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Pharmacy in Meningitis Outbreak Also Accused in '04

Man died after allegedly tainted shot

(Newser) - The compounding pharmacy suspected in the US fungal meningitis outbreak—which has now killed 12 people who are thought to have received tainted steroid injections—was also accused of producing a tainted shot in 2002, the AP reports. New England Compounding Center ultimately settled the lawsuit that was brought after...

Fact-Checkers Ding Democrats, Too

Democrats fudge figures, misrepresent Romney policies

(Newser) - Fact-checkers raked Republicans over the coals during their convention, but Democrats haven't exactly been squeaky clean, either. Here are some of the distortions spotted on night one of the convention:
  • Julian Castro said the Romney-Ryan budget would "gut Pell grants." Paul Ryan's budget doesn't actually

Obama Camp: Romney Was Lousy Governor, Too

New video says he broke campaign promises in Massachusetts

(Newser) - The Obama campaign launched a new offensive against Mitt Romney today, taking aim at his record as governor of Massachusetts. In a four-minute documentary-style video, Massachusetts lawmakers and mayors—all of them Democrats, though not, the Boston Globe points out, identified as such—complain that Romney didn't work with...

The G-Word: Why Romney Never Says 'Governor'

Romney emphasizes Bain, Olympics over time as governor

(Newser) - Four of the past six US presidents were also former governors, and the qualification is generally considered one of the best for the White House. Nevertheless, you won't hear Mitt Romney boasting of his term as governor of Massachusetts very often, preferring instead to talk about the Salt Lake...

RNC Chair: Gays Deserve Dignity, Not Marriage
 RNC Chair: 
 Gays Deserve 
 Dignity, Not 


RNC Chair: Gays Deserve Dignity, Not Marriage

Reince Priebus says debate ought to be respectful, but marriage for one man, one woman

(Newser) - Gay marriage, a topic of some small amount of discussion this week, ruled the talk shows today, with RNC Chair Reince Priebus tackling the subject head-on : "People in this country, no matter straight or gay, deserve dignity and respect. However, that doesn't mean it carries on to marriage,...

Romney Staff Wiped Records Before '08 Bid

Dems demand Massachusetts emails

(Newser) - Just before Mitt Romney left the Massachusetts governor's office and launched his previous bid for the presidency, 11 of his top aides took the unusual step of buying their state-issued hard drives, and the administration's emails were wiped from a server, the Boston Globe finds. The Democratic National...

Mass. a 'Blast Zone' After Tornadoes

Powerful pair of tornadoes rip through Central Massachusetts

(Newser) - Central and western Massachusetts today surveyed the widespread damage after at least two late-afternoon tornadoes shocked emergency officials with their violence and caused the state's first tornado-related deaths in 16 years. Sens. John Kerry and Scott Brown joined Gov. Deval Patrick on a helicopter tour of the damaged areas,...

Jerry Brown Wins; Cuomo Trounces Paladino
 Jerry Brown Wins; 
 Cuomo Trounces Paladino 
democratic governors

Jerry Brown Wins; Cuomo Trounces Paladino

Deval Patrick wins in Massachusetts

(Newser) - Democrat Andrew Cuomo coasted past tea party Republican Carl Paladino after an exceedingly nasty race to win election as governor of New York, the job his father, Mario, held in the 1980s and '90s. On the other coast, Californians gave Jerry Brown another crack at the job he held 28...

Salazar OKs Offshore Windmill Farm

'Cape Wind' is a go, source says

(Newser) - Ken Salazar is about to give his blessing to the “Cape Wind” project—a controversial, long-delayed offshore windmill farm off Nantucket Sound in Massachusetts—sources tell the Boston Globe . Salazar wouldn't confirm that, but he's got a press conference scheduled with Deval Patrick at noon, and “I don't...

Dukakis Is Gracious on Senate Snub
Dukakis Is Gracious on Senate Snub

Dukakis Is Gracious on Senate Snub

But allies say he was passed over due to Kennedy pressure

(Newser) - For a while it looked as if Michael Dukakis would be headed to the Senate to fill Ted Kennedy's seat, but the former Massachusetts governor says he's fine with being passed over. "Hey, after you've run for the presidency of the United States..." the 1988 candidate told the...

Hey, Kennedys! 'Enough With the Entitlement'

Dukakis would have been a better choice for Mass. and Patrick

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy’s seat “is not a Kennedy seat anymore.” His wife could have run. Or his nephew Joe. They chose not to. So why did Massachusetts' governor bow to the wishes of a now-defunct dynasty when choosing a replacement for the late senator? “Enough, finally, with...

Ex-DNC Chair Kirk to Replace Kennedy

Family friend, former staffer was emcee at Teddy's memorial

(Newser) - Deval Patrick has chosen former Democratic Party national chairman Paul Kirk to replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate, giving Barack Obama the 60th vote he needs to pass health care reform. The 71-year-old Kirk is a former Kennedy staffer, and was such close friends with the senator that he served...

Former DNC Chief Kirk to Get Kennedy's Seat

(Newser) - Former DNC chairman Paul Kirk will get Ted Kennedy's Senate seat, sources tell Fox News. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is expected to make the formal pick tomorrow, assuming the state legislature irons out the logistics today. Kennedy's sons called Patrick to push for Kirk, 71, a Boston attorney who served...

Mass. Senate Clears Way for Kennedy Successor

(Newser) - Gov. Deval Patrick should be able to name a Democratic replacement for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat before the end of the week, the Boston Globe reports. Legislation giving hm the authority to do so cleared the state Senate today, a week after the House passed it. The measure still needs...

Kennedy Successor May Come Soon
Kennedy Successor May Come Soon

Kennedy Successor May Come Soon

Massachusetts Dems say they've got the votes in both houses

(Newser) - It's possible that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will be able to name a senator to fill Ted Kennedy's seat sometime next week, the Boston Globe reports. Proponents of the plan say they've now got enough votes, barely, in both state chambers to pull it off. The situation is diciest in...

Gov. Patrick Backs Kennedy Push to Fill Seat

Move to change Mass. election law gains momentum

(Newser) - Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick came out in support yesterday of Ted Kennedy’s request that he be given the power to appoint someone to fill Kennedy's Senate seat until a special election can be held, the Boston Globe reports. “I’d like the Legislature to take up the bill...

Kennedy's Seat Likely Vacant Until 2010

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy's Senate seat will likely remain vacant until early next year, reports CBS News. Massachusetts law specifies that a special election be scheduled between 145 and 160 days from now, and doesn't allow Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint an interim successor. Kennedy himself urged Massachusetts legislators in a recent...

Kennedy Urges Mass. Leaders to Fill His Senate Seat Quickly

Looking ahead to his death, health care vote

(Newser) - In a letter indirectly invoking his own terminal illness and the current health care debate, Ted Kennedy has urged Massachusetts leaders to take special measures to make sure the state won't lack a Senate vote when his seat becomes vacant, the Boston Globe reports. Kennedy called for the governor to...

Mass. Seeks New Way to Pay for Health Plan

Most insured state in nation burdened by priciest care

(Newser) - Three years ago, Massachusetts politicians began what may be the gutsiest health care experiment the country has ever seen, bringing near-universal coverage to the state in record time. There’s just one problem: they put off any attempt to control costs, the New York Times reports. Massachusetts’ health care is...

Democrats Take Aim at Romney
Democrats Take Aim at Romney

Democrats Take Aim at Romney

Critics, increasing fire, could see former Mass. governor as VP front-runner

(Newser) - From the way Democrats are acting, they might believe Mitt Romney is the front-runner to become John McCain’s running mate, Alexander Burns writes in Politico. Denver is abuzz with attacks on the former Massachusetts governor: Barack Obama’s campaign manager called Romney a “job-killing machine,” and Deval...

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