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Nomination of 12-Year-Old for Worst Actress Causes Backlash

Razzie Awards says under-18s will no longer be eligible

(Newser) - The founder of the Razzie Awards for the year's worst movies and performances says child actors will no longer be eligible for this dishonor. After a backlash over the nomination of 12-year-old Ryan Kiera Armstrong in the worst actress category for her role in the Firestarter remake, John Wilson...

Razzies Retract Bruce Willis Slam
Razzies Retract
Bruce Willis Slam

Razzies Retract Bruce Willis Slam

In wake of his aphasia reveal, group takes back a recently issued 'award'

(Newser) - Now that Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with the cognitive ailment known as aphasia , the Razzies are playing nice. The group known for recognizing the worst performances of the year in cinema has retracted the "award" it gave him just six days ago, reports Deadline . "If someone’s...

'Worst Year Ever' Gets a Razzie Award
Here Are Your 
Razzies 'Winners'

Here Are Your Razzies 'Winners'

'Worst Calendar Year Ever' got a special award

(Newser) - "Way more than just the movies stank last year," the Golden Raspberry Awards acknowledged as it awarded a special Razzie to 2020 as the "Worst Calendar Year Ever." The uncoveted Worst Picture award, meanwhile, went to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell's election fraud film Absolute Proof,...

MyPillow CEO Has Dubious New Honor: a Razzies Nomination

Mike Lindell gets a worst actor nod for 'Absolute Proof' in a race filled with worthy contenders

(Newser) - The Oscars will be held on April 25 to honor the best of the best films of 2020 (yes, there were actually some movies floating around last year), but the day before that, another awards ceremony will pay tribute to the worst of the worst. That's right—the Razzies...

Razzies Nominations Are Out
Razzies Get Political This Year

Razzies Get Political This Year

Trump nominated twice, while Ferrell and Reilly's 'Holmes & Watson' gets 6

(Newser) - Anyone who follows movie reviews will probably not be surprised to learn that Holmes & Watson is among the movies leading the way in this year's Razzie nominations, the anti-Oscars given for worst performances. Critics savaged the Sherlock Holmes flick starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Raunchy puppet...

And the Razzies Go to ...
And the Razzies Go to ...

And the Razzies Go to ...

The Emoji Movie was the worst and Mission: Terrible for Tom Cruise

(Newser) - Maybe it was destiny for a movie with a pile of poop as a central character. The Emoji Movie has received Hollywood's most famous frown, the Razzie Award , for worst picture of 2017, making it the first animated feature in 38 years to earn the top dishonor. "Leading...

In Batman vs. Hillary, an Ignominious Tie
Batman vs. Superman
Isn't Even Best of the Worst

Batman vs. Superman Isn't Even Best of the Worst

'Hillary's America' documentary gives Zack Snyder flop a run at the Razzies

(Newser) - Neither Batman nor Dinesh D'Souza could finagle their way out of a Razzie. The annual Golden Raspberry Awards bestowed a tying four "honors" to both D'Souza's documentary Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. D'Souza'...

Batman v Superman, Zoolander 2 Lead Razzie Nominations

Both are up for worst film of the year

(Newser) - The much-derided superhero clash Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the far-too-late comedy sequel Zoolander 2 are the leading nominees for the 37th annual Razzie Awards, the AP reports. Zoolander 2 drew nine nods and Batman v Superman landed eight in nominations announced Monday for the worst films and...

Fifty Shades Dominates Razzies

Dizzying collection of $4.97 trophies for EL James adaptation

(Newser) - Fifty Shades of Grey came out on top—or perhaps the bottom—at this year's Razzies. The awkward adaptation of author EL James' erotic novel nabbed five prizes at Saturday's Golden Raspberry Awards, including tying it up with superhero flop Fantastic Four as the year's worst film....

Fifty Shades of Boring Rules Razzie Noms

Adam Sandler, Kevin James are also graced with nods

(Newser) - Some viewers might've thought Fifty Shades of Grey was steamy, but the team behind the Razzies wasn't so titillated. The flick has scooped six Golden Raspberry nominations, including all the good bits: worst film, actor, actress, director, screenplay, and screen combo, per the Hollywood Reporter . Also not...

Saving Christmas 'Wins' Big at Razzies

Golden Raspberries salute 'Kirk Cameron & His Ego'

(Newser) - As the Oscars get ready to allegedly salute Hollywood's best tonight, the Razzies held up its stinkers, and Kirk Cameron, you are the big winner. The former Growing Pains star was awarded not one, but four Golden Raspberries last night for his Saving Christmas, reports People . Cameron won Worst...

Latest Transformers Snags 7 Razzie Nods

Annual Golden Raspberry nominations are out

(Newser) - Oscar nominations are out tomorrow, but today's announcement is much more entertaining: The annual Razzie, or Golden Raspberry, nods are here. The top honoree? Michael Bay's Transformers: Age of Extinction, with seven nominations, including worst picture, worst sequel, and worst screenplay, the AP reports. Two films you may...

Smiths Romp at Razzies
 Worst Actor 'Winners:' 
 Will, Jaden Smith 

Worst Actor 'Winners:' Will, Jaden Smith

As Tyler Perry wins worst actress, 'Grown Ups 2' gets snubbed

(Newser) - Will and Jaden Smith have a couple of new awards with which to decorate their mantle: The father-son duo captured worst supporting actor and worst actor awards, respectively, at the Razzies, which blasted them as being "stranded on Planet Nepotism" for the spectacular flop, After Earth. They also took...

Grown Ups 2, After Earth Lead Razzie Noms

Adam Sandler, Will Smith, Ashton Kutcher get bad acting nods

(Newser) - Oscar nominations are out tomorrow, which means the much-more-amusing Golden Raspberry Award nominations are out today. Grown Ups 2 got the most Razzie nominations this year, with eight nods including Worst Picture, Us reports. It was followed by After Earth, A Madea Christmas, and Movie 43, all of which got...

Kim Kardashian Attempts to Act, It Goes Poorly

Critics razz Kardashian

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian may never get her hands on an Academy Award, but the New York Daily News predicts she will win a Razzie . She has a small part in Tyler Perry's Temptation, which opened Friday to not-so-rave reviews ( Rotten Tomatoes score: 16%), and many reviewers are singling out...

Twilight Bites, Wins 7 Razzies
 Twilight Bites, Wins 7 Razzies 

Twilight Bites, Wins 7 Razzies

'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' is this year's horrible movie

(Newser) - The Twilight series went out with a boo-hiss last night, swiping seven Razzies that included Worst Picture and Worst Actress honors for Kristen Stewart. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 beat out such non-luminaries as Battleship , A Thousand Words, Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, and That's My Boy! for the...

Breaking Dawn Gets 11 Razzie Noms

And bad film awards show only has 10 categories

(Newser) - A nice bit of schadenfreude for Twilight haters: Breaking Dawn Part 2, the merciful final installment in the vampire saga, leads this year's nominations for the Golden Raspberry Awards (aka Razzies), which honor the year's worst films. It managed to grab a nomination in each of the 10...

Sandler, Jack and Jill Rule Razzie Noms

Actor's 11 nominations more than double previous 1-year record

(Newser) - Adam Sandler dominated like no other would-be thespian that bane of awards season, the Razzie Awards nominations, pulling in 11 nods as an actor, writer, and producer, reports the LA Times . Among the lowlights this year:
  • Sandler's 11 nominations are more than twice as many as anyone else ever

Razzie Awards: Last Airbenders, Sex & the City 2 Lead the Pack
 Worst Picture Razzie Goes to... 

Worst Picture Razzie Goes to...

...Last Airbender ; Sex & the City 2 also leads the best of the worst

(Newser) - Before Hollywood can honor its best and most majestic at tonight's Oscars, the Razzies got to dishonor the, uh, not-so-good yesterday. Per the LA Times , this year's biggest stinkers were:
  • The Last Airbender: Worst Picture, Worst Director (M. Night Shyamalan), Worst Screenplay, and, in a new category, Worst Eye-Gouging Mis-Use

Eclipse, Last Airbender Top Razzie Noms

'Anti-Oscars' celebrate worst in film

(Newser) - Everyone loves Twilight, right? Wrong. The latest installment in the series—Eclipse—led the pack with nine Razzie nominations today, People reports. The Razzies, which celebrate the worst film achievements of the year, also doled out nine nominations to M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. Along with those two, nominees...

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