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The Boys Star Ditches Insta, Says 'Shame on You, Megyn Kelly'

Erin Moriarty says she's been dealing with harassment following Kelly's plastic surgery remarks

(Newser) - A young Hollywood actor says she's had to ditch Instagram after comments by former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly subjected her to a barrage of harassment on social media. "We're all subject to levels of bullying throughout our lives but I am horrified," Erin Moriarty, the...

The Jig Is Up for TikTok's 'Dr. Roxy'

The Jig Is Up for
TikTok's 'Dr. Roxy'
in case you missed it

The Jig Is Up for TikTok's 'Dr. Roxy'

Ohio's Medical Board finds she 'put patients in danger for the social media world'

(Newser) - A plastic surgeon who made a name for herself in livestreaming procedures on TikTok can no longer practice in Ohio after the state's Medical Board found she'd neglected patients while focused on her viewers. The board voted Wednesday to strip Dr. Katharine Roxanne Grawe, better known as Dr....

Linda Evangelista Not the Only One 'Disfigured' by Cosmetic Procedure

'New York Times' does a deep dive into CoolSculpting

(Newser) - Linda Evangelista went public in 2021 with her story of being "brutally disfigured" by a cosmetic procedure known as CoolSculpting. Now, the New York Times is out with an exposé on the procedure that alleges the serious side effect suffered by the supermodel appears to be more common than...

Cops Arrest Suspect in Thai 'Face/Off' Case

Alleged drug dealer had plastic surgery to look like 'handsome Korean man'

(Newser) - A suspected drug dealer in Thailand not only changed his name to a Korean name, he changed his face to a Korean face in an effort to evade authorities, police say. In what the Thai media has dubbed the Face/Off case, Saharat Sawangjaeng was arrested in Bangkok last week, the...

Our Cosmetic Surgery Desires Are Shifting

Breast augmentations are no longer No. 1

(Newser) - When it comes to our bodies, those going under the knife are apparently seeking less, not more these days. The most popular cosmetic surgery on the planet is no longer breast augmentation: Liposuction has taken the top slot. The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says in a press release...

People Are Paying Big Bucks to Get Rid of Face Fat
Trendy Cosmetic Fix:
Removing 'Buccal Fat'
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Trendy Cosmetic Fix: Removing 'Buccal Fat'

It involves removing fat from your cheeks, and TikTok has helped make it popular

(Newser) - It's being called this year's "strangest and most secretive beauty trend," though one that's been popping up on TikTok and made its way to the likes of celebrities like Chrissy Teigen. Allow us to introduce you to buccal fat removal, in which the fat from...

Plastic Surgeon Charged After Young Patient's Death

Emmalyn Nguyen suffered cardiac arrest during surgery, died 14 months later

(Newser) - Update: A plastic surgeon has been arrested in Colorado after an 18-year-old patient died following breast augmentation surgery. Emmalyn Nguyen died 14 months after the August 2019 surgery left her in a vegetative state. After a "lengthy criminal investigation," the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office said it issued...

His Bizarre 1970s Plan Involved Elvis, Plastic Surgery

'Rolling Stone' has the story of 'rogue '70s promoter' Danny O'Day

(Newser) - If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Danny O'Day is ... well, he was in a category all his own. In a lengthy piece for Rolling Stone , David Browne digs into the "rogue '70s promoter," who decided to try to make a living by putting...

Mom, Daughter Charged With Murder Over Illegal Butt Lift

'These individuals have no medical training'

(Newser) - Police say aspiring adult film star Karissa Rajpaul posted video on social media of herself receiving a buttocks augmentation procedure. It's now evidence in a murder investigation. The 26-year-old South African woman died in a hospital on Oct. 15, 2019, the day of the unlicensed procedure, and mother and...

What You Don't Know About the Brazilian Butt Lift

Rebecca Jennings digs in for Vox

(Newser) - Rebecca Jennings promises to delve into "How the Brazilian butt lift went mainstream" in a lengthy piece for Vox , though it's not the how, but the what, that ends up being the most fascinating part of her story. The how isn't that surprising—social media, in large...

Once Worth Billions, 'Catwoman' Is Bankrupt

'I often turn to friends and family in order to pay my ongoing expenses'

(Newser) - Jocelyn Wildenstein—better known as "Catwoman," the "Lion Woman of New York," and the "Bride of Wildenstein" for her surgically created cat-like countenance—has filed for bankruptcy. At one time Wildenstein spent at least $1 million a month on a lifestyle that included Gulfstream jets,...

5 Most Popular Plastic Surgeries
5 Most Popular
Plastic Surgeries

5 Most Popular Plastic Surgeries

Tummy tucks are back in

(Newser) - Tummy tucks are back: They dropped out of the top five most popular cosmetic surgeries last year, but are back this year, with more than 2,000 more of the procedures done in 2017 than 2016. In a press release , the ASPS says cosmetic procedures overall were up 2% in...

Jane Fonda Shuts Down Megyn Kelly's 'Weird' Question

Today host asked about plastic surgery

(Newser) - Megyn Kelly is less than a week into her tenure as Today host but she's already getting a reputation for asking inappropriate questions. On Wednesday's show , Jane Fonda appeared with Robert Redford to discuss new movie Our Souls at Night, but Kelly wanted to discuss plastic surgery instead,...

In Reported First, Case Study Says Penis Enlargement Killed

Patient was a 30-year-old Swedish man

(Newser) - Penis enlargements can kill, or so confirms a case study published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences . "Autologous fat transfer" is the process by which fat is removed by liposuction and then re-injected elsewhere in the body: commonly the face, breasts, behind, or—as in the case of the...

Woman Stops Breathing During Plastic Surgery, Dies

She was visiting Florida from Chicago

(Newser) - A 30-year-old woman visited a Florida clinic for a cosmetic procedure and ended up dead, CBS News reports. Lattia Baumeister, who was visiting the Miami area from Chicago, stopped breathing on the surgical table at Seduction by Jardon's Medical Center in Doral, police say. She was taken to a...

Nude Photos Leaked After Plastic Surgery Clinics Hacked

Hackers tried to blackmail clients

(Newser) - Police in Lithuania say personal data and more than 25,000 private photos—including nude pictures—were made public Tuesday following the hacking of a chain of plastic surgery clinics. Police said a hacking group called Tsar Team broke into the servers of Grozio Chirurgija clinics earlier this year and...

Most Likely to Go Under the Knife? Bullies, Their Victims

Scientists find connection between plastic surgery, bullying

(Newser) - There's a link between bullying and plastic surgery, but it's not just among those who've been bullied. Researchers say that the bullies themselves are also more likely to long for cosmetic surgery, reports Refinery29 . It's a finding shown among 2,800 adolescents in the UK interviewed...

Plastic Surgeon: This Is the 'Perfect Face'

Others beg to differ

(Newser) - Combine Keira Knightley's eyes with Kate Middleton's nose and Penelope Cruz's lips and you have a beauty overload—and also the world's most desirable face, at least according to one plastic surgeon. Julian De Silva from London's Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery...

Real-Life Face/Off Fugitive Caught in Thailand

Lawyer nabbed by immigration cops who noticed something ... off

(Newser) - A Japanese lawyer who police say altered his appearance through plastic surgery to escape arrest for an alleged stock share manipulation scheme more than a decade ago has been captured, Thai police said Friday. Thailand's Immigration Bureau announced that Yasuo Tsubaki, sought by Japanese authorities for securities fraud amounting...

WV Mom Dies While Getting 'Brazilian Butt Lift'

Heather Meadows, 29, traveled to Miami area for the procedure

(Newser) - A West Virginia mom who traveled to Florida to undergo cosmetic surgery died Thursday after police say she suffered medical complications during the procedure, WSVN reports. Heather Meadows, 29, who has a 6-year-old and a newborn, was rushed to a Hialeah ER from Encore Plastic Surgery and pronounced dead after...

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