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Bishops Just Gave Catholics a Big Lenten Dispensation

Some dioceses are letting followers eat meat on Fridays (but not Good Friday) due to coronavirus

(Newser) - Catholics who don't eat meat on Fridays during Lent, as well as give up other things during the 40 or so days of the religious observance before Easter, probably didn't anticipate this year also sacrificing hanging out with friends, heading out to restaurants and bars, and attending most...

Pope Is Sick for Third Day After Supporting Coronavirus Sufferers

Pope Francis has a 'slight indisposition,' the Vatican says

(Newser) - Pope Francis canceled official engagements for the third day in a row Saturday as he battled an apparent cold, the AP reports. The 83-year-old pope, who lost part of a lung to a respiratory illness as a young man, has never canceled so many official audiences or events in his...

Man Decides to Live on Beer Alone for Lent

17th-century monks inspire the liquid diet

(Newser) - Del Hall has reasons for giving up all food for Lent—instead of just, say, chili dogs—and relying solely on beer for calories. And those reasons are not what you might assume. He'd like to break his cycle of making bad food choices, Cincinnati.com reports. But mostly...

Guy Replaces Food With Beer for Lent

Canadian Chris Schryer is surviving on a special brew

(Newser) - It's 40 days and 40 nights of ... beer? A Canadian man is giving it a shot for Lent, reports the National Post . Chris Schryer, 33, has sworn off solid food in favor of a calorie-laden brew called dopplebock. Time notes that he is supplementing a bit with water, juice,...

Stephen Colbert Goes on ‘Catholic Bender’

He tried to give it up for Lent, but the Church pulled him back in

(Newser) - Lent is a time for Catholics to "give up something they love for 40 days," so this year, Stephen Colbert gave up Catholicism. He thought he could make it til Easter, but on Good Friday he caught a whiff of his trigger: cathedral incense. "Long story short,...

Guy Exists on Beer Alone for Lent

Man says he is drinking only 'liquid bread' to 'educate' people

(Newser) - Whereas some people might give up alcohol for Lent, a 38-year-old Iowa man is existing on nothing but, reports the Chicago Tribune . J. Wilson, a beer aficionado and blogger, said he came up with the idea when reading about German monks who did not eat during Lent, but who drank...

Scandal Swirls as Pope Opens Holy Week

Vatican digs in, insists Benedict acted appropriately

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI has opened the church's solemn Holy Week amid increasing questions about his own handling of priest sex abuse cases. Benedict's procession entered St. Peter's Square today at the start of Palm Sunday Mass. The pontiff, in crimson and golden vestments, waved to the throngs of faithful waving...

'Piegate' Nabs Homemade Treats
'Piegate' Nabs Homemade Treats

'Piegate' Nabs Homemade Treats

Pa. food inspectors crack down on sale of non-commercial goods

(Newser) - Homemade pies are under siege in Pennsylvania, as state inspectors crack down on commercial goods not baked in approved kitchens. The "piegate" affair started at a small-town fish fry, where the desserts are part of the Catholic parish's Lent fundraiser, reports the Wall Street Journal. Safety codes require use...

NY Hotel Boss Axed for Ash Wednesday Slur

Palace Hotel chief bounced after mocking Catholic bell captain

(Newser) - The boss of a ritzy New York hotel has been canned for ordering a Catholic employee to lose his Ash Wednesday ashes, reports the New York Daily News. The manager of the Palace Hotel—located across the street from St. Patrick's Cathedral—told the bell captain "wipe that f-----g...

Economy Can't Spoil Mardi Gras
 Economy Can't Spoil Mardi Gras

Economy Can't Spoil Mardi Gras

Revelers enter final day of festivities

(Newser) - Partiers in New Orleans are taking one last chance to eat, drink, and be merry today before Lent. Tourism officials don't believe the economic downturn has dampened the mood at this year's Mardi Gras celebrations and say big crowds over the weekend and nearly full hotels bode well for the...

Evangelicals Turn Back to Ritual
Evangelicals Turn Back
to Ritual

Evangelicals Turn Back to Ritual

Some adopt previously shunned confession, communion, Lent

(Newser) - Evangelical Christians are increasingly turning to long-shunned traditions as a means of practicing their faith, reports the Washington Post. In a trend some call “worship renewal,” some are reviving Catholic customs such as fasting for Lent, going to confession, and weekly communion. “Evangelicalism is coming to point...

Bishops' Bright Idea: Give Up Carbon for Lent

Brits urge faithful to fast to cut emissions, fight global warming

(Newser) - For many Christians, Lent is a time to forgo chocolate or ice cream, but two senior British bishops have a better idea: “fasting” away your carbon footprint. “The poor are already suffering the effects of climate change,” says Liverpool’s bishop. “To carry on regardless of...

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