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We Now Know What Causes Morning Sickness
We Now Know What
Causes Morning Sickness
in case you missed it

We Now Know What Causes Morning Sickness

Scientists point to hormone GDF15, a discovery that raises hopes for a possible cure

(Newser) - Pregnant women may soon no longer have to dread that gestational malady known as morning sickness, a condition marked by nausea and throwing up, usually at its worst in the first trimester. In new research published Wednesday in the journal Nature , scientists say they're now focusing on one particular...

Passenger After Puke Incident: 'I Am Ashamed to Be Canadian'

Air Canada takes heat for booting 2 passengers who refused to sit in vomit-covered seats

(Newser) - Two passengers booked for a flight from Vegas to Montreal last month were escorted off the plane before takeoff, all because they wouldn't sit in their puke-soaked seats. The AP reports that the incident took place Aug. 26 on an Air Canada plane, on which Susan Benson was also...

The Odd Consequence of Rats' Inability to Vomit

It's a consequence that impacts human health

(Newser) - Mice and rats can't vomit. Ditto squirrels, beavers , and other rodents. Lucky them, perhaps, but there's a poor-us element to that fact, as Katherine Wu explains in the Atlantic . When it comes to rats, the why is fascinating, and multi-pronged: Some of it is just in the makeup...

Make Sure Your Uber Bill Doesn't Have 'Vomit Fraud'
Some Uber Drivers Have a
Sick Way of Making Extra Cash
in case you missed it

Some Uber Drivers Have a Sick Way of Making Extra Cash

It's known as 'vomit fraud'

(Newser) - If you lose your lunch in an Uber, it's only fair that you pay for the cleanup. But many users of the rideshare service say they were charged steep cleaning fees (ostensibly so drivers can have their cars professionally cleaned) even though they didn't make a mess. So-called...

On Cruise Ship, 5 Nights, 332 People Sick

Royal Caribbean stresses that outbreak affected only 6% of 5K on board

(Newser) - If a 6% chance of getting violently ill sounds like good odds, your ship has unfortunately already sailed: The latest outbreak of gastrointestinal illness on the high seas struck Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas, reports CNN , with at least 332 affected on the five-night cruise. "It was...

Flying Puke Interrupts Live Fourth of July TV Interview

'I drove home, took a hot shower and a long nap

(Newser) - Attacks on the media are increasing in frequency—and now they include flying vomit. The New York Post reports Wendy Burch of California's KTLA was covering an annual Fourth of July competition in which participants run a mile, swim a mile, and chug a sixer of beer. Surrounded by...

Lock Stops Bike Thieves by Making Them Throw Up

SkunkLock emits 'noxious' vomit-inducing chemical

(Newser) - You wouldn't think a product that makes people lose their lunch would be a viable item to bring to market, but the inventors of SkunkLock are hoping their innovation will be a hit in the bike-riding community, the Guardian reports. The creators of the crowdfunded Indiegogo project , billed as...

Beware the Uber Vomit Scam
 Beware the Uber Vomit Scam 

Beware the Uber Vomit Scam

Passengers allege drivers are tacking on fraudulent cleaning charges

(Newser) - Meredith Mandel paid $19 for an early morning Uber ride in Brooklyn. Later, Mandel, who had shared the ride with her boyfriend and friend, discovered that an additional $200 fee had been tacked onto the fare, recounts Gothamist . The extra money was given directly to the driver to pay to...

The Grossest Details From Illness-Plagued Cruise

Royal Caribbean passenger stories are seriously nasty

(Newser) - The official illness tally from the Royal Caribbean cruise ship that returned to New Jersey yesterday, two days ahead of schedule : 630 passengers and 54 employees. That's a 20-year cruise ship record, according to CDC data, and passengers tell CNN the true number is probably much higher, since some...

Roach-Contest Winner Choked to Death

Edward Archbold, 32, couldn't stop vomiting

(Newser) - Hope you're not in the middle of eating: The Florida man who died after winning a roach-eating contest suffocated partly on little bug bodies, CBS Miami reports. Edward Archbold, 32, died from choking and vomiting due to "airway obstruction by the arthropod body parts," according to his...

Now Lady Gaga Pukes Onstage

Do we have Justin Bieber to thank for this?

(Newser) - Has Justin Bieber started some sort of really gross trend? Just days after he threw up on stage , Lady Gaga did the same in Barcelona this weekend. Of course, Gaga's gagging was also caught on video for your viewing displeasure. Gawker and Vulture commenters are alternately impressed by Gaga...

Bieber Pukes on Stage
 Bieber Pukes on Stage 

Bieber Pukes on Stage

What the AP calls a case of 'Bieber Fever'

(Newser) - For anyone who's ever felt a little green by anything to do with Justin Bieber, there is video currently going viral sure to cement that icky feeling: Seems the Biebs twice lost his cookies onstage last night in Arizona, on the first show of his new Believe tour. He...

Could JFK's Speech Literally Make Santorum Vomit?
Could JFK's Speech Literally Make Santorum Vomit?
yep, it could

Could JFK's Speech Literally Make Santorum Vomit?

Brain, gut can both send nausea signals: Will Oremus

(Newser) - Twice now, Rick Santorum has said that the idea of absolute separation of church and state makes him feel like vomiting . But could he literally be provoked to throw up just by thinking about something? Yes, writes Will Oremus in a particularly gross Explainer column on Slate . Both the gut...

Ferry Workers Fight to Keep 'Vomit Pay'

Washington state senator says it's an unfair perk

(Newser) - Washington state Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen thinks it’s time to get rid of a benefit long enjoyed by the state’s ferry workers: cleaning up puke. Thanks to the so-called “vomit clause” in workers' contracts, they get paid double-time whenever they have to mop up after a hurling...

Ballpark Puker Sentenced to 30 to 90 Days

Matthew Clemmens pleaded guilty to barfing on fellow Phillies fans

(Newser) - The New Jersey man who pleaded guilty to intentionally vomiting on fellow Phillies fans will serve 30 to 90 days in jail. Matthew Clemmens' sentence for assault, disorderly conduct, and harassment also includes 50 hours of community service, and the judge suggested at today's sentencing hearing that he spend that...

Philadelphia Ballpark Puker Pleads Guilty

NJ man intentionally vomited on family, admits to assault

(Newser) - The New Jersey man who intentionally vomited on a Philadelphia family during a Phillies game last month pleaded guilty today, KYW Newsradio reports . Matthew Clemmens, 21, tormented a man and his two daughters at Citizens Bank Park before declaring, "I need to do what I need to do. I'm...

Cops: Phillies Fan Purposely Puked on Young Girl

Bad news for him: Her dad is a cop

(Newser) - A Phillies fan is making headlines today for a class act at Wednesday's game. Police say 21-year-old Matthew Clemmens put his fingers down his throat and purposely vomited on an 11-year-old girl sitting in front of him. Then he learned the hard way that her dad, who was with her,...

Cabbies Ask for Vomit Penalty
 Cabbies Ask for Vomit Penalty 

Cabbies Ask for Vomit Penalty

Chicago drivers want messy drunks to pay $50

(Newser) - Chicago cab drivers want drunk passengers who vomit in their cars to pay a $50 fine. Drivers today asked the city for the penalty along with an overall rate increase of 22%. Chicago cabbies are among the lowest paid in the country, with wages averaging $4.38 an hour over...

Rotten Lunch: Stinky Fridge Sickens 28 in Calif. Office

Office complex evacuated after fridge cleanup backfires

(Newser) - An incredibly foul stench from long-forgotten lunches forced hundreds of people out of a California office complex yesterday, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Fire crews and a hazmat team were dispatched to the building and 28 people were treated for vomiting and nausea. San Jose emergency workers traced the...

Patch Protects Travelers From Pesky Stomach Bugs

E. coli takes fewer tourists hostage with new development

(Newser) - Tourists could soon have a new accessory to add to travel-sized toothpaste tubes and electrical adapters: an anti-diarrhea patch. A new US study shows that travelers wearing a “transcutaneous immunization” patch, loaded with E. coli toxins, reliably protected wearers against diarrhea and vomiting, the BBC reports. Those who did...

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