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Ben & Jerry's Owner Is Quitting the Ice Cream Biz

Unilever wants to do 'fewer things better'

(Newser) - Unilever has decided to get out of the ice cream business, 24 years after it bought Ben & Jerry's. The British company said Tuesday that it is spinning off its ice cream brands as part of a cost savings plan that will also involve cutting around 7,500 jobs,...

Health Studies on Ice Cream Are 'Pretty Bonkers'
Health Studies on Ice Cream
Are 'Pretty Bonkers'

Health Studies on Ice Cream Are 'Pretty Bonkers'

'Atlantic' explores how researchers keep finding health benefits but don't believe it

(Newser) - The headline of David Merritt Johns' story in the Atlantic refers to it as "nutrition science's most preposterous result." And in the story itself, Merritt Johns calls it "pretty bonkers." It seems that nutritional studies over the years keep suggesting an unexpected result: Eating ice...

Goodbye, Choco Taco
Goodbye, Choco Taco

Goodbye, Choco Taco

Klondike Brand knows 'this may be very disappointing' to some

(Newser) - It was once hailed by Eater as "the most beloved and innovative of all American ice cream ‘novelties,’" but it is no more. Klondike Brand has officially pulled the plug on the Choco Taco. As a company rep explained in an email to CNN Business, "...

'Eat the Rich' With Popsicles Shaped Like Musk, Bezos

MSCHF artists collective has ice cream trucks in NYC, LA with the billionaire-shaped treats

(Newser) - If you're in New York City or Los Angeles on Wednesday and want to work out your angst against capitalism, there's a frozen treat waiting for you, modeled after the world's richest men. Just stop by what's being deemed a "unique art pop-up" by CBS...

Consumers Freak Over Fancy, Non-Melting Ice Cream

Foodies in China want to know why even fire won't make a dent in Zhong Xue Gao product

(Newser) - We already know about fast-food items that don't spoil for decades , but ice cream that doesn't melt adds a new wrinkle to the conversation on what we put in food to preserve it. That's the current topic of discussion in China, where consumers are demanding to know...

Walmart's New Ice Cream Isn't Going Over as Planned

Juneteenth-themed treat has spurred a backlash

(Newser) - Last year's celebration of Juneteenth , its debut as a federal holiday, was marked by parades , concerts, artwork, and more solemn commemorations of the ending of slavery in America. Walmart's contribution ahead of June 19 this year isn't going over quite as well. In fact, TMZ deems the...

Pope 'Gave Hope' to Rome's Prisoners With Ice Cream

Vatican says 15K ice creams were delivered to 2 prisons

(Newser) - Italy may have broken the record for the hottest temperature ever logged in Europe—and amid the sweltering heat, Pope Francis made a gesture that's quite literally cool. A statement from the Vatican said that 15,000 ice creams were sent to prisoners in Rome. Reuters reports the "...

Israel PM: Ben & Jerry's Will Face 'Serious Consequences'

Naftali Bennett promises to 'act aggressively' against boycott actions

(Newser) - Israel's prime minister has warned Ben & Jerry's that there will be "serious consequences, legal and otherwise" for its decision to ban sales of its ice cream in what the company calls "Occupied Palestinian Territory." Naftali Bennett said Tuesday that Israel "will act aggressively...

Reviewers Were Surprised by Mac and Cheese Ice Cream

Flavor turned out to be 'uniquely compelling'

(Newser) - Many people's initial reaction to the Kraft Mac and Cheese ice cream released in honor of National Mac and Cheese Day on Wednesday was a hard "no"—but reviewers say the combination is a lot tastier than they expected. Amy McCarthy at Eater says the "unhinged"...

Looking for Dolly Parton's Ice Cream? That'll Be $1K

After website snafu, that's how much is being asked for a pint on eBay

(Newser) - Dolly Parton's fans are not messing around: They sent 50 times the normal traffic to the website for Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams when Parton's limited edition flavor launched Thursday , leading to a supply-and-demand problem. Which would explain why there's a pint of the Strawberry Pretzel Pie...

Ice Cream Tests Positive for Coronavirus

The samples came from a Chinese plant

(Newser) - A routine food inspection in northeastern China has revealed coronavirus-tainted ice cream, HuffPost reports. Three samples of ice cream produced by the Tiajin Daqiaodao Food Company, a maker of frozen food products, were found to have traces of the virus. The tested flavors were chocolate, strawberry, and taro. Now, the...

Ben & Jerry's Workers Love Their Pets. An Idea Was Born

Ice cream maker debuts Doggie Desserts, frozen treats for man's best friend

(Newser) - If your puppy salivates every time he sees you eating an ice cream cone, Ben & Jerry's now has a remedy. Per CNN , the Unilever-owned company on Monday debuted Doggie Desserts , nondairy frozen treats for our four-legged friends that were inspired by the pets of Ben & Jerry's...

Not-So-Sweet News for Friendly's Chain
Another Corporate
Casualty of COVID

Another Corporate Casualty of COVID

Friendly's restaurant chain, known for its ice cream sundaes, has filed for Chapter 11

(Newser) - Friendly's Restaurants, an East Coast dining chain known for its sundaes, is filing for bankruptcy protection. The company, which runs its restaurants under the parent company FIC Restaurants Inc., will sell substantially all of its assets to the restaurant company Amici Partners Group, per the AP . All 130 of...

Ex-Blue Bell Chief Indicted in Listeria Case

Paul Kruse is accused of trying to cover up 2015 outbreak

(Newser) - In 2015, three people died and seven others were infected in four states in a listeria outbreak tied to Blue Bell Creameries ice cream. Now, a Texas grand jury has charged the former CEO and president of the company, accusing him of leading attempts to conceal the contamination. CNN Business...

Putin Ally: Rainbow Ice Cream Is Gay Propaganda

Head of Russia's Union of Women implies harmful effect on children

(Newser) - A newspaper has jokingly suggested that rainbows be banned in Russia after President Vladimir Putin heard complaints about one featured on ice cream packaging. Yekaterina Lakhova, a former MP and the current head of Russia's Union of Women, likened the image to gay propaganda during a Friday video conference...

For $5 a Scoop, This Hong Kong Ice Cream Will Burn Your Throat

Tear gas-flavored treat is meant as an homage to the pro-democracy movement there

(Newser) - Tear gas is among the new flavors at a Hong Kong ice cream shop. The main ingredient is black peppercorns, a reminder of the pungent, peppery rounds fired by police on the streets of the semi-autonomous Chinese city during months of demonstrations last year, per the AP . "It tastes...

Ice Cream Shop's Patrons Freak Over New Virus Protocols
Ice Cream Shop's Patrons
Freak Over New Virus Protocols
the rundown

Ice Cream Shop's Patrons Freak Over New Virus Protocols

Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlour says it was one of the worst days in shop's 19 years

(Newser) - A Cape Cod ice cream shop decided to reopen with coronavirus guidelines in place on Friday—and it did not go well, thanks to an ornery public. So much so that owner Mark Lawrence announced on Saturday that he would have to close Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlour in Mashpee...

He Licked the Ice Cream, Then Bought It. But It Was Too Late

D'Adrien Anderson, 24, sentenced after licking Blue Bell ice cream at Texas market

(Newser) - Last summer came headline after headline about someone taking a carton of Blue Bell ice cream out of supermarket freezers, licking the ice cream contained therein, then putting the carton back on store shelves. A punishment has been handed down over one of those stunts: D'Adrien Anderson was sentenced...

Lawsuit Takes Issue With Ben & Jerry's 'Happy Cows'

Suit: Some milk comes from cows on factory-style, mass-production dairy operations

(Newser) - Ben & Jerry's is facing a lawsuit accusing the ice cream maker and its parent company of false advertising by saying the milk and cream in its products come from "happy cows." In a complaint filed Oct. 29 in federal court in Burlington, Vermont, where Ben &...

Suit: Premium Dairy's Cows Surrounded by Dirt, Concrete

Class-action complaint against Tillamook creamery says most cows' life isn't as idyllic as advertised

(Newser) - Visit the website of the Tillamook County Creamery Association, and you'll view photos of "pampered" cows roaming freely in verdant fields. A new lawsuit from the Animal Legal Defense Fund, however, takes issue with this idyllic imagery from the company that churns out Tillamook-brand butter, cheese, ice cream,...

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