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For California's Fast-Food Workers, Monday Is a Big Day

New state law mandating $20 an hour takes effect

(Newser) - Most fast-food workers in California will be paid at least $20 an hour beginning Monday when a new law is scheduled to kick in, per the AP .
  • Democrats in the state Legislature passed the law last year in part as an acknowledgement that many of the more than 500,000

Uber, Lyft Say They're Quitting Minneapolis

City council voted to pass ordinance increasing driver wages

(Newser) - Lyft and Uber vowed to cease operations in Minneapolis after the city's council voted Thursday to override a mayoral veto and require that ride-hailing services increase driver wages to the equivalent of the local minimum wage of $15.57 an hour. Lyft called the ordinance "deeply flawed,"...

Fast-Food Pay Raises Will Affect California Menus

As new $20 minimum wage goes into effect in April, companies say they'll raise prices

(Newser) - California fast-food workers are set to receive a significant pay hike in April—and chain owners say they're preparing to cover the bump in operational costs by raising the prices on their burgers and burritos. The Wall Street Journal reports that minimum wage for this group will rise to...

22 States Are Raising Minimum Wage Next Week

Federal standard, at $7.25 per hour, remains the same

(Newser) - Come Monday, 9.9 million minimum-wage workers in the US are due a pay raise that, by one estimate, will add $6.9 billion to their compensation per year. Increases are going into effect in 22 states, NPR reports. The new minimums vary widely. California, New York, and Washington are...

Low-Paid Workers Get a Pandemic Pay Raise

Restaurant, supermarket employees among those receiving average $15/hour, but millions still aren't

(Newser) - For years, US workers have fought for a minimum wage of $15 per hour. Now, thanks to the pandemic and companies' struggle to find workers, that's the least that many workers will accept. Almost 80% of US workers now bring in a minimum of $15 an hour, a substantial...

McDonald's Raising Wages, but Not Enough for Activists

Only the company-owned stores, which aren't many, are affected

(Newser) - McDonald’s is raising pay at 650 company-owned stores in the US as part of its push to hire thousands of new workers in a tight labor market, the AP reports. The fast-food giant is also encouraging its franchisees—which make up 95% of its restaurant base—to boost pay....

Biden Signs $15 Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors

Move gives a raise to around 390K workers

(Newser) - President Biden signed an executive order Tuesday to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour for federal contractors, providing a pay bump to hundreds of thousands of workers. Biden administration officials said that the higher wages would lead to greater worker productivity, offsetting any additional costs to taxpayers, the...

Sen. Sinema's Explicit Ring Gets Plenty of Attention

Centrist Kyrsten Sinema shared photo of her wearing ring that said 'f--k off'

(Newser) - On a weekend in which photos of her exaggerated thumbs-down "no" vote on an incremental minimum wage were projected on City Hall in Flagstaff, Ariz., Sen. Kyrsten Sinema projected an image of her own—which included the words "f--k off." The Arizona Democrat posted a photo on...

UK Uber Concessions Aren't Enough: Drivers

Company agrees to minimum wage, pension

(Newser) - Uber is granting its UK drivers the minimum wage, pensions, and holiday pay, following a recent court ruling that said they should be classified as workers and entitled to such benefits. The ride hailing giant's announcement cames after it lost an appeal last month at the UK Supreme Court...

Congresswoman Takes Heat After Gesture During Vote

Dem. Kyrsten Sinema voted no to minimum wage provision with an enthusiastic thumbs-down

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders' attempt to attach a minimum wage provision to President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill failed on Friday , and a handful of Democrats helped secure its demise. Among them: Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, who's now facing criticism from Democrats not just for her vote against...

Bernie Sanders' Minimum Wage Bid Is Rejected

Senator's workaround to add measure to relief bill falls short

(Newser) - Sen. Bernie Sanders tried again for a $15 federal minimum wage Friday but was undercut by a handful of Democrats. On a 58-42 vote—though the final count could change—the Senate rejected an attempt to slip the minimum wage increase into President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief...

'American Rescue Plan' One Step Closer to Arrival

House votes 219-212 to approve $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill, sends it to Senate

(Newser) - A long-awaited COVID relief bill is now making its way to the US Senate after the House of Representatives approved the $1.9 trillion package early Saturday. CNN reports that the vote was 219-212, with no Republicans casting a "yea," and two Democrats joining their GOP colleagues in...

Senator Has a 'Plan B' to Raise Minimum Wage

Large corporations could face new 5% tax if pay falls below threshold

(Newser) - With the door shut on raising the federal minimum wage through the COVID-19 relief bill , Democrats are looking for another route. Instead of mandating a $15 hourly wage, Sen. Ron Wyden suggests going at it another way: penalizing large corporations whose employees don't make a certain amount. The companies...

Senator 'Rightly Roasted' for His Minimum Wage Take

In 'NYT,' Binyamin Appelbaum slams John Thune's 'innumeracy' for tale of once making $6 an hour

(Newser) - As the fight continued this week over whether to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15, GOP Sen. John Thune of South Dakota weighed in against such a hike with a story from his boyhood. He said he started out busing tables at a family...

White House: Biden Will 'Respect' Minimum Wage Ruling

But he's 'disappointed' by Senate parliamentarian's decision, Psaki says

(Newser) - After the Senate parliamentarian dealt a potentially lethal blow Thursday to Democrats’ drive to hike the minimum wage, deciding that the cherished progressive goal must fall from a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill the party is trying to speed through Congress, the White House said President Biden will respect...

Parliamentarian's Decision Dooms Minimum Wage Hike

Senate official says it breaks budget rules

(Newser) - Looks like the coronavirus relief bill will not include a minimum wage hike. The Senate parliamentarian on Thursday ruled against the inclusion, saying it goes against budget rules. Every provision in the $1.9 trillion bill must comply with budget rules since Democrats are attempting to use the fast-track budget...

Costco Goes Biden $1 Better
Costco Goes
Biden $1 Better

Costco Goes Biden $1 Better

Chain says raising pay is good business

(Newser) - Unaffected by whether an increase in the federal minimum wage ends up in the final coronavirus relief package or not—after making its starting pay $15 an hour in 2019— Costco has announced another increase. Starting next week, new employees will be paid $16 an hour, NPR reports. "I...

A Changing World Results in Raises at Walmart

425K workers in online shopping will make an average of more than $15 an hour

(Newser) - Lots of Walmart workers are getting a raise, thanks mostly to the pandemic's transformation of the way people shop. The largest private US employer said 425,000 workers who handle online shopping—either on the digital end or in the stocking of orders—will make an average of more...

Rhode Island Voters to Decide on State's Name

Ballot measures also cover flag, minimum wage

(Newser) - More than 120 ballot measures could transform state policy this election. In two of those cases, the topic is abortion. In Colorado, Proposition 115 seeks to block abortion after 22 weeks of pregnancy unless to save the life of the mother. That's the sole exception that would be provided,...

Target Giving Every Single Hourly Worker a Bonus

And company is completing its plan to raise its minimum wage ahead of schedule

(Newser) - For those of you wishing that 2020 would just end already—Target is at least bringing the end of 2020 to early July. The company on Wednesday announced that all workers would make a minimum of $15 an hour as of July 5. In 2017 it announced that it would...

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