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It's a Little Gross, but Snot Is Also Crucial

When healthy, we produce half a cup a day

(Newser) - There's a lot of snot oozing out of people's nostrils this time of year, but did you know we produce half a cup a day just when we are healthy, and unwittingly swallow almost all of it? PBS Digital Studios has published two "gross science" videos on...

Vaccine Trial for Common Cold Nothing to Sneeze At

Vaccine Trial for
Common Cold
Nothing to
Sneeze At

Vaccine Trial for Common Cold Nothing to Sneeze At

Monkeys, mice given 'simple solution' developed antibodies against variety of rhinoviruses: scientists

(Newser) - When an expert in rhinoviruses told Martin Moore in 2013 that there would never be a vaccine for the common cold, the Emory University professor thought to himself, "Well, let's look into that." Three years later, it appears his probing against the odds has paid off: Per...

Why Colds Are More Common in the Cold
 Why Colds Are 
 More Common 
 in the Cold 

Why Colds Are More Common in the Cold

Immune system is weaker in cold noses, giving rhinoviruses room to replicate

(Newser) - That old wives' tale about catching a cold in the cold may have some truth to it, according to new research out of Yale. While the common cold is still caused by viruses and not actual cold temperatures, it turns out that our immune systems become weaker when our noses...

Scientists Zero In on Cure for the Common Cold

Drugs could boost body's natural virus-killing process

(Newser) - Until recently, it was thought that there was no cure for the common cold. Now, new research shows that our immune systems can destroy the cold virus after it has entered a cell, the Independent reports. New antiviral drugs could be developed based on this research within the next few...

HIV Genome Decoded, Raising Hopes for Treatment

(Newser) - The entire structure of the virus that causes AIDS has been decoded for the first time, a breakthrough that may eventually lead to effective treatments for the disease and others like it, Reuters reports. University of North Carolina researchers, using a new method they liken to zooming out on a...

Scientists Map Common Cold's Genome
Scientists Map Common Cold's Genome

Scientists Map Common Cold's Genome

Makes creating a cure possible, but still pricey and unlikely

(Newser) - Researchers have completed a “family tree” for the common cold, paving the way for an eventual cure to one of mankind’s most stubborn ailments, the New York Times reports. Scientists mapped the genomes of the 99 variations of rhinovirus, which causes most colds, and have cataloged the weaknesses...

Of Mice and Men, and a Cure for Colds

Researchers find a way to infect rodents with rhinoviruses

(Newser) - Scientists have managed to give a mouse a cold. May not sound like a huge deal, but it is: One reason a cure for the common cold has been so elusive is that until now, only primates have been infected with rhinoviruses, which cause them. Now a team at Imperial...

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