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2 Oklahoma Death Row Inmates Get Reprieve

Federal appeals court granted stays of execution Wednesday

(Newser) - A federal appeals court granted stays of execution on Wednesday for two Oklahoma inmates who were scheduled to receive lethal injections in the coming weeks, the AP reports. A three-member panel of the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals issued the stays for death row inmates John Marion Grant, who...

Judge OKs Oklahoma's Plans for 5 Executions

The method is at issue, with other condemned inmates choosing other drugs or firing squad

(Newser) - A federal judge in Oklahoma ruled Monday that the state can move forward with scheduled lethal injections for five death row inmates, including Julius Jones, whose case has drawn international attention and who is scheduled to die on Nov. 28. Judge Stephen Friot denied a motion for a preliminary injunction...

Alabama Execution Cancelled at Last Minute
After a Brief Reprieve,
Alabama Inmate Executed

After a Brief Reprieve, Alabama Inmate Executed

Willie B. Smith III was convicted of killing Sharma Ruth Johnson

(Newser) - Update: An Alabama man who avoided execution in February was put to death Thursday for the 1991 killing of a woman who was abducted during a robbery and then shot in a cemetery. Willie B. Smith III, 52, received a lethal injection at a prison in southwest Alabama, the AP...

Missouri Executes Ernest Lee Johnson

He expresses remorse in final statement

(Newser) - Ernest Lee Johnson was executed by lethal injection at the state prison in Bonne Terre, Missouri Tuesday evening, some 27 years after he killed three convenience store workers in a robbery. A representative for Pope Francis was among those who had called for the state to spare the 61-year-old inmate...

After Wave of 13 Federal Executions, a Halt

Department of Justice reviewing policies

(Newser) - After the Trump administration restarted federal executions following a 17-year hiatus, Donald Trump oversaw 13 executions —more than any US president since the 1800s, Reuters reports. (Those executions also included the first woman put to death by the federal government in almost seven decades.) On Thursday, US Attorney...

Nevada Plans First Execution in 15 Years

State plans to use 3 or 4 drugs to execute mass shooter Zane Michael Floyd

(Newser) - Nevada prison officials disclosed Thursday that they want to use a never-before-tried combination of drugs for the state’s first lethal injection in 15 years, including the powerful opioid fentanyl, the sedative ketamine, and a heart-stopping salt, potassium chloride. Deputy federal public defenders representing convicted murderer Zane Michael Floyd promised...

South Carolina Judge Won't Block 2 Controversial Executions

They're scheduled for June 18 and June 25

(Newser) - A South Carolina judge on Tuesday refused to block two executions set for later this month as she considers a lawsuit over the state’s new capital punishment law, which effectively forces condemned prisoners to choose to die by either the electric chair or firing squad. State Circuit Judge Jocelyn...

Arizona&#39;s Gas Chamber &#39;Ready&#39; for Inmates
Arizona Readies
Its Gas Chamber

Arizona Readies Its Gas Chamber

State has also procured ingredients for lethal gas used by Nazis at Auschwitz

(Newser) - Arizona officials are procuring ingredients for the lethal gas used at Nazi extermination camps, including Auschwitz, in the hope of using it on death row inmates. Arizona's Department of Corrections has spent more than $2,000 on ingredients to make the lethal hydrogen cyanide gas and has also refurbished...

SCOTUS Rejects Request for Firing Squad Execution

Missouri cleared to execute Ernest Johnson with lethal injection

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal from a condemned Missouri inmate who is seeking to be executed by firing squad instead of lethal injection. Lawyers for Ernest Lee Johnson—whose execution was stayed by the top court in 2015—argued that brain damage from tumor surgery would...

Texas Executes Quintin Jones Without Media Witnesses Present

Oversight will never happen again, agency spokesperson says

(Newser) - A Texas man convicted of fatally beating his 83-year-old great aunt more than two decades ago was executed Wednesday evening without media witnesses present because prison agency officials neglected to notify reporters it was time to carry out the punishment, the AP reports. Quintin Jones received the lethal injection at...

Convicted Killer Wants Firing Squad Considered

Nevada inmate's lawyers say 3-drug combo state wants to use is cruel and unusual

(Newser) - A convicted killer who is fighting a possible June execution date that would make him the first person put to death in Nevada in 15 years is calling for the state to consider the firing squad as an option, a rare method in the United States. Attorneys for Zane Michael...

12th Federal Execution Under Trump Takes Place

Corey Johnson put to death in Indiana Thursday night

(Newser) - The US government executed a drug trafficker Thursday for his involvement in a series of slayings in Virginia’s capital city in 1992, despite claims by his lawyers that the lethal injection would cause excruciating pain due to lung damage from his recent COVID-19 infection. Corey Johnson's lawyers have...

&#39;Brandon&#39;s Execution Is a Stain&#39;
'Brandon's Execution Is a Stain'

'Brandon's Execution Is a Stain'

Brandon Bernard put to death in Indiana despite outcry over his case

(Newser) - For the ninth time this year, a federal execution has been carried out. Brandon Bernard was put to death in Indiana Thursday despite celebrities and politicians intervening on his behalf. After the Supreme Court denied a request to delay the execution for two weeks and President Trump did not act...

Governor Says Ohio Has to Change Execution Method

Lethal injection no longer an option, he says

(Newser) - Lethal injection is no longer an option for Ohio executions, and lawmakers must choose a different method of capital punishment before any inmates can be put to death in the future, Republican Gov. Mike DeWine said Tuesday. It's "pretty clear" there won't be any executions next year,...

Father Says, &#39;I Don&#39;t Want This Monster Pampered&#39;
Montana Man
Wants His Son

Montana Man Wants His Son Executed

Michael Covey believes his son deserves capital punishment

(Newser) - A Montana man says he believes in the death penalty—at least where his son is concerned. "I don't want this monster pampered," Michael Covey, 62, told the Missoulian . "What he did is unforgivable. I definitely wanna do my part to make sure it doesn't...

Feds Execute Man Who Thought He Killed 'Tinkerbell'

That was the name William LeCroy used for a former sitter who he thought put a hex on him

(Newser) - The US government on Tuesday executed a former soldier who said an obsession with witchcraft led him to kill a Georgia nurse he believed had put a spell on him. William Emmett LeCroy, 50, was pronounced dead at 9:06pm EDT after receiving a lethal injection at the same US...

They Were Put to Death. There Was Something Off With Their Lungs

NPR looked at 216 death-row inmate autopsies

(Newser) - It's impossible to ask a death row inmate whether they're suffering as they are being put to death by lethal injection. The typical three-drug cocktail first anesthetizes them (rendering them unconscious) and then paralyzes them before stopping their heart. But it turns out their bodies can tell us....

Nation’s Busiest Death Penalty State Resumes Executions

Billy Joe Wardlow put to death in Texas for 1993 murder

(Newser) - A Texas inmate received lethal injection Wednesday evening for fatally shooting an 82-year-old man nearly three decades ago, ending a five-month delay of executions in the nation’s busiest death penalty state because of the coronavirus pandemic. Billy Joe Wardlow was put to death at the state penitentiary in Huntsville...

For First Time in US During Pandemic, an Execution

Missouri puts Walter Barton to death

(Newser) - Many states have postponed scheduled executions amid the coronavirus pandemic, but on Tuesday night, an inmate was put to death for the first time since March 5. Walter Barton, 64, was convicted of murdering his former landlord, 81-year-old Gladys Kuehler, in 1991, USA Today reports. Kuehler operated a mobile home...

Turn Over Execution Drugs for COVID-19 Fight, Experts Plead

Some of the same medicines are used when putting a patient on a ventilator

(Newser) - States that impose capital punishment by lethal injection have something needed to fight COVID-19. Some of the same pain relievers, sedatives, and paralytics administered in executions are used in hospitals to calm patients when putting them on a ventilator, Newsweek reports. In an open letter, medical professionals are asking state...

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