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Arrest Made in Vicious NYC Attack Against Asian-American Woman
NYC Man Sentenced for
2021 Anti-Asian Attack

NYC Man Sentenced for 2021 Anti-Asian Attack

Older woman, an immigrant, was brutally attacked in Times Square

(Newser) - The New York man who brutally attacked an Asian-American woman in New York's Times Square in 2021 was on Wednesday sentenced to 15 years behind bars. Brandon Elliot, 41, pleaded guilty to one count of assault in the first degree as a hate crime and one count of criminal...

Connie Chung Has No Idea She Inspired 'Generation Connie'
Connie Chung Learns
of 'Generation Connie'

Connie Chung Learns of 'Generation Connie'

'New York Times' essay reveals that she inspired a surge of namesakes among Asian-Americans

(Newser) - "Connie" is not a particularly popular name in the US. But among a certain demographic, its popularity is off the charts: Asian-American women. Specifically, among Chinese-American women whose families watched Connie Chung as a pioneering TV journalist. Connie Wang, born in 1987, writes about the phenomenon she dubs "...

'This Moment No Longer Belongs to Just Me'

Ke Huy Quan is first Asian male to win SAG award for supporting actor

(Newser) - At the Screen Actors Guild awards Sunday night, Ke Huy Quan made some history. The 51-year-old Vietnamese-American became the first Asian male to win a SAG award for best supporting actor. If Quan's name isn't familiar, it's because he's been out of show business since the...

Asian American Makes History on US Coin

Film star Anna May Wong was considered the first Chinese American star in xenophobic industry

(Newser) - Beginning Monday, the US will have its first Asian American on currency. Anna May Wong, a film star who broke into Hollywood during the silent era a century ago, will be depicted on the backs of some 300 million new quarters , most of which are already sold out, per the...

DA: Customer With Duck-Sauce Grudge Killed Deliveryman

'He hates Asian people,' Chinese restaurant manager says of suspect Glenn Hirsch

(Newser) - A customer of a Chinese restaurant in New York City who argued with the manager over extra packets of duck sauce ultimately responded by murdering the restaurant’s longtime deliveryman, authorities say. Glenn Hirsch, 51, was arrested Wednesday and is accused of following and fatally shooting 45-year-old Zhiwen Yan, "...

US Gold Medalist: Racists Pepper-Sprayed Me

Suni Lee recounts incident in interview

(Newser) - Suni Lee is an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics and a hero in the Hmong community of Minnesota as a result. But in an interview with Pop Sugar , the 18-year-old reveals that she's also the target of the same abuse directed at other Asian-Americans. Lee recounts to the site...

Boston, Cincinnati Elect First Asian-American Mayors

Bruce Harrell is closing in on a win in Seattle

(Newser) - Asian Americans will serve as mayor in Boston and Cincinnati for the first time in both cities’ histories, signaling political progress for a population that has struggled for almost two years with a rise in anti-Asian hate. Boston voters tapped City Councilor Michelle Wu, 36, on Tuesday to serve in...

James Corden to Revise Game Seen as Anti-Asian
She Called Out James Corden,
Is Now Getting Death Threats
in case you missed it

She Called Out James Corden, Is Now Getting Death Threats

Petition creator Kim Saira wants an apology for segment she sees as anti-Asian

(Newser) - Late Late Show host James Corden has vowed to reform his occasional "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" segment, but that's not enough for critics who call it racist. Some 46,000 people have signed a petition demanding a public apology, a donation to Asian...

Atlanta Suspect to Face Death Penalty, Hate Crime Charges

Grand jury returns indictment against Robert Aaron Long in four of the spa shootings

(Newser) - A man accused of killing eight people , six of them women of Asian descent, in shootings at three Atlanta-area massage businesses was indicted Tuesday on murder charges, and a prosecutor filed notice that she'll also seek hate crime charges and the death penalty. A Fulton County grand jury indicted...

Senate Passes Bill on Anti-Asian Crimes, 94-1

Missouri's Josh Hawley is the lone nay vote

(Newser) - The Senate overwhelmingly approved legislation Thursday intended to counter violence against Asian Americans, which has increased during the pandemic. Majority Leader Charles Schumer said passage sends a message to Asian Americans that the government is listening and reassures them that "hate crimes will not be tolerated." The bill...

He Lived Out Titanic Scene. What Came Next Wasn't Easier

Documentary tells of discrimination against Chinese survivors including Fang Lang

(Newser) - You'll recall that famous scene in Titanic when Leonardo DiCaprio's Jack, clinging to a wooden door in the frigid ocean, lets go. His companion, Kate Winslet's Rose, eventually gets the attention of rescuers in the lone lifeboat that had returned to the scene to search for survivors....

Mike Huckabee Slammed for 'Hateful' Easter Weekend Tweet

Ex-governor's attempt to note displeasure with MLB: 'I've decided to 'identify' as Chinese'

(Newser) - Mike Huckabee apparently disagrees with Major League Baseball's decision to move its All-Star Game out of Atlanta, a decision prompted by a new restrictive voting law in Georgia. But the way in which the former Arkansas governor decided to show his displeasure has drawn accusations of racism and insensitivity...

'Chilling Message' Remains After Attack on Filipino Woman

Longer video shows workers helping victim, but NYC locals still anxious over 'inaction'

(Newser) - The outpouring of outrage prompted by a vicious attack earlier this week on an elderly Asian American woman outside a New York City condo complex was directed not only at the perpetrator of the attack, but also at three men inside the building who appeared to not help the Filipino...

In NYC, 2 More Brutal Assaults on Asian Americans

Elderly woman was punched and kicked on 43rd Street as witnesses did nothing

(Newser) - An elderly Asian-American woman was attacked by a man Monday afternoon who punched and kicked her in front of witnesses who seemingly stood by, according to surveillance footage released by the New York City Police Department. The 65-year-old woman was walking along 43rd Street when a man came up to...

Asian American Official Bares Chest at Town Hall: 'Here Is My Proof'

At town hall in Ohio, Lee Wong shows injuries from his service in US Army: 'Is this patriot enough?'

(Newser) - Lee Wong hadn't planned to take his shirt off during a town hall meeting on Tuesday in West Chester, Ohio. But when the 20-year US military veteran and chair of the city's board of trustees found himself "getting a little hot" while speaking about anti-Asian sentiment in...

She Laid Her Husband to Rest. 3 Days Later, a Racist Letter

'How cruel could you be?' Claudia Choi asks after anti-Asian note is sent to her grieving mother

(Newser) - When Byong Choi died of tuberculosis at age 83 last month, the Korean American's family had to put off his funeral in Orange County, Calif., until March 19 because of COVID restrictions, reports the Washington Post . Three days after they finally laid him to rest, a "disturbing and...

Leno Calls His Asian Jokes a 'Legitimate Wrong'

Organizations had pressured comedian and networks for 15 years

(Newser) - Under pressure from Asian American organizations for years, Jay Leno has apologized for jokes he made in the past. "I do not consider this particular case to be another example of cancel culture but a legitimate wrong that was done on my part," Leno said. He apologized on...

Chinese Grandma Who Fought Attacker Makes Another Big Move

Xiao Zhen Xie to donate nearly $1M from GoFundMe to combat anti-Asian racism

(Newser) - An elderly Chinese woman who captured the nation's attention when she fought back against an attacker is drawing headlines once again. When Xiao Zhen Xie, said to be 75 or 76, was punched by a man last week as she waited to cross a San Francisco street, the grandmother...

Crowds Across US Gather to 'Stop Asian Hate'
Rallies Across
US Decry Hate

Rallies Across US Decry Hate

Demonstrators express support for 'invisible and ignored' Asian Americans

(Newser) - Rallies around the country Saturday drew crowds expressing support for Asian Americans after the slayings this week of eight people —six of them women of Asian descent—at three Atlanta-area spas. "We have been invisible and ignored in our country for over a century," Will Lex Ham,...

Biden's Atlanta Trip Changes Direction

President, Harris to meet with Asian-American leaders about violence

(Newser) - President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris plan to meet Friday with Asian-American leaders in Georgia in the wake of the deadly shootings at three Atlanta-area massage parlors. Meanwhile, authorities said the investigation could still result in hate crime charges, the AP reports. "Our investigation is looking at everything,...

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