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Putin Threatens Ukrainian Statehood

Sanctions risk the invaded nation's sovereignty, Russian president warns

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin added a threat to the nation he's invaded on Saturday, saying the international sanctions against his country amount to a "declaration of war" that endanger Ukrainian sovereignty. "The current leadership needs to understand that if they continue doing what they are doing, they...

Russia Discounts Its Oil, and Buyers Aren't Buying It

Effects of self-sanctioning are being felt amid calls to ban Russian oil imports outright

(Newser) - Western sanctions on Russia's oil industry are becoming more and more likely, analysts tell CNBC , despite continued resistance from the White House. "We don't have a strategic interest in reducing the global supply of energy and that would raise prices at the gas pump for the American...

Sanctions Start to Bite for Ordinary Russians

Ruble has plunged 30%

(Newser) - Ordinary Russians faced the prospect of higher prices and crimped foreign travel as Western sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine sent the ruble plummeting, leading uneasy depositors to line up at banks and ATMs on Monday in a country that has seen more than one currency disaster in the post-Soviet...

US, Allies Take Big Step Against Russian Banks

Nations had resisted calls to block access to system for handling global transactions

(Newser) - The US and its European allies agreed Saturday to shut certain Russian banks out of SWIFT, a major messaging system critical in making global financial transactions. The leaders, including President Biden, had been dismissive this week of the likelihood they'd take this step to hurt Russia's economy after...

How Western Countries Can Really Hurt Putin
How Western Countries
Can Really Hurt Putin

How Western Countries Can Really Hurt Putin

The argument: seize Russian billionaires' foreign assets

(Newser) - Financial and economic sanctions against Russia could be very effective at ending Vladimir Putin's war against Ukraine "if the West shows the will—and is willing to take on its own corruption," American economist Paul Krugman writes at the New York Times . Sanctions on Russia's oil...

There's One Sanction the US Is Resisting Using

Biden says America won't push to have Russia kicked off SWIFT system

(Newser) - Western countries and the US have responded to the Russian invasion of Ukraine with sweeping sanctions, but they're holding back on deploying what analysts call the "nuclear option" of financial sanctions: kicking Russia off the Belgium-based SWIFT messaging system for global financial transactions. The system "doesn't...

Biden Slaps Heavy Sanctions on Russia

He says Putin's moves are the 'beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine'

(Newser) - President Biden says Russia is being hit with heavy sanctions for moves on Ukraine the US considers a "flagrant violation of international law." The president said a "first tranche" of sanctions will include "full blocking" of two major financial institutions and sanctions on Russian debt, as...

Judge Sanctions Pro-Trump Election Lawyers

9 attorneys, including Sydney Powell, had sued to block Biden's Michigan election victory

(Newser) - Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and seven other lawyers who sued to block President Biden's election victory in Michigan have been sanctioned by a federal judge. The lawsuit filed by the pro-Trump lawyers sought to decertify Michigan's vote, charging that public officials had illegally manipulated ballots in order to...

China to US Execs: Push Back Against Olympics Boycott

'The business community cannot make a fortune in silence,' official says

(Newser) - With the Winter Olympics now just two months away, China seems to be getting worried about calls to boycott the Beijing Games—and it has started putting pressure on American companies with close links to the country. In a video conference Tuesday, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng urged American...

US Imposes New Sanctions on Cuba
US Imposes New
Sanctions on Cuba

US Imposes New Sanctions on Cuba

White House accuses regime of human rights abuses while quelling protests

(Newser) - The Biden administration announced sanctions Thursday against a Cuban official and a government special brigade that it says was involved in human rights abuses during a government crackdown on protests on the island earlier this month, per the AP . The Treasury Department listed Alvaro Lopez Miera, a Cuban military and...

Russian Backs Belarus By Blocking European Flights
Russia Blocks European Flights

Russia Blocks European Flights

EU meeting to consider sanctions after Ryanair hijacking

(Newser) - Russia has expressed its support for Belarus by refusing to let at least two European airlines' flights land in Moscow. Austrian Airlines and Air France announced the cancellations, saying permission from Russia was denied, per CNN ; Russia had no comment. Both airlines wanted to change the routes to avoid crossing...

After Initial Tense Pushback, Ambassador Will Leave Russia

But amid 'increasingly dangerous situation,' John Sullivan is to return to Moscow 'in coming weeks'

(Newser) - A tense standoff between the Kremlin and the US ambassador to Russia seems to have been averted, at least for the moment. After the United States imposed sanctions last week on the country over hacking American federal agencies and interfering in the 2020 presidential election, including via the expulsion of...

Biden: I Told Putin It Could've Been Worse

US prefers stability in the relationship, president says

(Newser) - President Biden said Thursday he could've gone further in imposing sanctions against Russia over its hacking attacks last year—and Biden said he made that clear to President Vladimir Putin. But that wouldn't serve the long-term US goal, NBC reports. "The United States is not looking to...

US Move May Further Fray Relations With China

White House sanctions officials in Beijing over Uighurs

(Newser) - The US, the European Union, Britain, and Canada launched coordinated sanctions against officials in China on Monday over what they call human rights abuses against Uighur Muslims in the Xinjiang region, per the AP . "Amid growing international condemnation, the [People's Republic of China] continues to commit genocide and...

After Weeks of Foreshadowing, a Move by Biden on Russia

Officials, businesses there hit with sanctions over Navalny poisoning, imprisonment

(Newser) - The Biden administration announced sanctions of Russian officials and businesses Tuesday related to the poisoning and jailing of opposition leader Alexei Navalny , whose detention drew tens of thousands of protesters out into the streets of Russian cities this winter. Senior administration officials announced the sanctions but didn't immediately identify...

Carrie Lam: I Have Piles of Cash but No Bank Account

Hong Kong boss blames US sanctions

(Newser) - Hong Kong's chief executive says she deals only in cash. "I have piles of cash at home," Carrie Lam said. "The government is paying me cash for my salary because I don't have a bank account." US penalties are the reason, she said. The...

President of Iran Has a Message for Biden

Hassan Rouhani calls on America to re-enter the nuclear deal

(Newser) - Iran's president called on President-elect Joe Biden to "compensate for past mistakes" and return the US to Tehran's 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, a state-run news agency reported Sunday, per the AP . Hassan Rouhani's comments mark the highest-level response from Iran to Biden and Vice...

A Rare Admission From Kim Jong Un
A Rare Admission
From Kim Jong Un

A Rare Admission From Kim Jong Un

Leader admits plan for 'great socialist country' was a failure, calls for January meeting

(Newser) - Kim Jong Un's ambitious five-year plan to boost the North Korean economy and create a "great socialist country" has been "seriously delayed," he said Thursday in Pyongyang—and he's called for a rare Workers' Party congress at the start of the new year to try...

Trump: Iran Policy Needs to 'Snap Back'

America will tell the UN to reimpose Iran sanctions

(Newser) - The US will demand Thursday that all United Nations sanctions be reimposed against Iran, President Trump said Wednesday, a move that follows America's defeat in trying to extend an arms embargo against Tehran, the AP reports. The administration's insistence on snapping back international sanctions against Iran sets the...

China Sanctions Cruz, Rubio for 'Egregious Behavior'

11 US citizens sanctioned in tit-for-tat Hong Kong move

(Newser) - As police in Hong Kong stepped up a crackdown on pro-democracy figures, China slapped sanctions on 11 American citizens for behaving "egregiously on Hong Kong-related issues." Those sanctioned include Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth, as well as Republican Sens. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Tom...

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