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After 11 Years, Newseum Calls It a Day

Private museum found it tough to compete with DC's free ones

(Newser) - In 2008, the Newseum—a private museum dedicated to exploring modern history as told through the eyes of journalists— opened on prime Washington real estate . Sitting almost equidistant between the White House and the Capitol on Pennsylvania Avenue, the glass-walled building became instantly recognizable for its multi-story exterior rendition of...

Unabomber: Don't Use My Cabin in Exhibit

Kaczynski doesn't want his old home on display at Newseum

(Newser) - “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski isn’t happy that his Montana cabin is featured in a museum exhibit about the FBI’s first 100 years. In a letter to the US Court of Appeals, Kaczynski writes that the Newseum’s display of the 10-by-12-foot cabin where he was captured flouts the...

This Just In: Newseum Opens
 This Just In: Newseum Opens 

This Just In: Newseum Opens

Relocated institution's self-glorifying quality leaves reviewer cold

(Newser) - The Newseum reopens today in its new, $450 million home off the National Mall, and reaction to the enterprise is mixed. Granting that the interactive, artifact-laden presentation of the history of news is a good mix of education and entertainment, Edward Rothstein of the New York Times also describes it...

Death Photo of Famous War Correspondent Surfaces

Historians stunned to see war photo of Ernie Pyle 63 years later

(Newser) - He was a celebrated World War II correspondent who became a household name and earned a Pulitzer Prize for his stories about hometown soldiers. But the photo that captured Ernie Pyle’s death on the battlefield only turned up recently, surprising historians, AP reports. The never-before-published photo shows Pyle lying...

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