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Dogs Were Sent Overseas to Help. A Report Details Their Horrors

State Department probe details serious neglect, terrible conditions for bomb-sniffers in Jordan

(Newser) - A hotline complaint about US bomb-sniffing dogs working overseas jump-started a State Department probe, and the resulting report is a disturbing one. Federal investigators looking into the health and welfare of the canines sent to Jordan—one of several partner nations the US sends specially trained dog to for assistance...

Trainee Bomb-Sniffing Puppy Shot Dead at Airport

Grizz couldn't be coaxed off the tarmac, say officials

(Newser) - A trainee bomb-sniffing dog was shot dead at a New Zealand airport on Friday after he escaped his handler and caused 16 flights to be delayed. Officials say the 10-month-old bearded collie cross, named Grizz, was "spooked" around 4am and spent 3.5 hours loose on the tarmac as...

Cops Hide Explosives on Car, Lose Track of Car

It was part of K-9 training at Alaska airport; all ended well

(Newser) - Police at the Anchorage airport lost track of a small quantity of explosives used to train bomb-sniffing dogs. It seems they attached the explosives to one of the rental cars parked in a lot at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport—and a customer drove away with it. Airport Police and...

Bomb-Sniffing Dog Given UK's Highest Military Honor

Treo awarded Dickin Medal for twice locating IEDs in Afghanistan

(Newser) - A British military bomb-sniffing dog joined venerable company today when he was awarded the highest honor a war animal can receive for twice detecting IEDs in Afghanistan. The Dickin Medal was established in 1943 by the founder of an animal health organization. Treo’s handler tells the BBC that the...

MIA Dog A-OK After Year in Afghanistan

Bomb-sniffer Sabi gone for a year after 2008 firefight

(Newser) - An Australian military bomb-sniffing dog that went missing during a firefight in Afghanistan in September 2008 has been reunited with one of her trainers. An American soldier found Sabi wandering near a remote base last week and realized the black Lab wasn’t a stray when she responded to commands....

TSA's Favorite Dog Foods
 TSA's Favorite Dog Foods 

TSA's Favorite Dog Foods

(Newser) - Want your household guardian to perform up to federal standards? Check out the brands the Transportation Security Administration prefers for its bomb-sniffing dogs, via US News & World Report:
  • Hills Science Diet: Including the Adult and Active K9 versions.
  • Canidae: Lamb & Rice formula in particular.
  • California Natural: Choosy feds

Military Opens $15M Dog Hospital

'Canine Walter Reed' will treat pooches wounded in combat

(Newser) - If GI Rover gets injured in Iraq, chances are he'll end up at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, where the "Walter Reed of the veterinary world" has just opened. The base has long been training pups for service in all branches of the military, but its old animal...

Dogs Fetch Contraband Cell Phones in Jails

Md., Va. among states using canines to bust crooks' outside contact

(Newser) - Dogs, it turns out, can sniff out more than just bombs and drugs. Authorities in Maryland and Virginia have canines rooting out cell phones, described by one official as "perhaps the worst type of contraband" in today's prisons. The increasingly tiny devices are easy to smuggle in, the Washington ...

US Imports its Drug-Sniffing Dogs for $4,500 Each

American breeders outraged over European preference

(Newser) - The US government purchases hundreds of untrained bomb- and drug-sniffing dogs from Europe every year for as much as $4,535 each, quadruple the price of American dogs, a new federal report says. Domestic breeders and spending watchdogs are angered by the government's penchant for expensive foreign purebreds. "What...

Bomb Dogs Will Ride Amtrak
Bomb Dogs Will Ride Amtrak

Bomb Dogs Will Ride Amtrak

Security stepped up on nation's rail system

(Newser) - Amtrak is stepping up security, with random screening of carry-on bags and security teams packing machine guns and leading bomb-sniffing dogs patrolling platforms and trains, reports AP. The new system, beginning this week, echoes stricter security procedures at the nation's airports. Amtrak insists there should be no additional departure delays...

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