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Who's Still at Guantanamo?
 Who's Still at Guantanamo? 

Who's Still at Guantanamo?

A significant portion of the final 110 have combat, recruiting experience

(Newser) - Before he can close Guantanamo, Barack Obama must decide what to do with the 250 detainees still there. About 80 are scheduled to be tried and will serve their sentences in their home countries, USA Today reports. The Pentagon has approved the release of 60 more, but has not found...

Rice: Pakistan's Ready to Crack Down on Terror

India issues airport terror alert after new threats

(Newser) - Pakistan is prepared to take urgent action against terrorists, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said after talks with leaders today. The meeting stressed Pakistan's duty to combat "those who may use Pakistani territory, even if they are non-state actors," in the wake of the Mumbai attacks, she said....

India to Use Truth Serum on Terrorist

Drug used during Cold War, now banned in most democracies

(Newser) - Indian police plan to inject a controversial truth serum into the lone surviving Mumbai terrorist to try to prove his identity, reports the London Times. The narcotics-powered analysis could yield proof that the so-called "baby-faced gunman" is indeed from Pakistan, which India suspects but Pakistan doubts. Western agencies stopped...

Cops Yank Terror Suspects off KLM Flight

Two arrested onboard at Cologne airport

(Newser) - German police commandos may have averted a terrorist attack early today when they grabbed two suspects off an Amsterdam-bound flight before the plane took off from Cologne airport, reports AP. The pair had been under observation for months and a suicide note was found in their apartment saying they wanted...

Journalist's Suspected Kidnapper Nabbed in Iraq

US forces grab duo linked to al-Qaeda

(Newser) - The suspected mastermind behind the 2006 abduction of US journalist Jill Carroll and a cohort have been captured by US-led military forces, CNN reports. The pair, nabbed in Baghdad, are suspected of planning numerous kidnappings and suicide bombings in the country. Their capture leaves “few remaining experienced leaders” in...

Court: al-Qaeda Suspect Can Challenge Detention

Ruling finds president can legally order detention, but detainee free to challenge status

(Newser) - The president has the right to order the detention of enemy combatants, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday—but detainees can challenge that status. The Virginia-based court was hearing the case of an al-Qaeda suspect who's been in a Navy brig for 5 years without trial, Reuters reports, making him...

US Terror Watch List Tops 400K
US Terror Watch List Tops 400K

US Terror Watch List Tops 400K

As ledger exceeds 1M records, ACLU calls it 'unfair,' feds call it 'effective'

(Newser) - Washington's terror suspect list has topped the 1-million milestone, Reuters reports. That adds up to 400,000 people, including duplicates, about 50,000 of whom are tagged with “no-fly” status. The American Civil Liberties Union slammed the list as poorly managed and too long to be effective. The ACLU...

9/11 Mastermind to Gitmo Judge: Martyr Me

As trial opens, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed requests death penalty

(Newser) - Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the man said to have planned the Sept. 11 attacks, asked a judge to be put to death today, MSNBC reports. During his arraignment at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base a military judge told Mohammed he could face the death penalty. Mohammed replied, “Yes, this is...

Al-Qaeda Involved in Karzai Shooting Plot: Kabul

Taliban, Pakistani militants gain strength

(Newser) - The Afghan government today implicated al-Qaeda in the botched Sunday shooting attempt on President Hamid Karzai, the New York Times reports. Security forces captured or killed several suspects linked to the assassination plot. Among them was a man with links to militant commander Jalaluddin Haqqani, who is based in Pakistan’...

Gitmo Prisoner Hails 9/11 at Court Hearing

He plans to skip future court sessions

(Newser) - A terror suspect told a military court at Guantanamo yesterday that he didn't recognize its legitimacy, and praised the 9/11 attacks. "I believe that Osama bin Laden has succeeded in a great way in attacking you," said Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi, the Sudanese man accused of being...

Justice Memo Backed Torture Interrogations

President's wartime powers override law, document argued

(Newser) - Laws banning torture and assault should not apply to US military interrogators overseas, argues a 2003 Justice Department memo released yesterday. The Defense Department was told not to rely on the memo nine months after it was issued, but it established a legal foundation for controversial interrogations, the Washington Post...

Former Prisoner to Detail Torture on 60 Minutes

Pentagon rips 'outlandish' claims of shocks, hanging

(Newser) - A former terror suspect will reveal details of tortures he suffered in 5 years of US custody tonight on 60 Minutes, reports CBS News. American authorities seized the ethnic Turk in Pakistan and continued to torture him even after determining he was innocent, he charges. The Pentagon refutes his claims....

Man Says He Had Ricin for Self-Defense

He admits having it in hotel, says he did not plan to hurt anyone

(Newser) - The Las Vegas man hospitalized by exposure to ricin in his hotel room told his brother he  did not intend to hurt anyone with it, the AP reports. Roger Bergendoff, who regained consciousness last week after a month, admitted possessing the biological agent but said it was for self-defense. "...

Audit Slams FBI Over Terror Watch List

Agency provides inaccurate, outdated info on suspects

(Newser) - The FBI provides inaccurate information about suspects on the nation's terror watch list, leaving innocent people on it too long and failing to provide timely updates about those who pose genuine threats, a Justice Department audit shows. The FBI says it will fix the problems within 6 months, the AP...

CIA Lost a Fortune on Failed Terror Traps

Bogus firms failed to provide effective cover for overseas spies

(Newser) - CIA officials lost a bundle after 9/11 setting up fake businesses to ensnare suspected terrorists in a strategy it now concedes was ill-conceived, reports the Los Angeles Times. The agency spent hundreds of millions of dollars to establish 12 enterprises in Europe and elsewhere to provide a convincing cover for...

FBI Develops Global Police Net
FBI Develops Global Police Net

FBI Develops Global Police Net

High-tech global database will track suspects

(Newser) - FBI officials are holding key talks with international law enforcement authorities to develop a high-tech database of suspected criminals and terrorists. The "Server in the Sky" system, which uses sophisticated biometric data such as iris prints, could transform international policing. But it may be a hard sell in some...

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