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What Our Gums Say About Our Overall Health
What Our Gums
Say About Our
Overall Health
study says

What Our Gums Say About Our Overall Health

Having all our teeth is a very good sign

(Newser) - Don't think your oral health is as important as the health of the rest of your body? Think again. Researchers have turned to 57,000 women over age 55 in the Women's Health Initiative program to conduct the largest study of its kind on the relationship between oral...

Smoking Pot Might Be Bad for Your Gums— But That's About It

New research finds only one physical health risk of long-term marijuana use

(Newser) - A new study finds you can toke for up to 20 years without suffering any worse physical health effects than a couple of loose or lost teeth, Live Science reports. That's right: According to researchers studying long-term marijuana use, the only drawback, as far as physical health is concerned,...

Gum Disease May Lead to Cancer
 Gum Disease May 
 Lead to Cancer 

Gum Disease May Lead to Cancer

Stomach bacteria also linked to pancreatic cancer

(Newser) - Floss, kids—it could save your life. A new study has linked infections from Porphyrmomonas gingivalis, a bacteria associated with gum disease and poor dental hygiene, with pancreatic cancer, one of the most deadly cancers around. The study also pointed the finger at Helicobacter pylori, LiveScience reports, a stomach bacteria...

Heart and Gum Disease Linked by Gene: Study

Periodontitis patients should cut out risk factors, scientists say

(Newser) - Scientists have identified a link between gum disease and heart disease, the BBC reports, finding the same genetic variation in a group of patients with heart disease and a group with severe periodontitis. “Now we know for sure that there is a strong genetic link, patients with periodontitis should...

Smoking Pot Rots Your Teeth
Smoking Pot Rots Your Teeth

Smoking Pot Rots Your Teeth

On the plus side, you'll feel pretty mellow about it

(Newser) - Smoking pot might give you the munchies—and then take away the pearly whites you need to satisfy them, a new study finds. New Zealand researchers have found that regularly smoking marijuana causes increasingly severe gum disease, with one in four heavy smokers with chronic periodontal disease by the age...

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