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This Little Guy Marks a Cloning Breakthrough
Scientists Have a
Cloning Breakthrough

Scientists Have a Cloning Breakthrough

3-year-old Retro is the world's first rhesus monkey cloned using somatic cell nuclear transfer

(Newser) - His name is Retro, he's 3 years old, and he's the world's first rhesus monkey cloned using somatic cell nuclear transfer, or SCNT. Chinese researchers announced the July 2020 birth on Tuesday, noting "the first live and healthy cloned rhesus monkey" marked "a big step...

Streisand's Dogs Are Clones of Her Other Dog
Streisand Had Her
Dog Cloned, Twice

Streisand Had Her Dog Cloned, Twice

She harvested cells before first dog died

(Newser) - Two of Barbra Streisand's three dogs are clones, the iconic singer reveals in her new cover interview with Variety . Before Samantha, Streisand's Coton du Tulear, died at age 14 in 2017, Streisand had cells taken from the dog's mouth and stomach that were then used to clone...

Diller, von Furstenberg Clone Their Dog (Twice)

Billionaire and his wife now have 2 puppy clones

(Newser) - Barry Diller loves his dog, Shannon, so much that he and wife Diane von Furstenberg cloned her—twice. The IAC chairman and the fashion designer likely paid as much as $100,000 for the cloning, Page Six reports, and a rep for Diller confirms they now have two new puppy...

Scientists Clone 'Unclonable' Tree

Critics thought John Muir's famed giant sequoia was too old to clone

(Newser) - Big news in the world of horticulture—literally. Scientists have managed to successfully clone a genetic replica of a famed giant sequoia. Three reasons why this is a big deal: The 70-foot tree was planted by John Muir, who had a heavy hand in the founding of Yosemite and Sequoia...

Scientists Clone Mouse With One Drop of Blood

Peripheral blood cell has never been used before

(Newser) - You don't need a lot of mouse to make a clone. Researchers at the Riken BioResource Center have managed to clone a mouse using just one drop of normal, circulating blood, the BBC reports. The clone was healthy, lived a normal lifespan, and was able to reproduce. While mice...

The 12 Things Nearly All Americans Agree On
The 12 Things Nearly All Americans Agree On
surveys say

The 12 Things Nearly All Americans Agree On

Surveys show most of us believe in God, are OK with birth control

(Newser) - What can nine out of 10 Americans agree on? Survey says: not much. That's partly because the big polls such as Pew, Gallup, and the General Social Survey are designed to explore differences, not to document what unites the United States. Still, a few questions discover 90% agreement, or...

Dolly the Sheep Lives on in Four New Clones

So far, 'the Dollies' appear healthier than their namesake

(Newser) - Dolly the cloned sheep died seven years ago, but she lives on in four new clones. “The Dollies,” exact genetic copies of their namesake, were cloned by the scientist behind the research that produced Dolly herself. “Dolly is alive and well. Genetically these are Dolly,” Keith...

Scientists Hope to Clone Perfect Christmas Tree

Someday, they might even glow by themselves

(Newser) - Scientists are busy trying to take the fun out of the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Danish researchers are trying to crack the genome of the conifer for the first time, a development that could lead to oh-so-perfect trees and possibly even flame-retardant needles. Another group in Britain is...

Mixed Verdict Against Fake Korean 'Cloner'

Scientist who lied about stem cells gets suspended sentence

(Newser) - The disgraced South Korean scientist who falsely claimed major breakthroughs in stem cell research in human clones was convicted of embezzlement and other charges, but was acquitted of fraud and received only a suspended sentence. Hwang Woo-suk was hailed as a national hero in 2004 for claiming in the journal...

World's First Cloned Wolf Dies
World's First
Cloned Wolf Dies

World's First Cloned Wolf Dies

Cause of death a mystery

(Newser) - One of  of the world's first two cloned wolves has died due to unknown causes, reports the Korea Times. Snuwolf, 4, was found dead at South Korea's national zoo. Her identical sister, Snuwolffy, remains healthy. "Snuwolf had been in good condition," said Prof. Shin Nam-sik, a leader of...

Jacko Wanted a Clone
 Jacko Wanted a Clone 

Jacko Wanted a Clone

Plus, old friends Macca and Brooke weigh in

(Newser) - Michael Jackson “was hoping that Michael Jackson could live forever,” his chauffeur tells the Mirror. “Michael said he wanted a mini-version of himself cloned to carry on his legacy.” The singer became obsessed with the idea after learning about a religious sect that believes cloning is...

Owner Gets Clones of Hero 9/11 Dog

(Newser) - The owner of hero 9/11 sniffer dog Trakr has been presented with four new bouncing baby ... Trakrs, reports TMZ. The four black puppies with piercing blue eyes are all clones of their hero pop. Just in time, too—the original Trakr died in April at the age of 15. He...

Indian Scientists Clone Buffalo

First clone died soon after birth

(Newser) - The buffalo has now joined sheep, camels, and wolves among the ranks of the cloned, Discover reports. Scientists at India’s National Dairy Research Institute first cloned a buffalo in February, but it died soon after its birth. They’ve now cloned another: Garima, a 95-pound female. The ability to...

US Doc Boasts He Implanted 11 Human Clones

'The cloned child is coming,' says controversial physician

(Newser) - A controversial American fertility doctor is boasting that he cloned 14 human embryos and implanted 11 of them them into women, reports the Independent. None of the tranfers led to a viable pregnancy. A documentary filmmaker recorded the procedures involving four women who had hoped to become the first mothers...

Frozen Mice Cloned; This Guy Next?

Nuclear transfer technique revives genomes

(Newser) - Japanese scientists have succeeded in cloning mice frozen as long as 16 years, leading them to predict that the technique could be used to resurrect the likes of woolly mammoths. The researchers found that frozen brain cells worked best, though brain cells haven’t worked when cloning live mice, and...

Two Cloned Dogs Have Pups
 Two Cloned Dogs Have Pups 

Two Cloned Dogs Have Pups

It's the first time cloned canines have bred together

(Newser) - Snuppy, the world’s first cloned dog, is now part of another milestone, AFP reports. South Korean researchers said today that Snuppy mated with a cloned female to produce a litter of 9 puppies—the first offspring of two cloned canines. “This shows the reproductive ability of a cloned...

Koreans Clone 5 Little Boogers
 Koreans Clone 5
 Little Boogers

Koreans Clone 5 Little Boogers

World's first commercial clones

(Newser) - South Korean scientists have made the world’s first commercial clones, creating five copies of a heroic pit bull named Booger, the Times of London reports. The little Boogers were ordered and paid for—at an introductory rate of $50,000—by Hollywood screenwriter Bernann McKinney, owner of the now-departed...

Olé! Breeder to Clone Prize Bull
Olé! Breeder to Clone Prize Bull

Olé! Breeder to Clone Prize Bull

US company to copy Alcalde's DNA

(Newser) - Alcalde is one in a million: The hulking black bull's sons have struck fear in the hearts of Spain's bravest matadors for more than a decade. But now, in his waning years, his famed breeder has commissioned a US company to make him two in a million—with the cloned...

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