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Folic Acid May Cut Autism Spectrum Risk

 Folic Acid May Cut 
 Autism Spectrum Risk 
study says

Folic Acid May Cut Autism Spectrum Risk

Norway researchers review 85K children

(Newser) - Taking folic acid around the time of conception could significantly reduce the number of babies with an autism spectrum disorder, a study suggests. In a review of 85,000 children born in Norway between 1999 and 2009, researchers found that moms who didn't take a folic acid supplement were...

All That Folic Acid May Give You Cancer

Fortified cereals, breads, vitamins could overwhelm your liver

(Newser) - Health experts once trumpeted folic acid, but now warn against taking too much of a good thing, the Economist reports. For more than 10 years, aspiring mothers have been told to down double the recommended dose with vitamin pills, and some countries have added folic acid to grain products. It's...

Too Much Folic Acid May Help Cause Cancer

Wonder vitamin added to many foods could be giving us an overdose

(Newser) - Folic acid: You’ve probably heard that pregnant women are urged to take it, and you might know that lots of common staples—from flour to cereals—are fortified with it. But new research indicates that folic acid may have a complicated relationship to cancer—even perhaps accelerating it. Studies...

Vitamins Lower Risk of Vision Loss: Study

B vitamins, folic acid shown to decrease macular degeneration

(Newser) - Folic acid and two B vitamins lowered the risk of vision loss in middle-age women who took the supplements for several years as part of a study, the Boston Globe reports. The study by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that the combination lowered...

Green Veggies May Fight Alzheimer's

Study links low folate levels, elevated dementia risk

(Newser) - Folic acid, already known to help prevent birth defects, may play a role in the development of dementia, the BBC reports. Elderly subjects with low levels of folate in their blood were three times more likely than people with normal levels to develop dementia, a South Korean study found . But...

Folic Acid May Help Prevent Premature Birth

Supplement could cut risk by 70%; fortifying flour, bread advocated

(Newser) - Taking folic acid supplements could cut the risk of premature birth by 70%, a study has found, giving women one more reason to seek out the synthetic B9 vitamin. Since one in three premature babies dies, the findings could save thousands of lives. The catch is that the acid should...

6 Stories
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