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The World's Biggest Marathon Has a Bridge Problem

Or maybe a bridge has a New York City Marathon problem

(Newser) - The New York City Marathon is the world's largest, with 51,402 finishers in 2023 . And since 1988, runners have kicked off their 26.2 miles in the same place: the upper and lower decks of the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. The bridge is shuttered for hours to vehicular traffic as...

In NYC's $11B Terminal, 'We Clearly F-ed This One Up'

Artist Georgia O'Keeffe's name is spelled wrong

(Newser) - Somebody might want to buy the MTA a big, fat F—as a grade in spelling, or to etch into the shiny new walls of its $11.1 billion, typo-marred Long Island Rail Road terminal Grand Central Madison. The problem? Etched into the stone wall is this 1928 quote: "...

MTA Bigwig: Blowup Doll Isn't for HOV Lane, It's for 'Company'

Giulio Divirgilio tries to explain why he's been driving around with Carpool Kenny

(Newser) - A manager with New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority is either very lonely during his commutes or very sneaky. The New York Post has several photos it captured Wednesday of Giulio Divirgilio, an ex-NYPD cop and now general superintendent for the MTA's buses division, arriving to work in Brooklyn...

Late-Night Bus Ride Turns Terrifying in NYC

9 injured after MTA vehicle plunged 50 feet off overpass toward Cross Bronx Expressway

(Newser) - It was supposed to make a left, but instead, the bus went over a bridge. The New York Daily News reports on Thursday's frightening crash at around 11pm in the Bronx borough of New York City, when an MTA bus smashed through the barriers of an overpass and fell...

Below the Tracks, Behind a Wall: a Secret Man Cave

3 employees suspended after discovery of hideaway under NYC's Grand Central Terminal

(Newser) - It had the usual trappings of a man cave: couch, fridge, TV, microwave, etc. But the location of this one sets it apart: below Track 114 of New York City's Grand Central Terminal, tucked behind the wall of an unused locksmith shop, reports the New York Post . An investigation...

NYC MTA: TikTok Star's Subway Prank 'a New Low'

Josh Popkin's Fruity Pebbles-and-milk stunt didn't go over well

(Newser) - A TikTok star caused quite a commotion on a New York City subway, and now he's facing quite a backlash. Per BuzzFeed , Josh Popkin, the 23-year-old also known as @fckjoshy, shared video on the social network showing him carrying a plastic bin filled with Fruity Pebbles and milk onto...

His Salary Was $55K. His Overtime Pay Was $256,177
Rail Worker With $55K Salary
Makes $311K in One Year
in case you missed it

Rail Worker With $55K Salary Makes $311K in One Year

MTA investigating overtime abuse at Long Island Rail Road

(Newser) - A rail track maintenance worker with a base salary of $54,985 made more than 5 times that amount in 2018, working the equivalent of 16 hours a day for all 365 days of the year. The New York Post highlights the case of Marco Pazmino of Long Island Rail...

Illicit Transit Worker Claims Mental Defect

Darius McCollum has been arrested for impersonating a transit worker 30 times

(Newser) - A man who has been arrested 30 times for impersonating a New York City transit worker, stealing buses and trains and driving their routes, has taken a plea deal that's sending him to a mental health facility, not prison, for his latest escapade. Darius McCollum had been charged with...

'Pioneer in Her Field' Dies Giving Birth to Twins
'Pioneer in Her Field'
Dies Delivering Twins

'Pioneer in Her Field' Dies Delivering Twins

NYC MTA elevator and escalator mechanic Julia Roman suffered an amniotic fluid embolism

(Newser) - Julia Roman came to the US from the Dominican Republic when she was 16, joined a program that helps women get jobs in male-dominated industries, and ended up making history: She was the first female elevator and escalator mechanic for New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority. But the story of...

NYC Transit Workers Describe 'Leaking' Corpses on the Job

MTA union reps: Bodies from train accidents are stored in worker break areas, bathrooms

(Newser) - Ever wonder where the bodies of people hit by subway trains are brought to immediately after an accident? "Whatever room happens to be nearest" in New York City's subways, even if that room is an employee lunchroom, bathroom, or other break area, a transit union source tells the...

NYC Mayor Proposes 'Millionaires Tax' to Fix Subway

Bill de Blasio also wants the higher tax on city's wealthy to subsidize low-income riders

(Newser) - A little over a month after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency for the New York City subway, his longtime nemesis in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio, is proposing a new tax on wealthy New Yorkers to help fix the ailing system. On Monday, de...

NYC Commuters' 'Summer of Hell' Begins Monday

'I'd rather have my teeth pulled,' commuter says of anticipated woes from repair project

(Newser) - A massive two-month repair project will launch Monday at the country's busiest train station, temporarily exacerbating the daily commuting struggle during what New York's governor has predicted will be a "summer of hell," per the AP . At Penn Station, crowds of commuters fume at frequent delays,...

Judge: NYC Buses Must Run 'Killing Jews' Ads

Pamela Geller's controversial group wins in court

(Newser) - Soon, you could see MTA buses in New York with the words "Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah" on the side. That's because a controversial pro-Israel group wants to run the ads—they show a man with a Palestinian keffiyeh covering his face alongside...

Cops: On-Duty Bus Driver Ferried $3M in Drugs

Bronx man gets caught in federal sting

(Newser) - Passengers aboard a Bronx city bus last week might have been surprised to learn that a major drug deal was taking place in front of them. And as the Daily News reports, it was the driver himself who ended up in handcuffs. The tale of the unusual bust involving 8...

5 Remain Seriously Hurt in Conn. Train Collision

Investigators don't know why first train derailed

(Newser) - Authorities still aren't sure what caused two commuter trains to collide outside Bridgeport, Conn., yesterday evening. An eastbound Metro-North train derailed and got hit by a westbound train on adjacent tracks, reports the Journal News . About 60 people were treated, and five remained critically injured as of this morning,...

NYC Subway Fights Rats —With Sterilization

ContraPest makes female rats infertile, if they eat enough of it

(Newser) - The rats of New York's subways have outfoxed poisons and traps alike, but now the MTA is ready to try out a new tactic—sterilization. Subway officials outlined a plan yesterday to use a sterilization product called ContraPest, which make females infertile by targeting ovarian follicles, reports the New ...

Grand Central Station Hit By Bomb Scare

Trains skip station during brief investigation

(Newser) - Most New Yorkers were probably at home watching the Oscars, but those out and about might have noticed a hiccup in the MTA last night. Trains started skipping Grand Central Station last night, and the Times Square Shuttle was shut down over a bomb scare, DNAinfo reports. At 9:40,...

New York Subway Rolls Again, Eases Commute Misery

Commuters line up hour before system opens

(Newser) - The majority of New York's subway rolled back into action today—and commuters can ride it, along with commuter trains and buses, for free, thanks to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's declaration of a transportation emergency, the New York Post reports. But it's not yet smooth commuting:
  • Subways weren'

NYC's Subway Could Take Days to Drain

Then come the repairs

(Newser) - Officials don't know when the New York City subway could reopen after flooding "pretty much throughout the entire area," according to an MTA spokesman. Lower Manhattan has been hardest-hit, he says. It could take just 14 hours to pump out the water—or it could take four...

NYC Shuts Transit Ahead of Sandy

MTA closing down at 7pm tonight as storm approaches

(Newser) - New York City will indeed shut its bus, subway, and commuter rail services in advance of Hurricane Sandy, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today. Subways and trains will be suspended starting at 7pm today, with the last buses running at 9pm. He said the decision to shut down the area's...

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