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Defense Chief Undergoes Another Medical Procedure

Lloyd Austin has already resumed duties after Friday procedure for ongoing bladder issues

(Newser) - Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin underwent a medical procedure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Friday evening and has resumed duties after temporarily transferring power to his deputy, Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder said in a statement. Austin is continuing to deal with bladder issues that arose in...

US to Withdraw Most Troops From Niger, Chad Before Talks

Pentagon calls the move temporary, but both nations will have to be convinced to renew agreements

(Newser) - The US will pull the majority of its troops from Chad and Niger as it works to restore agreements governing what role there might be there for the American military and its counterterrorism operations, the Pentagon said Thursday. Both African countries have been integral to the US military's efforts...

This Isn't Your Fight, Iran Warns US

Pentagon bolsters force in Mideast in anticipation of strikes against Israel

(Newser) - If Iran and Israel start exchanging airstrikes, the US has been warned to stay out of it. All sides are expecting retaliation against Israel for a strike against the Iranian embassy in Syria on April 1. And the US has told Israel it wants to be in on its decision...

Pentagon Is Rushing $300M in Weapons to Ukraine

Money was found in contract cost savings

(Newser) - The Pentagon will rush about $300 million in weapons to Ukraine after finding some cost savings in its contracts, even though the military remains deeply overdrawn and needs at least $10 billion to replenish all the weapons it has pulled from its stocks to help Kyiv in its desperate fight...

Pentagon: Nothing to See Here About Extraterrestrials

DOD reviewed decades' worth of UFO probes, found no evidence of alien technology, cover-ups

(Newser) - For at least two years, the Defense Department's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office has been reviewing nearly eight decades of government probes into alleged sightings of UFOs (also called UAPs, or unidentified anomalous phenomena) and other alleged extraterrestrial happenings, and on Friday, the office released a lengthy, 60-page-plus report on...

Defense Chief Offers Public Mea Culpa
Defense Chief Admits
His Mistake

Defense Chief Admits His Mistake

'I should have told the president about my cancer,' says Lloyd Austin

(Newser) - Defense chief Lloyd Austin swears he's learned his lesson. In his first press conference since a hospital stay he kept secret , Austin issued a mea culpa for not being more forthcoming:
  • '"I want to be crystal clear: We did not handle this right. I did not handle this

Special Request in Lloyd Austin's 911 Call: Be 'Subtle'
911 Call for
Lloyd Austin
Is Out

911 Call for Lloyd Austin Is Out

Aide asked for ambulance heading to defense secretary's home to be 'subtle' about it

(Newser) - Lloyd Austin was released from Walter Reed hospital on Monday, two weeks after being secretly admitted for complications following surgery for prostate cancer. Now, audio is out of the call requesting an ambulance be sent to the defense secretary's Virginia home on New Year's Day, with a special...

Pentagon Watchdog to Investigate Austin Controversy

Defense chief failed to disclose his hospitalization

(Newser) - The Pentagon's internal watchdog said Thursday he will review the secrecy surrounding Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's hospitalization and why the Defense Department waited days to inform the White House that he had transferred authority to his deputy. Austin, 70, is still in the hospital being treated for complications...

Ex-Pentagon Chief Panetta on Austin Incident: 'Serious Risk'

Defense secretary's secrecy over hospitalization, subject of a formal inquiry, remains in the spotlight

(Newser) - Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is continuing to work from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on what's now the 11th day of his current hospitalization. Meanwhile, a storm continues to brew over the failure of the secretary, second in the line of military command, to notify officials that he...

Biden Didn't Know About Defense Chief's Ailment for 3 Days

Pentagon didn't immediately inform White House Lloyd Austin was in the hospital

(Newser) - The White House press corps and members of Congress are miffed they didn't know defense chief Lloyd Austin was in the hospital . But Politico reports a remarkable addendum to that: President Biden himself didn't know for three days that his secretary was out of action. The outlet says...

Questions Arise Over 'Evolving Situation' With Defense Secretary

Lloyd Austin's hospitalization on Jan. 1 for complications following surgery was kept quiet

(Newser) - Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is already home after being hospitalized most of the week—except almost no one knew he'd been hospitalized in the first place. The Pentagon announced Friday that Austin, 70, checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on New Year's Day, after he suffered...

Pentagon Changes Protocol on Sexual Assault Cases

Independent lawyers, not commanders, will investigate them from now on

(Newser) - The US military on Thursday opened a new chapter in how it investigates and prosecutes sexual assault and other major crimes, putting independent lawyers in charge of those decisions and sidelining commanders after years of pressure from Congress. The change, long resisted by Pentagon leaders, was finally forced by members...

GOP Hardliners Unhappy as Defense Bill Passes

Gaetz, others complain about concessions on abortion, trans issues

(Newser) - The House passed a defense policy bill Thursday that authorizes the biggest pay raise for troops in more than two decades, overcoming objections from some conservatives concerned the measure did not do enough to restrict the Pentagon's diversity initiatives, abortion travel policy, and gender-affirming health care for transgender service...

Pentagon: US Ships Were Attacked in Red Sea

Houthi rebels report firing on two vessels but don't mention US

(Newser) - An American warship and multiple commercial ships came under attack Sunday in the Red Sea, the Pentagon said. Yemen's Houthi rebels later claimed attacks on two ships they described as being linked to Israel but did not acknowledge targeting a US Navy vessel. The attack potentially marked a major...

Senate Confirms First Woman for Joint Chiefs of Staff

Nominations of Adm. Lisa Franchetti, two others are approved despite Tuberville's hold

(Newser) - The Senate easily confirmed three senior military officers for new jobs on Thursday, one of whom will become the first female member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Adm. Lisa Franchetti was approved to lead the Navy, the Washington Post reports. The Air Force also got a new boss: Gen....

Pentagon Sends Urban Combat Veteran to Israel

Air defense systems also are on their way to Middle East

(Newser) - The Pentagon has sent military advisers, including a Marine Corps general versed in urban warfare, to Israel to aid in its war planning and is speeding multiple sophisticated air defense systems to the Middle East days ahead of an anticipated ground assault into Gaza. One of the officers leading the...

China Preps for Assault With Tips Learned From Russia

Government looks to limit the effect of potential sanctions as it builds up military capability

(Newser) - A Pentagon report on China's military power says Beijing is exceeding previous projections of how quickly it is building up its nuclear weapons arsenal and is "almost certainly" learning lessons from Russia's war in Ukraine about what a conflict over Taiwan might look like, per the AP...

Pentagon: Footage Shows Chinese Jets' Risky Behavior

Says more than 180 intercepts of US warplanes by Chinese aircraft happened in last 2 years

(Newser) - The Pentagon has released footage of some of the more than 180 intercepts of US warplanes by Chinese aircraft that have occurred in the last two years—more than the total amount over the previous decade and part of a trend US military officials called concerning. The photos and video...

US: Downing Turkey's Drone 'Regrettable'

Pentagon says armed drone came close to American troops in Syria

(Newser) - Pentagon officials said several warnings were issued before a US fighter jet shot down an armed drone belonging to Turkey on Thursday. The drone was flying close to American ground forces in northeast Syria, US officials said. Fearing the downing will increase the already rising tensions between the two nations,...

Pentagon Official Has Allegedly Been Dogfighting for 20 Years

Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr. of communications team faces years in prison

(Newser) - A senior member of the Pentagon communications staff has allegedly spent the last two decades taking part in a dogfighting ring. Last month, agencies including the FBI and Department of Agriculture raided the Maryland homes of Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr. and a friend, Mario D. Flythe, finding they kept five...

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