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Millions Told to Prep for Evacuation in Mexico

Volcanic threat level raised as ash from Popocatépetl closes airports, schools

(Newser) - Some 3 million people in Central Mexico have been told to prepare for a possible evacuation amid rumblings from the country's most dangerous active volcano. Hundreds of tremors have been registered around Popocatépetl volcano within the last week, while smoke and ash fills the air. Some 25 million...

At Lake Mead, an Explosive Find
Name Now Attached
to Lake Mead Bones

Name Now Attached to Lake Mead Bones

Remains found in Callville Bay area belong to 1974 drowning victim Donald Smith: officials

(Newser) - Skeletal remains found in Lake Mead in October belong to a Las Vegas man who died almost 50 years ago. Donald Smith, identified through DNA analysis, was 39 when he drowned at the national recreation area in April 1974, Clark County officials say, per KLAS . His bones were found in...

Alaska Issues Alert on Cloud of 109-Year-Old Ash

Wind has whipped up deposits from Novarupta

(Newser) - Volcano scientists issued an alert Wednesday, warning that a cloud of ash—from an eruption more than century ago—was headed toward Alaska’s Kodiak Island. The ash is from the powerful 1912 eruption of Novarupta, a volcano on the Alaska Peninsula that dropped volcanic ash that is still visible...

Europe's Tallest Volcano Is Growing—and Fast

Mount Etna at its tallest recorded height following 50 eruptions in 6 months

(Newser) - Europe's tallest and most active volcano has grown 100 feet in just six months, owing to some 50 eruptions, reaching its tallest height in recorded history, according to a new analysis. For the past 40 years, Mount Etna's tallest peak has been its northeastern crater. But the southeastern...

Volcanic Ash Cleanup Could Bankrupt Towns

Each eruption can cost Sicilian towns more than $1M

(Newser) - For the people of Sicily, the seemingly unending eruptions of Mount Etna are getting old—and expensive. Since February , the eruptions have been covering dozens of towns with volcanic ash that needs to be removed. Cleanup costs can top $1 million each time, the Guardian reports, pushing the towns toward...

Island Was to Disappear in Months. It's Now Been 3 Years

NASA hopes it will give insights into Martian volcanoes

(Newser) - When an ash island formed in the Pacific Ocean following an underwater volcanic eruption in late 2014, scientists predicted it would soon disappear. Over the next six months, the island nestled between two others of the Tonga nation experienced heavy erosion, but "then it leveled off," NASA scientist...

Pompeii-Like Eruption Froze Ancient Animals in Place

Researchers come up with explanation for 125M-year-old fossil bed in China

(Newser) - Scientists have long been captivated by the fossil beds of China's Liaoning province, where an incredibly diverse and well-preserved collection of animals was fossilized about 125 million years ago in a mysterious mass death. Now, they think they finally have an explanation for the ecosystem that became known as...

Lake Fills With Ash From Erupting Volcano

Chile's Puyehue fills Lake Nahuel Haupi in Argentina

(Newser) - Just how much ash has Chile's Puyehue volcano spewed into the air? This much: The 210 square miles of Lake Nahuel Haupi in neighboring Argentina have been filled with ash, the Telegraph reports. In this video, a diver shows you just how thick the ash is. And yes, all...

Volcanic Ash Shuts German Airports

But flights expected to resume soon

(Newser) - European air travelers are facing another day of uncertainty because of Iceland's erupting Grimsvotn volcano. Germany is closing its northern airspace today because of volcanic ash, shutting down airports including those in Berlin and Hamburg, the BBC reports. Scottish, Irish, and Scandinavian airspace has also been affected, but officials...

Volcano Could Cancel Up to 500 Flights

But officials say this won't be as bad as last year's eruption

(Newser) - The volcanic ash cloud drifting from Iceland toward Europe has already caused more than 250 flights to be canceled, and that number could rise to 500, according to the European air traffic agency. Clouds have already affected Iceland and Scotland and could reach northern Europe within 48 hours, the Wall ...

Philippine Volcano Blasts Ash a Mile Into Air

Authorities say little risk of full eruption, issue level 1 alert

(Newser) - After a month's quiet, a volcano spewing ash and smoke in the Philippines today forced at least 2,000 villagers to flee to safety. Shooting ash more than a mile into the air, it was the volcano's 13th ash explosion since November, but officials said there is no sign that...

Easyjet to Install Volcanic Ash Detectors

Take that, Eyjafjallajokull

(Newser) - Low-cost airline Easyjet has unveiled world-first plans to outfit its planes with radar to detect volcanic ash. Easyjet said yesterday that the devices—designed to be placed on the tail fin and detect ash within 100 miles—could prevent a repeat of the shutdown of air space last month caused...

Volcano Shuts Guatemala City Airport

Pacaya covers region in ash

(Newser) - Volcanic delays aren't just for European air travelers any more. Guatemala City's airport was closed last night as the Pacaya volcano, 15 miles south of the city, began spewing ash. Some parts of the city have been coated with up to 3 inches of ash. Over 1,000 people from...

Hate That Volcano? This Might Change Your Mind
 Hate That Volcano? This 
 Might Change Your Mind 
time-lapse video

Hate That Volcano? This Might Change Your Mind

Videographer travels to the source for montage

(Newser) - Those flying to and from Europe might think it's a pain, but that pesky Icelandic volcano certainly has its moments. Videographer Sean Stiegemeier traveled there and put together this 2-minute video montage for his Vimeo page . He wanted to improve on the "mediocre" images he'd been seeing. Mission accomplished....

Ash Cloud Reaches Africa
 Ash Cloud Reaches Africa 

Ash Cloud Reaches Africa

Airport closed in Morocco, Spain, Turkey

(Newser) - Drifting ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano has closed airports as far away as the Sahara. Authorities in Morocco, which wasn't affected by last month's closures, shut down 10 airports today as an ash cloud moved south. Some Spanish airports were also forced to close and Turkey briefly closed a section...

Ash Cloud Forces Emergency Landing
Ash Cloud Forces
Emergency Landing

Ash Cloud Forces Emergency Landing

Eyjafjallajokull still isn't done screwing with flights

(Newser) - A flight making the short trip from Belfast to London had to turn around and make an emergency landing back in Belfast today, after pilots noticed an “acrid smell” in the cabin that may have been caused by the renewed ash cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Ryanair wouldn't say...

Ash Cloud Cancels Hundreds of Flights

Renewed activity at Icelandic volcano leads to more travel chaos

(Newser) - Hundreds of flights were canceled and delayed today as the reinvigorated ash cloud issuing from an Icelandic volcano spread across parts of Europe and the UK. Three clouds are moving in various directions, closing airports in Scotland, Portugal, Germany, and other countries. The total number of canceled flights since the...

Ash Grounds Irish Planes Again
 Ash Grounds Irish Planes Again

Ash Grounds Irish Planes Again

Volcano's latest spewings headed for western Ireland

(Newser) - Yet another massive cloud of ash from Iceland is ruining Irish travel plans for the second time in 5 days. Six airports in the west of the country will be closed today because of a massive cloud of ash, the BBC reports. Cancellations caused by volcanic ash are likely to...

Another Ash Cloud Closes UK Airports

'Summer of uncertainty' lies ahead for travelers

(Newser) - Another wave of Icelandic volcanic ash is drifting toward Europe, closing airports for the second time this week in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Authorities believe the airports may reopen later today, but warn that more closures are possible if the clouds drift south, CNN reports. Airport closures at short notice...

RT? News: Irish airspace to close from 7am
 Volcanic Ash Closes 
 Irish, Scottish Airspace 
deja vu all over again

Volcanic Ash Closes Irish, Scottish Airspace

Iceland volcano has no new impact on European flights—yet

(Newser) - Just 2 weeks after international air traffic crippled by Icelandic volcano ash started getting back to normal , Irish and some Scottish airspace will close tomorrow morning because of a new drifting cloud. The ban will not affect UK and mainland Europe service or trans-Atlantic flights, reports RTE . "Some of...

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