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CPR Almost Always Fails. ECPR Is a Different Story

It's called the biggest advance in cardiac arrest treatment since CPR itself

(Newser) - Dramatic TV rescues notwithstanding, the stark truth is that people who go into cardiac arrest are usually doomed. CPR is almost always futile . Defibrillators can shock a heart back to life, but only if the patient has a "shockable rhythm" to work with, writes physician Helen Ouyang in the...

This Beyonce Song Is (Literally) a Lifesaver

'Virgo's Groove' has the correct beats per minute ratio

(Newser) - The American Heart Association is out with two more songs that could quite literally save a life. Beyonce's "Virgo's Groove" and Taylor Swift's "You're Losing Me" both have between 100 and 120 beats per minute, which is the speed at which you need to...

'Open Secret' of CPR: It's Usually Futile, Violent
'Open Secret' of CPR:
It's Usually Futile

'Open Secret' of CPR: It's Usually Futile

A palliative care physician dispels some myths in the 'New Yorker'

(Newser) - A palliative care physician's in-depth look at CPR in the New Yorker may leave you thinking differently about the procedure. As depicted in the movies or on TV medical dramas, the procedure is both heroic and easy, and it almost always works, writes Sunita Puri. "But it is...

Pain, Drawbacks of CPR Prompt a Reassessment

Procedure is much more successful on TV shows than in real life

(Newser) - CPR seems like a lifesaver, and it can be. But there are drawbacks that receive less attention, NPR reports. The trauma is serious enough to prompt nurses to refuse to perform CPR on some patients and as many as half of patients who survived after undergoing the procedure to still...

911 Dispatcher Saves Toddler's Life Over the Phone

'It’s very fulfilling,' Florida dispatcher says

(Newser) - Tom Eggers, a 911 dispatcher and shift supervisor in Volusia County, Florida, says it was "amazing" and "fulfilling" to help save a toddler's life over the phone. Eggers dealt with a frantic call Sunday about a 2-year-old girl who had been found unresponsive face down in a...

After Hamlin Collapsed, Radio Calls Got Intense

Emergency recordings lend insight into grave scene on the field

(Newser) - As Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin continues to heal following his collapse during an NFL game Monday night after suffering from a cardiac arrest, recordings have been released of the red-alert emergency response on the field at Cincinnati's Paycor Stadium. "I don't like how he went down"...

Off-Duty Rescue Worker Saves Baby Elephant

He revived it with 10 minutes of CPR

(Newser) - Using CPR to try to revive a road accident victim is nothing new for Thai rescue worker Mana Srivate—but the victims aren't usually elephants. Mana, who has been a rescue worker for 26 years, was off duty Sunday night when he arrived at the accident scene while on...

Wife of Top Military Officer Was the Hero on Veterans Day

Hollyanne Milley, wife of JCoS leader Mark Milley, saved veteran who collapsed at ceremony

(Newser) - As the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the nation's top military officer, Gen. Mark Milley is the one used to attracting attention at Veterans Day events. This year, however, his wife, Hollyanne, was the one who made headlines by saving a veteran's life during a...

Man Saves Woman's Life, Thanks to The Office

Cross Scott applied CPR to the rhythm of the Bee Gees

(Newser) - A classic scene from a decade-old episode of The Office helped an Arizona mechanic save an unconscious woman's life, the AP reports. The Arizona Daily Star reports that 21-year-old Cross Scott found a woman locked in her car this month and broke in, finding she wasn't breathing. The...

Their Mom Taught Them CPR Thinking They'd Never Use It. They Did

Brothers, 7 and 10, save their grandma

(Newser) - Lee Chatterson Wu taught her young sons CPR—and it ended up saving her own mother's life. The boys, 7-year-old Grayson and 10-year-old Kian, were having a sleepover at their grandmother's house in Saskatchewan on Nov. 10 when Patti Chatterson, 62, suddenly fell unconscious on the couch. "...

After Toddler Falls Into Septic Tank, a Frantic Rescue

Mom and big sister of Thorin Hess team up to rescue and revive him

(Newser) - A toddler in Washington state who fell into a septic tank is alive because of his big sister. The AP reports the incident took place in the Tacoma suburb of Edgewood on Wednesday morning, when the boy, identified by KIRO-7 as 2-year-old Thorin Hess, plunged into the tank after stepping...

Women Trying to Save Man's Life Ordered Out of Sumo Ring

Sports official apologizes in Japan after incident

(Newser) - A jarring incident in a sumo ring has triggered a national conversation in Japan about how women are treated. On Wednesday, women who rushed to save a man who collapsed were ordered to leave the ring because of the sport's tradition that women are "impure" and cannot enter...

Santorum: Parkland Survivors Don't Need to Learn CPR

Santorum walks back post-March for Our Lives comment

(Newser) - A radiologist in Florida called it "gobsmackingly uninformed" and a trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins said it's "not effective in this situation," and on Wednesday Rick Santorum walked it back, Business Insider reports. Having watched hundreds of thousands of people march in support of gun control...

Doctors Slam Santorum's 'Unconscionable' Remarks

He suggested students learn CPR instead of joining anti-gun violence rallies

(Newser) - Former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum thinks students should learn CPR instead of "looking to someone else to solve their problem" by protesting gun violence—and a lot of doctors think Santorum should get a clue. His remarks were slammed by numerous medical professionals on social media, many of...

Candidate Interrupts Fundraiser to Maybe Save a Life

Andy McGuire takes break from running for Iowa governor to perform CPR

(Newser) - Well, that's one way to earn a vote. The Des Moines Register reports Andy McGuire, one of seven Democratic candidates for governor of Iowa, was hanging out at the Polk County Streak Fry fundraiser on Saturday when she heard someone shouting for a doctor. McGuire, a physician, headed for...

CPR Student Saves Teacher Having a Heart Attack

David Knowles would have likely died without speedy help

(Newser) - David Knowles was leading a class on CPR when he suddenly felt weak and dizzy. As the retired UK nurse lay on the floor, he realized he had little time to tell his students what to do before he passed out, the BBC reports. The group "had asked for...

Performing CPR? Turn on These 10 Songs

Ah, ah, ah, ah, saving a life, saving a life

(Newser) - In a life-or-death situation, you might have a hard time recalling the recommended 100 sternum compressions per minute for CPR. Far easier to remember is a song like the BeeGees' " Staying Alive ." It's one of several catchy tunes—each with about 100 beats per minute—to make...

A Drive-Thru Worker Just Redefined Customer Service

He jumps out window to save unconscious customer in SUV

(Newser) - McDonald's employee Pedro Viloria doesn't typically jump through the drive-thru window, but a shocking moment during his Tuesday breakfast shift in Doral, Florida, led him to do just that. Now, he's being deemed a hero for his quick actions. Mashable reports that after handing over an order...

Teen's Heart Stops After Baseball Hits Him, Then a 'Miracle'

Steve Smith's life may have been saved by a quick-acting teammate

(Newser) - Two Virginia teens are suddenly more than just baseball teammates after a near-death experience during a practice July 14, NBC Washington reports. Steve Smith was running the bases when a throw from the catcher inadvertently nailed him under his left armpit, causing cardiac arrest. “His heart stopped immediately,"...

After Baby Stops Breathing, 'Hey Siri' Comes to Rescue

Aussie mom used voice-activated feature to call ambulance as she performed CPR

(Newser) - An Aussie mom recently penned a heartfelt thank-you note to Apple, and her story of how the company's "Hey Siri" feature helped save her 1-year-old daughter is now making the rounds. Per 9to5mac.com , Stacey Gleeson noticed her daughter, Giana, wasn't breathing back in March, and as...

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