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Sheryl Sandberg Plans 'Next Chapter'

Facebook's No. 2 says she'll leave her job in the fall

(Newser) - Sheryl Sandberg, the most prominent Facebook executive after Mark Zuckerberg and an advocate for women in the workplace, announced Wednesday that she'll leave her post as chief operating officer in the fall. "When I took this job in 2008, I hoped I would be in this role for...

One Person Owning Twitter Worries Experts

On unregulated social media, Elon Musk's power would have few checks

(Newser) - The power of social media companies already concerns many, especially experts and some people in the industry. The platforms can influence what users believe and push them to do things they otherwise wouldn't, such as taking part in violent protests, said Shoshana Zuboff, a retired Harvard professor who wrote...

Zuckerberg's Security Costs Reach Princely Sums

Facebook parent Meta spent $27M last year to keep him safe

(Newser) - Facebook parent company Meta saves a lot of money on salary and bonuses for its CEO, as Mark Zuckerberg receives only a token $1 per year. His security costs, on the other hand, are another story. The company revealed in an SEC filing that it paid a record $26.8...

AM Routine Helps Zuckerberg Cope with Daily Bad News

Morning headlines and emails often leaving him feeling like he's been 'punched'

(Newser) - Most mornings, Mark Zuckerberg awakens to what he calls "a fair amount of bad news and new things that I need to absorb," per Insider , which quotes a recent interview on the Tim Ferriss Show . To relieve himself and prepare for the day ahead, Zuck explains he tries...

Dirty Laundry at Meta Signals a Changing Culture

The perks of working in Silicon Valley are lessening but not vanishing

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg and Meta can act as low-hanging fruit to anyone who likes to disparage tech billionaires and their empires. Sometimes, employees are also easy picking, thanks to compensation and benefits that may seem lavish to many Americans. Consider the Meta engineer who took to the anonymous professional network Blind...

Is Mark Zuckerberg a Robot? Traffic Lights Reveal the Truth

Podcaster asks Zuckerberg to prove he's not 'Zuckerborg'

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg has long known that he comes across as, well ... not quite human, acknowledging in a 2019 interview that "historically, I've had a very hard time expressing myself. ... I just come across as robotic." One computer scientist and AI researcher recently decided to carry out a...

Meta Zaps 'Openness' From Its Values
Meta's Rebranding
Continues—to Laughs

Meta's Rebranding Continues—to Laughs

Twitter users, employees ridicule changes announced Tuesday

(Newser) - Controversy-prone Meta is digging deeper into its overhaul with new company values revealed Tuesday. They didn't go over so well. As the Washington Post reports, the changes described at a virtual all-hands meeting—streamed for the first time on Facebook's virtual-reality platform, Horizon Venues—"were ridiculed by...

Peter Thiel to Leave Facebook for Politics

Longtime director, a mentor to Zuckerberg, will support Trump candidates

(Newser) - Peter Thiel, a longtime member of Facebook's board known for his sometimes-contrarian views, will leave the company this year to focus on politics. He was an early investor in the company and joined the board in 2005, one year into the small startup's existence, CNN reports. He was...

Meta Plunge Knocks Zuckerberg Out of Top 10 Billionaires

Bezos is set to get $20B richer

(Newser) - Share price swings have brought the fortunes of two tech billionaires up—and down—by amounts equivalent to the GDPs of small countries. Shares in Meta, Facebook's parent company, plummeted 26% on Thursday, bringing Mark Zuckerberg's net worth down by around $29 billion to $85 billion, reports Reuters...

Meta Loses $200B in Market Value Within Hours

Facebook's daily users fell in Q4 for the first time

(Newser) - For the first time in its 18-year history, Facebook is losing more daily users than it's gaining—and Meta and its CEO are feeling the burn. Shares in the company plunged more than 20% in after-hours trading Wednesday, wiping out $200 billion in market value, after Facebook reported losing...

Zuckerberg Just Expanded His 'New Monarchy' in Hawaii

He spends $17M to add 110 more acres to his estate

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg just added even more property to his Hawaii compound, a site that's been embroiled in controversy since he began scooping up land there in 2014. The Guardian reports the 37-year-old CEO of Facebook parent company Meta and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have dropped $17 million to tack...

Artist: 'Metaverse' Insta Handle Blocked After FB Name Change

Australia's Thea-Mai Baumann used the 'metaverse' handle, then suddenly got blocked

(Newser) - For nearly a decade, Thea-Mai Baumann, once the owner of an augmented-reality company called Metaverse Makeovers, used the Instagram handle "metaverse" to showcase her creative work. Last month, however, the Australian artist says she suddenly wasn't able to access her Insta, and she suspects Facebook's recent rebranding...

Facebook to Delete Faceprints of 1B Users

Company is shutting down its facial-recognition system

(Newser) - Facebook said Tuesday it will shut down its face-recognition system and delete the faceprints of more than 1 billion people, per the AP . The move comes as the company has come under intense scrutiny for causing harm with its technology. “This change will represent one of the largest shifts...

Facebook Mocked Over 'Meta' Name Change
Internet Delights in Mocking 
Facebook's New Name

Internet Delights in Mocking Facebook's New Name

'Changing name to Meat,' Wendy's quips

(Newser) - Facebook has been accused of driving people apart—but commentators were near-unified in mocking the company after CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed its new virtual-reality focused name Thursday. There were countless jokes about the name Meta, as well as concerns about what Zuckerberg is planning for what he calls the "...

Former Zuckerberg Household Employees Sue

They allege racist, homophobic harassment by family's former head of security

(Newser) - Two former household employees of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are now suing the Facebook founder and his wife. Both their former security operations assistant (Mia King, who is Black) and their former household operations manager (an unnamed John Doe who is gay and has a disability) filed lawsuits, alleging...

Zuckerberg Fires Back in Announcing $9B Earnings

Facebook CEO says younger users will become the priority

(Newser) - Facebook delivered a third-quarter earnings report Monday that exceeded analysts' expectations, though revenue was off. The company reported, per MarketWatch : Stronger earnings. Facebook said quarterly earnings hit $9.19 billion for the quarter, or $3.22 a share; that figure was $2.71 a share a year ago. Weaker revenue....

Facebook May Not Be Facebook Much Longer

Per Verge report, Zuckerberg may announce name change next week for parent company

(Newser) - If Facebook was trying to spin attention away from its recent woes by stirring up talk of its planned "metaverse" on Monday, Tuesday brought more of the same. This time, the whispers emerge from the Verge , which late last night cited a source claiming that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will...

Behold, Facebook Is Building a 'Metaverse'
Behold, Facebook Is
Building a 'Metaverse'

Behold, Facebook Is Building a 'Metaverse'

Company touts concept of a massive shared virtual world, but critics have some questions

(Newser) - In his 1992 sci-fi novel, Snow Crash , Neal Stephenson mentions a concept called the "Metaverse," a giant, shared virtual world combining augmented reality with virtual reality, where users appear as avatars and access this new world via special goggles. Facebook is now ready to bring that idea to...

Zuckerberg Finally Speaks Out on Facebook Whistleblower

CEO posts lengthy memo defending company against scathing claims by Frances Haugen

(Newser) - Amid what's been a tumultuous week for Facebook , Mark Zuckerberg took some time out Tuesday from sailing to address allegations by a whistleblower that have rocked the social media platform. "Many of the claims don't make any sense," the 37-year-old CEO said in a company memo...

Facebook Tweaked Its News Feed, Saw 'Unhealthy Side Effects'

Internal docs show 2018 changes to enhance user engagement made things angrier, more polarizing

(Newser) - Facebook execs likely aren't looking forward to the latest copies of the Wall Street Journal. Earlier this week, the paper published a damning story about Instagram on the platform's harmful effects on teen users (and how the parent company knew about it), as well as an article on...

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