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Couple Take Breakup Pics, Get 'Kind of Sad,' Go Viral

Yes, their photos have become a meme

(Newser) - You know all the photos couples take of themselves looking bright and shiny and happy? Well at the end of last year, about a year after breaking up with his girlfriend, a 22-year-old bio-medical sciences major at Western Michigan University decided it would be sort of funny and ironic to...

Got the Blues? You're Less Likely to See This Color

Sad people less likely to identify colors on blue-yellow axis: study

(Newser) - Got the blues? You probably aren't seeing blues clearly. That's the takeaway from a new study that finds how a person views the color blue may actually depend on mood, reports Medical Daily . Not all colors were affected in the same way. Researchers at the University of Rochester...

Christmas Morning Burglars Steal 3-Week-Old Puppies

Authorities say puppies not likely to survive

(Newser) - With no cash to offer their burglars, an Ohio couple was robbed of their four puppies on Christmas morning instead. A Wayne County sheriff's captain says three men slipped through an unlocked sliding door at a northeast Ohio home at around 6am today. Authorities say the suspects confronted a...

Tears Lone Signal of Sadness: Study

(Newser) - Tears are more than just an indicator of sadness, Wired reports—they may be the indicator, as far as other people are concerned. People categorize identical images of a face totally differently if tears are present in one photo and digitally removed from the other, a new study found. “...

Bah, Happiness: Gloom Is Normal
Bah, Happiness: Gloom Is Normal

Bah, Happiness: Gloom Is Normal

Sadness is a normal emotion, not a disease, cries anti-joy crowd

(Newser) - Maybe you're feeling a little down—not to worry! Turn to self-help books, psychiatrists, little blue pills, or Dr. Phil to make you happier! But in Against Happiness, melancholy Eric Wilson rails against our culture’s “craven disregard for the value of sadness.” And a growing wave of...

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