Angela Mejia awoke at 2:30am to find her son still playing Grand Theft Auto IV, so she unplugged his PlayStation. "I want to help my son, but I can’t find a way,...

Hidden Sex Scenes Cost Grand Theft Auto $20M

Take-Two settles suit over x-rated 'Hot Coffee' uproar

(Newser) - The makers of Grand Theft Auto are shelling out $20 million to settle a lawsuit over hidden sex scenes in a version of the popular video game, reports Gawker. The suit by investors claims Take-Two Interactive Software officials knew about the x-rated "Hot Coffee" minigame inserted by programmers before...

Rendition: Gitmo Joins Shunned Video Games

Many games have been met with outrage

(Newser) - A storm of bad publicity about Rendition: Guantanamo—a video game about falsely-accused Gitmo detainees trying to escape—forced the game makers to can it this week. It's far from the only game to test the boundaries, ABC reports:
  • Atomic Games dumped development of Six Days in Fallujah amid protests

Outlaw Tagger Goes Corporate

(Newser) - With clients like Universal Studios, and Nike, Mister Cartoon still has street cred. In fact, that’s what makes the 39-year-old graffiti artist, tattoo artist, fashion designer, and car customizer such a sought-after corporate image maker, the Los Angeles Times reports. Cartoon’s designs—which mix Chicano gang culture and...

GTA IV Rides Again in Lost and the Damned
 GTA IV Rides Again in 
 Lost and the Damned 

GTA IV Rides Again in Lost and the Damned

Download-only add-on episode revs new life into franchise's fourth outing

(Newser) - Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned brings gamers back to a Liberty City as gritty and darkly funny as ever, Seth Schiesel writes in the New York Times. The add-on episode, only available as a download through the Xbox Live service, swiftly ditches GTA IV's protagonist...

Boy, 6, Drives Mom's Car to School
 Boy, 6, Drives 
 Mom's Car to School 

Boy, 6, Drives Mom's Car to School

Learned to drive playing Grand Theft Auto

(Newser) - A Virginia first-grader missed his school bus but was determined to get to school on time—so he climbed into his mom's Ford Taurus and drove for 10 miles, reports the Washington Post. The mini-Mario Andretti wove through highway traffic at up to 60 mph before slamming into a utility...

Distributor Pulls Grand Theft After Murder

Thai teen admits slaying cabbie while re-enacting video game

(Newser) - A video-game distributor is pulling Grand Theft Auto IV from shelves in Thailand after a teenager robbed and murdered a cab driver while attempting to re-create his experiences in the game, Reuters reports. The 18-year-old, currently in custody, has shown no signs of mental illness. He faces death by lethal...

Grand Theft Auto Sex Scenes Fail to Excite

Lawsuit over hidden footage gets few takers

(Newser) - Moral outrage that sparked a class action lawsuit over the hidden sex scenes in the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has failed to translate into complaints, the New York Times reports. Despite the millions of copies of the game sold to date, only 2,676 offended owners have...

Crime Pays for Grand Theft Auto Maker

Game blows away sales records, jacks up profit forecasts

(Newser) - Profit forecasts have shot through the roof at Take-Two Interactive Software, thanks to the runaway success of Grand Theft Auto IV, reports MarketWatch. The company is boasting a $100 million second-quarter profit, up from a $50 million loss for the same period last year—even though the blockbuster game was...

New Grand Theft May Shatter Sales Records Today

Controversial game could change math in EA takeover bid

(Newser) - Everyone’s favorite controversy magnet is coming back to consoles—and it’s going to make a lot of money. Grand Theft Auto IV went on sale today, and it’s expected to shatter sales records, the Wall Street Journal reports. One analyst predicts $400 million in its first week....

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