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Research Questions Advice on Water Intake
Research Throws Water on
8-Glasses-a-Day Advice
new study

Research Throws Water on 8-Glasses-a-Day Advice

The 64-ounces guidance might have been taken too literally

(Newser) - The advice to drink eight glasses of water a day is so engrained that it might be difficult to dislodge it. But some researchers are trying to, the Washington Post reports. A new study published in the journal Science finds issues with that guidance, which might have been misunderstood all...

Breast Cancer Mortality Rate Falls, but Not for Black Women

New data show mortality rate for Black women is 40% higher than that of white patients

(Newser) - The death rate from breast cancer has plunged since 1989, the American Cancer Society reports, but the improvement is not applying equally. Black women are still more likely to die of breast cancer than white patients, despite having a lower incidence of the disease, a new report says. The mortality...

Study: Consuming All Your Food in 10 Hours Has Benefits

And shifting your meal time earlier could have benefits too

(Newser) - If you're an intermittent faster who endeavors not to eat in any time ending in "AM," you may want to rethink that. NBC News reports on a pair of studies that point to there being value in constraining your meals to a 10-hour window—but making that...

There's an Optimal Way to Take a Pill
There's an
Optimal Way
to Take a Pill
in case you missed it

There's an Optimal Way to Take a Pill

Do it lying down, on your right side

(Newser) - If your answer to "how do you take a pill?" is "with water," it may be time to make your process a little more sophisticated. Johns Hopkins University researchers explored how your posture when taking a pill impacts the body's absorption of the medication. It turns...

Research Likens COVID's Effect on Brain to Aging From 50 to 70

Severity of the illness appears linked to degree of decline

(Newser) - Researchers have found that the effects of long COVID can include starting a cognitive decline comparable to the person aging mentally 20 years. The UK study 's senior author said the severity of the decline is tied to the seriousness of the person's illness, the Guardian reports. The...

Light at Night Harms Health, Even While You're Fast Sleep

For your brain, the lights don't go out just because you close your eyes

(Newser) - If you tend to fall asleep with the TV or a bedside light on, add it to the list of ways you are probably harming your health without even trying. In fact, per CNN —citing a recent study led by Dr. Phyllis Zee, chief of sleep medicine at Northwestern—...

COVID Study Puts Toll at 3 Times Official Count

Researchers say pandemic could have caused 18M deaths worldwide

(Newser) - The World Health Organization has reported that, through 2021, almost 6 million people died in the COVID-19 pandemic. Now a new study has found that the actual total could be three times that estimate: 18.2 million. The real number of deaths "is much higher than simply assessed by...

New Data: Boosters Work Against Omicron

CDC releases real-world studies filling in the gaps on vaccine effectiveness

(Newser) - Full vaccination provides the best—and safest—protection from the delta and omicron coronavirus variants, new studies released Friday by the CDC confirm. It's the first comprehensive examination of the vaccines' effectiveness in preventing hospitalization for omicron infections, the Wall Street Journal reports. Booster shots were shown to make...

The Research Doesn't Back Up Your Hangover Cure
The Research Doesn't
Back Up Your Hangover Cure
new study

The Research Doesn't Back Up Your Hangover Cure

But that's partly because the studies to date are so mediocre, researchers found

(Newser) - Tomato juice, kombucha, greasy eggs and ketchup: Whatever method you swears cures your hangover, well, there's not much science to back you up. So found a review of 21 placebo-controlled randomized clinical trials that examined various hangover "cures." The upshot: The research that's been done so...

Researchers Follow Zika Babies Looking for COVID Answers

Study follows kids whose moms were infected with mosquito-borne disease

(Newser) - Whatever happened with Zika? The outbreak in 2015 and 2016 was largely over by 2017, but its effects on babies whose moms were infected with the virus are still being felt. Some babies were born with microcephaly —a condition marked by an unusually small head and problems with brain...

Most Any Brand of Booster Increases COVID-19 Protection
Most Vaccines Do
the Job as Boosters
new study

Most Vaccines Do the Job as Boosters

Research shows mixing and matching brands works

(Newser) - New research backs up the advice often given to everyone who's been vaccinated against the coronavirus to get a booster—any booster. A British study compared the effectiveness of seven brands of coronavirus vaccines administered as booster shots to 2,878 people who'd already had two doses of...

Brain Implant Gives Woman Relief From Lifelong Depression

Doctors used a device approved for epilepsy

(Newser) - A woman with depression that never got better, not with antidepressants and not with electroconvulsive therapy, is finally getting some relief, and some researchers are as happy as she is. A woman, identified only as Sarah, had struggled for most of her 36 years, but now finds herself capable of...

Survey Confirms Pretty Much Everybody Farts
Survey Confirms
That People
Are Gassy
new research

Survey Confirms That People Are Gassy

81% of respondents said they experienced flatulence in the previous 24 hours

(Newser) - If you regularly find yourself gassy, you're in good company, or so indicates a new survey. Using an online health survey, scientists from the Rome Foundation Research Institute in the US and France's Danone Nutricia Research polled nearly 6,000 adults in the US, UK, and Mexico about...

CDC: Mask Mandates Prevent School COVID Outbreaks

National public health agency releases reports showing masks help stop the spread

(Newser) - Schools that ask kids to wear masks are seeing fewer COVID outbreaks. The CDC released three reports on Friday. One summed up a study comparing outbreaks in schools that required masks and schools that didn’t in two school districts in Arizona, where Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona has banned...

Pandemic May Be Taking a Toll on Children's Vision

Chinese research, US specialists find signs of close work increasing myopia

(Newser) - Chinese researchers and American vision specialists are seeing evidence that the eyesight of many children is worsening during the pandemic—possibly because of all their closeup work during remote learning. A study published Thursday in JAMA Ophthalmology compared the results of vision tests given a year apart to 2,000...

Researchers Say a Shot Might Prevent Lyme Disease

Lyme PrEP is currently in clinical trials

(Newser) - Lyme disease is becoming more and more common. Once a rare affliction found in just a few parts of the US, mainly in the Northeast and Great Lakes, it has now turned up in all 50 states. The ticks that carry it have spread farther south and west. Scientists have...

740K Cancers Around the World Blamed on Drinking Alcohol

Study looked at how much people drank and then how many got sick a decade later

(Newser) - Have you been coping with pandemic stress with a glass of wine at night? A team of researchers has some unhappy news for you. In a study published Tuesday in the Lancet Oncology , scientists have linked even moderate drinking to cancer. The authors of the study wrote that they saw...

Study: Spanking Your Kids Is Good for Nothing
Study: Spanking Your
Kids Is Good for Nothing
new research

Study: Spanking Your Kids Is Good for Nothing

Researchers say it leads to negative outcomes, not positive ones

(Newser) - The upshot of a new study on spanking children: Just don't do it. "Parents hit their children because they think doing so will improve their behavior," explains senior author Elizabeth Gershoff of the University of Texas at Austin to CNN . "Unfortunately for parents who hit, our...

Companies Make Staggering Amount Off Underage Drinking
The Value of Underage
Drinking? It's Staggering
new study

The Value of Underage Drinking? It's Staggering

Study finds 8.6% of alcohol sold in 2016 was consumed by minors

(Newser) - That alcohol companies make money off booze consumed by minors isn't surprising. Just how much money might be. CNN reports a study published Thursday in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs found minors drank some $17.5 billion of the beer and liquor sold in 2016. That...

Watching TV May Slow the Brain in Later Years

Middle Age Is a Good Time
to Turn the Television Off
new studies

Middle Age Is a Good Time to Turn the Television Off

Researchers aren't sure if the damage is done by watching or sitting

(Newser) - With the explosion of streaming services on top of cable and satellite and even old-fashioned over-the-air viewing, there's more TV to watch than ever. That might be the problem. Three studies have found middle-age people who watch moderate to high amounts of TV are at greater risk of losing...

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