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Looks Like Bill Gates Found Love Again

Microsoft founder is apparently dating Paula Hurd, widow of late Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd

(Newser) - If you ever wondered whom Bill Gates would end up with after his divorce from Melinda French Gates, we apparently have our preliminary answer: Paula Hurd, the 60-year-old widow of late co-CEO Mark Hurd. The two were spotted courtside last month at the Australian Open men's final, reports People ...

Letter Detailing Sex Claims Against Mark Hurd Released

Gloria Allred outlined Jodie Fisher's allegations in June 24, 2010, letter

(Newser) - There's no statute of limitations on juicy details, as evidenced by the amount of media attention a June 24, 2010, letter is getting. AllThingsD yesterday posted the letter, written by infamous celeb attorney Gloria Allred to Mark Hurd, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. He stepped down last year in...

Hewlett-Packard Names Meg Whitman CEO

Leo Apotheker is out at struggling company

(Newser) - Score one for the rumor mill : Hewlett-Packard waited for the markets to close, then named Meg Whitman its new CEO, effective immediately, reports Bloomberg . The former eBay exec, recently off a failed bid to be California governor, will take over for Leo Apotheker, who resigned under pressure after 11 lackluster...

HP Brings on Meg Whitman in Board Shakeup

Company tries to forget Mark Hurd fiasco by replacing four directors

(Newser) - In an effort to shake off the Mark Hurd scandal , HP gave its board of directors a big makeover yesterday, removing four directors closely tied to the decision to oust the infamous ex-CEO. In their place, the company added five new directors—including former eBay boss and gubernatorial candidate Meg...

SEC Opens Inquiry Into HP's Ex-CEO Hurd

Examining whether he leaked insider info to woman who accused him of sex harassment

(Newser) - Mark Hurd's bad days tend to be worse than the dry cleaner losing your shirt: The SEC now wants in on reports that HP's ex-CEO leaked details of a $14 billion merger to the woman he stands accused of sexually harassing. You know, the one that cost him his job....

Ousted HP CEO Accused of Leaking $14B Deal

Woman who charged harassment says he told her of plan

(Newser) - Messy new details are emerging in the scandal that led to the ouster of Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd, courtesy of a Wall Street Journal investigation. The most damning is that he reportedly told Jodie Fisher—the woman who accused him of sexual harassment—of HP's $14 billion plan to buy...

HP Sues Mark Hurd Over Trade Secrets

Execs don't want him to take job at Oracle

(Newser) - The happy little split between between Mark Hurd and Hewlett-Packard takes another turn. HP today sued its newly ousted CEO to prevent him from assuming a top job at rival Oracle. "Mark Hurd agreed to and signed agreements designed to protect HP's trade secrets and confidential information," declares...

Mark Hurd: He's Back, Definitely
Mark Hurd:
He's Back, Definitely

Mark Hurd: He's Back, Definitely

Ex-HP CEO signs on with Oracle

(Newser) - The rumors are true —former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd is joining Oracle as co-president, replacing Charles Phillips. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison expressed his pleasure, saying, “Mark did a brilliant job at HP and I expect he’ll do even better at Oracle,” And, of course, analysts are...

Mark Hurd: He's Back, Maybe
Mark Hurd:
He's Back, Maybe

Mark Hurd: He's Back, Maybe

Disgraced HP chief eyes new gig at Oracle

(Newser) - You would think that ex-Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd would quietly lick his wounds and live comfortably off of his $28 million severance. But no: Hurd is rumored to be in talks with friend, admirer, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison about taking a senior position there, reports the New York Times...

HP CEO Stopped Hiring Me When I Turned Down Sex: Fisher

Details emerge in sexual harassment suit

(Newser) - In her lawsuit, actress-turned-event planner Jodie Fisher alleged that HP stopped hiring her after she refused to have sex with CEO Mark Hurd, the AP reveals, in the first public airing of the substance of the suit that got Hurd fired. From 2007 to 2009, Fisher planned networking events for...

Angry HP Board Says Hurd Deal Undermined Probe

Sex harass deal impeded talks

(Newser) - The Hewlett-Packard board ousted former CEO Mark Hurd not because of sexual harassment charges against him, but because the board felt he went behind its back to settle with the woman who made the charges. Board members thought Hurd's deal with former actress and HP management consultant Jodie Fisher botched...

Real Reason HP CEO Was Fired: Everyone Hated Him

(Newser) - In a fascinating column in the New York Times, Joe Nocera reveals the real reason Hewlett-Packard's ex-CEO Mark Hurd was fired. It had nothing to do with sex or expense account abuse. He was, according to Nocera, distrusted by the Board and widely hated not just by rank and file...

Jodie Fisher's Skin Flick Past

 Jodie Fisher's Skin Flick Past 
the HP accuser

Jodie Fisher's Skin Flick Past

Attorney calls her films 'R-rated'

(Newser) - Jodie Fisher, the one-time reality show star who accused Hewlett Packard CEO Mark Hurd of sexual harassment, has a steamy past…in film. Gawker naturally took a peek at her IMDB page and discovered that the “plot keywords” that appear on her profile include “erotica,” “cult...

Sex Harass Victim 'Sorry' Hewlett CEO Lost Job

Jodie Fisher says resignation wasn't intention

(Newser) - The former actress who accused Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd of sexual harassment says she's "surprised and saddened" he lost his job over her allegations. Jodie Fisher, 50, worked for HP's marketing department from 2007 to 2009, earning up to $5,000 per event to meet and greet executives. She...

Ousted HP CEO Settles Sex-Harass Case

Mark Hurd will pay accuser undisclosed sum directly

(Newser) - Ousted Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd has settled allegations of sexual harassment lodged against him by a female contract worker, a person with intimate knowledge of the case told the AP late yesterday. The source told the AP that Hurd agreed to pay the woman, but wouldn't reveal the size of...

Sex-Harass Probe Brings Down HP CEO

Mark Hurd resigns after investigation finds he violated 'business conduct' standards

(Newser) - Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd is stepping down following a sexual-harassment probe that found other violations of company standards, HP said today. Hurd decided to leave after the investigation into a sexual-harassment claim made against him and the company by a former HP contractor, according to the firm. The probe found...

America's Greediest People
 America's Greediest People 
Year in Review

America's Greediest People

Larry Ellison heads up a list full of no-good rich folks

(Newser) - These days, it’s easy to fill up a “greediest Americans” list. Just ask , a site devoted entirely to “excess and inequality.” “We could fill an entire top 10 just with bankers from Goldman Sachs,” it boasts. The list:
  1. Larry Ellison: The really

HP Planning Revamp of Its Famed R&D Lab

It wants to bring ideas to market faster, without killing pure research

(Newser) - Hewlett Packard is reorganizing its HP Labs in an effort to move more of the projects from the famed idea generator to market—and add to the company’s bottom line—more quickly,  Therese Poletti writes at MarketWatch. But even as HP looks for more commercial results from its...

H-P Posts Big Numbers Despite Slowing Market

PC and overseas sales boost earnings

(Newser) - Hewlett-Packard thumbed its nose at concerns over falling tech spending today, posting a 38% rise in earnings and 15% revenue jump in its first quarter, the Wall Street Journal reports. The health of the tech giant, boosted by PC and overseas sales, is good news for an industry whose leaders,...

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