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Men Stranded in Kayak Saved by Cruise Ship

They said their boat sank in the Gulf of Mexico

(Newser) - The Carnival Jubilee cruise ship briefly gained two extra passengers in the Gulf on Mexico on Monday. Carnival says two men in a kayak were rescued after they were spotted off the coast of Mexico's Isla Mujeres, NBC News reports. The cruise line says the men were quickly rescued...

Car Runs Into Carnival Crowd at High Speed, Killing 6

Belgian prosecutor sees no sign of terrorism after arrests

(Newser) - A car slammed at high speed into Carnival revelers in a small town in southern Belgium early Sunday, killing six people and leaving 10 more with life-threatening injuries, authorities said. Many others were slightly injured, the AP reports. "What should have been a great party turned into a tragedy,...

Carnival Parties Defy COVID Ban
Parties Defy

Carnival Parties Defy COVID Ban

Brazilians criticize restriction when other events are allowed

(Newser) - The pandemic may have disrupted Carnival plans in Rio de Janeiro for a second straight year , but revelers who have flocked to the Brazilian city for sun, sea and samba still found ways to party on Saturday. Thousands defied an official ban on street parties by dancing, singing, and mingling...

This Year, Carnival Venue Is a Mass Vaccination Site

Nurse says the event is still joyful, because it represents 'the hope of better days'

(Newser) - In a normal year, Rio de Janeiro's Sambadrome would preparing for its great moment of the year: the world's most famous Carnival parade. But a week before what should be the start of Carnival, the pandemic has replaced pageantry, the AP reports, with the great celebration put on...

City Defends 'Fun' Mockery of Orthodox Jews

Criticism of last year's parade only made Aalst dig in

(Newser) - A Belgian city heard much criticism last year after its carnival parade included caricatures of Jewish people. The reaction of Aalst's leaders was to double down. When UNESCO moved to take the city off its cultural heritage list, local officials asked for the action to be taken. When this...

First, a Name Repeated on the Intercom. Then: 'Man Overboard'

Coast Guard searching for 26-year-old who apparently jumped off Carnival Dream near Texas

(Newser) - Off the coast of Texas, a search is underway for a man who looks to have jumped off the balcony outside his room on a Carnival cruise. NBC News reports the US Coast Guard received a call shortly before 9pm Thursday that a Carnival Dream passenger, an unidentified 26-year-old man,...

Mardi Gras Parade Marred by 'Tragic Accident'

Car mows into Ala. marching band, injuring a dozen or so youngsters, several critically

(Newser) - Police in the Alabama beach town of Gulf Shores say a car participating in the city's Fat Tuesday parade accidentally plowed into a marching band, leaving around a dozen young people injured; an earlier AP report says 11 were hurt, with three critically injured, while CNN puts the number...

Sexual Assaults Weigh Heavy on Cologne's Carnival

22 complaints of sexual assault on 1st day of weeklong celebration

(Newser) - Police received 22 sexual assault complaints Thursday during the first night of Carnival in Cologne, Germany, the BBC reports. According to the AP , that's twice what was reported on the first day of last year's celebration and comes only a month after 1,000 or so "drunk...

Haiti Carnival Horror: Electrocution, Death

Revelers on music group's float were killed by power line

(Newser) - Horror in the Haitian capital this morning, where by the AP's count at least 20 people on a music group's packed Carnival float were killed when they were electrocuted by a power line; the BBC puts the death toll at 18, and CNN reports a dozen are confirmed...

This Is Brazil's Dirtiest Carnival Party

These people are pretty disgusting, having a blast

(Newser) - Forget the sexy nurses, the pirates, and devils. At the Bloco da Lama Carnival street party, swamp creature is the costume of choice. Revelers in the seaside colonial town of Paraty yesterday threw themselves into deposits of black, mineral-rich slime, emerging covered head-to-toe in the sludge. Bikinis and trunks disappeared...

2 Fall Into Shark-Infested Waters on Carnival Cruise

Authorities searching for missing Australian couple

(Newser) - Two Carnival Cruise passengers are believed to have fallen overboard last night, and authorities are today searching 300 square nautical miles off Australia's east coast in hopes of finding them. The Australian couple were discovered missing as passengers disembarked this morning after the Carnival Spirit docked at Sydney's...

Carnival Plagued by Another Toilet Problem

Crown Princess suffers clogged toilets

(Newser) - Carnival? Toilet woes? Again? Yes, another ship was beset with toilet problems last week during a seven-day Caribbean cruise, the Houston Chronicle reports. A blockage caused toilets in 410 of the Crown Princess' staterooms—about a quarter of its cabins—to stop flushing, forcing passengers in those rooms to use...

Docked Carnival Ship Busts Loose; 1 Missing

Coast Guard searching for Alabama dockworker

(Newser) - Another mishap involving a Carnival Cruise Lines ship, and this one might end up being the most serious of all. Strong winds apparently caused the Triumph to break free from its mooring in Mobile, Alabama, and Coast Guard crews are searching for a dockworker thought to be missing in the...

Nightmare Cruise Is Finally Over
 Gross Cruise Is Finally Over 

Gross Cruise Is Finally Over

Ship arrives in Mobile, Alabama

(Newser) - After five days smelly days spent disabled at sea, the Carnival Triumph cruise ship has finally docked in Mobile, Alabama, to the delight of passengers who cheered, danced, and sang "Sweet Home Alabama." Hundreds of people awaited the arrival of the biggest cruise ship ever to dock in...

Carnival Axes Cruise Ship's Next 14 Cruises
Now Gross Cruise Ship
Is Delayed

Now Gross Cruise Ship Is Delayed

And after passengers finally disembark, they get ... a bus ride!

(Newser) - Carnival's Triumph cruise ship hasn't quite lived up to its name. The disabled vessel, currently being hauled to Mobile, Ala., amid reports of hallway sewage , has had its next 14 trips canceled as the cruise line addresses an array of problems. The cancellations mean no more trips through...

Rio Carnival Revelers to Get 3M Free Condoms

City doesn't want an STD festival

(Newser) - It's party time in Rio, and health authorities want the millions of carnival revelers to play it safe. Some three million condoms are being handed out during the five-day festival, along with paper fans bearing catchy anti-STD slogans, CNN reports. Health officials say they are targeting young gay men,...

Life on a Stranded Cruise Ship
 Life on a Stranded Cruise Ship 

Life on a Stranded Cruise Ship

Spam, Pop-Tarts, and blackjack are standard fare

(Newser) - While tugboats pull a stranded cruise ship to San Diego, its 4,500 passengers are safe, the Wall Street Journal reports—but their experience has been a bit less posh than expected. Here's what their cruise home consists of:
  • They may not get to eat lobster tails, but there’s

Baby Samba Queen Finishes Last

7-year-old's breakdown knocks group down into 2nd division

(Newser) - The Brazilian samba group that sparked intense controversy by choosing a child as its sexy drum corps queen has finished the Rio de Janeiro carnival in last place. After 7-year-old Julia Lira broke down crying in the heat of the spotlight, Viradouro placed so badly in both the drum corps...

Carnival Samba Queen, 7, Breaks Down

Rio spotlight too much for youngest drum corps queen

(Newser) - In the end it wasn't the angry child welfare advocates or the family court judge that hampered seven-year-old samba queen Julia Lira from carrying out her controversial role at the Rio de Janeiro carnival: It was Lira herself. Lira broke down in tears just 10 minutes into last night's parade,...

Rio Gets Party Started at Dawn
 Rio Gets Party Started at Dawn 

Rio Gets Party Started at Dawn

First full day of Carnival is nothing to mess around with

(Newser) - Carnival's biggest bash took to the streets at dawn today, proving that if there is one thing citizens of Rio de Janeiro take seriously, it's partying. Organizers expected up to 1 million people at the Bola Preta street party, or "bloco"—one of Rio's oldest. Dressed in black...

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