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Mom&#39;s Cancer, Family Deaths Kept From China Diver
Mom's Cancer, Family Deaths Kept From China Diver

Mom's Cancer, Family Deaths Kept From China Diver

News hidden from Wu Minxia to ensure success

(Newser) - Wu Minxia won gold yet again for China in the women's synchronized 3m springboard at the London Olympics, making her the first diver to ever take gold at three consecutive Games—but the honor comes at a great cost. Wu's father tells the Shanghai Morning Post that he...

Teen Charged for Tweet-Taunting UK Diver

Teen faces charges for 'malicious' tweets: Police

(Newser) - A British teenager has been arrested over an abusive tweet directed toward one of his country's Olympians, reports the BBC . After synchronized diver Tom Daley missed out on a medal with a fourth-place finish, he received this: "You let your dad down i hope you know that."...

James Cameron's Sub Sprung Leak

Director: I didn't find anything 'interesting'

(Newser) - James Cameron's trip to the world's deepest spot sounds a wee bit like something of a disappointment. The six hours he intended to spend at the bottom of the sea—filming and gathering geology samples—was cut in half when hydraulic fluid started leaking in his submersible....

Angler Reels In Scuba Diver
 Angler Reels In Scuba Diver 

Angler Reels In Scuba Diver

Only injury was to frogman's pride

(Newser) - After feeling a huge tug on his line, English angler John Goldfinch fought long and hard to reel in a very rare catch—a scuba diver. The hapless diver, hooked through the crotch of his suit, surfaced some 50 feet offshore. "His girlfriend then surfaced, helped him remove my...

'Honeymoon Killer' Deported to US

Gabe Watson likely to face murder trial in Alabama

(Newser) - An Alabama man convicted of manslaughter in Australia for his wife's drowning death has been deported back to the US by Australia. Gabe Watson—dubbed the "Honeymoon Killer"—served 18 months in an Australian jail. He is expected to face a murder trial in Alabama, and Australian authorities...

Daring Dachshund Becomes First K-9 Diver

Russian dog has its own scuba suit

(Newser) - A Russian diving enthusiast has developed a scuba-diving dry suit complete with helmet, breathing mask, and oxygen source for his K-9 companion Boniface, the daring diving dachshund. The first experimental dive was declared a success by his owner who gave demonstrations over the weekend, though Boniface whined while underwater. See...

Divers Find Bell of Andrea Doria

Bridge bell had been 'forgotten'

(Newser) - A group of divers has stumbled upon the 75-pound bridge bell of the SS Andrea Doria, the massive Italian ocean liner that sank off Nantucket, Massachusetts, in 1956. Two divers were just about to surface when they spotted a "very distinctive shape sticking out of the sand," says...

Octopus Steals Video Camera, Swims Off With It

(Newser) - A cheeky octopus stole a diver’s video camera while he was filming underwater off the coast of New Zealand Thursday, and then swam off with it—the camera still rolling. When the octopus suddenly burst out of a bed of kelp and grabbed his bright blue camera, diver Victor...

RI Man Gets 25 Years for Wife's Scuba Murder

Former dive shop owner guilty of Caribbean killing

(Newser) - A former scuba shop owner has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for murdering his wife during a dive in the British Virgin Islands. David Swain of Rhode Island killed his wife by ripping off her mask and shutting off her air supply as the pair swam near a...

What Tourists Can Do to Protect Coral Reefs

(Newser) - Snorkelers and scuba divers aren’t the worst threat to the embattled coral reefs of the world—climate change, commercial fishing, and pollution take top honors—but the casual tourist can lessen, and even mitigate, the damage he or she causes, Slate reports. Of course, snorkelers shouldn’t purposefully snap...

Hubby to Serve Year in Newlywed Wife's Dive Death

Alabama man admits letting his bride sink to her death off the Great Barrier Reef

(Newser) - An Alabama man will serve 12 months in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter in the death of his wife off Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the Guardian reports. Gabe Watson, an experienced diver trained in rescue procedures, made no attempt to save his wife, a novice diver, as she sank...

Man Charged in Wife's Honeymoon Dive Death

Australian authorities decide bride's demise was no accident

(Newser) - An Alabama man has been charged with murdering his wife on a diving trip to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the AP reports. The bride, a novice diver, drowned minutes after diving to a shipwreck with her husband. He was a qualified dive rescuer but rose to the surface rather than...

Lost Divers Fight Off Indonesian Dragon

Europeans pelt lizard with rocks during 36-hour ordeal

(Newser) - European divers battled a Komodo dragon while waiting 36 hours to be rescued from a deserted Indonesian island, CNN reports. The group, which scavenged for shellfish and pelted the giant lizard with rocks, is dehydrated but suffered minor cuts. Asked if the dragons are dangerous, one expert responded, “Of...

Penguin Takes the Plunge in a Wetsuit

Custom dive gear puts balding bird back in the swim

(Newser) - A wetsuit for a penguin might  sound as useful as a fur coat for a bear, but it was just the thing for an elderly penguin at San Francisco's Academy of Sciences who was losing his feathers, reports AP.  A suit designed by dive experts made it possible for...

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