Wyclef Jean

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Wyclef Jean Mistaken for Robber
Wyclef Jean
Mistaken for Robber

Wyclef Jean Mistaken for Robber

Singer, actor rails on law enforcement after incident

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean was briefly detained and handcuffed around 1:30am Tuesday in a case of mistaken identity, TMZ reports. LA County sheriff's deputies were looking for an armed robbery suspect when they pulled over the singer and actor in West Hollywood because his vehicle and appearance apparently matched the...

Wyclef Jean's Charity Quietly Goes Bust

When last remaining employee quits

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean's ineffective and scandal-plagued charity Yéle quietly went belly up last month, after CEO Derek Johnson announced his resignation. "As the foundation's sole remaining employee, my decision implies the closure of the organization as a whole," he wrote. In its wake, the charity leaves...

Martelly Wins Haiti Presidency

Preliminary results show he took 68% against Mirlande Manigat

(Newser) - Musician Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly scored a come-from-behind victory today in Haiti's presidential runoff, according to preliminary results from last month's election. Martelly, who has never held political office, received nearly 68% of the vote in the two-way race with Mirlande Manigat, electoral council spokesman Pierre Thibault said in...

Did Wyclef Jean Lie About Getting Shot?

Police, doctors say he just cut himself on broken glass

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean was shot over the weekend in Haiti—or was he? The hip-hop star claimed he was getting out of a car in a city just outside the capital when he "heard blow, blow, blow" and looked down to see that a bullet had "grazed" his right...

Wyclef Jean Shot in Hand in Haiti

Treated for gunshot as Haiti goes to vote

(Newser) - As his country goes to vote for the presidential race he was barred from, it's oddly Wyclef Jean who's instead making news. The Haitian-born singer has been released from a hospital outside Port-au-Prince after he was shot in the hand last night, reports the AP . A rep for Jean, as...

Wyclef Jean Hospitalized for Stress

Rep: Singer 'needs space to regroup'

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean dropped from exhaustion soon after dropping his bid to become president of Haiti. The hip-hop singer— who formally ended his presidential bid last week —checked into hospital "suffering from stress and fatigue based on the grueling eight weeks he's had," his rep tells AP . Jean...

Wyclef Jean Drops Presidential Bid in Haiti

Singer promises to work behind the scenes in Haiti

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean has formally dropped out of the race for president of Haiti. After weeks spent battling election officials' rejection of his campaign, Wyclef conceded that "some battles are best fought off the field. That is where we take this now." Don't peg Wyclef's pullout on modesty—he...

Wyclef Jean: Sean Penn Too 'Coked Up' to See Me in Haiti

Singer slams back after Penn diss over Haitian prez plans

(Newser) - An angry Wyclef Jean is blasting back at Sean Penn for dissing his plans to run for Haiti's presidency, saying the outspoken actor likely didn't notice his activism in the island nation because maybe "he was too busy sniffing cocaine." Penn slammed the hip-hopper's presidential aspirations by telling...

Wyclef Fights Haiti's Electoral Council With ... Song!

Calls René Préval 'Lucifer'

(Newser) - As West Side Story clearly taught us, there's no better way to fight than using the power of ... song! And Wyclef Jean is putting that knowledge to good use with a newly penned tune that he posted to Twitter on Wednesday, along with the message, "We want equal rights...

Wyclef Jean: I'm Not Giving Up My Bid

He plans to make an appeal

(Newser) - So much for his "I respectfully accept the committee's final decision" comments from yesterday. Wyclef Jean plans to send a lawyer to a Haitian court to appeal the electoral commission's decision to keep him off the list of eligible presidential candidates. Jean told the AP today that he has...

Wyclef Jean Barred From Presidential Run

Singer turned away for not having lived in Haiti past 5 years

(Newser) - Haiti's electoral commission approved a whopping 19 candidates yesterday, then rejected 15—including Wyclef Jean over the hip-hop artist's failure to have lived in Haiti for the past five years. The would-be candidate later issued a statement asking supporters to respond "peacefully and responsibly to the disappointment," reports...

Wyclef Jean May Be Out of Haiti Election

He's not on official list of candidates, says report

(Newser) - Haiti's presidential election may have just gotten a lot less interesting: Reuters is reporting that Wyclef Jean didn't make the cut for official candidates. "He's not on the list as I speak," says an anonymous member of the nation's electoral council. The list is due to be made...

Death Threats Send Wyclef Jean Into Hiding

Says he's been warned to leave Haiti over presidential bid

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean says he’s hiding out in a secret location in Haiti after getting death threats related to his presidential bid. Jean says someone has promised to kill him if he does not leave the country, but he has no intention of doing so, the Guardian reports. He offered...

Wyclef's Haiti Charity Reportedly Stinks

Camps say they've gotten no help

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean’s Yéle Haiti charity has been pretty much useless, according to five of the dozens of camps the group claims to support. At least five camps listed by Yéle tell the New York Times they’ve gotten no support—“Not even a cookie!” says...

Celebrity Takedown: Penn, Wyclef Spar Over Haiti

 Penn, Wyclef 
 Spar Over Haiti 
celebrity takedown

Penn, Wyclef Spar Over Haiti

Stars trading blows

(Newser) - Which celebrity can call "dibs" on being the most concerned about Haiti? Sean Penn is not impressed by Wyclef Jean's presidential plans because he's heard nothing of Wyclef's involvement in the nation for the entire six months the actor has been working for the people there, notes Gawker . "...

Wyclef Jean: Why I Ought to Run Haiti

Musician sees 4 key goals for nation

(Newser) - He's already being poo-poohed by everyone from Sean Penn to a former bandmate, so today Wyclef Jean takes to the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal to explain why he thinks he should be president of Haiti. "This little nation with big problems and even bigger heart can...

Ex-Fugee Pras: I Won't Back Wyclef
 Ex-Fugee Pras: 
 I Won't Back Wyclef 
neither will sean penn

Ex-Fugee Pras: I Won't Back Wyclef

Brooklyn Haitians skeptical of Jean's presidential bid

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean says he’s counting on New York’s plethora of Haitian expats to carry him to victory in his presidential bid. “Wyclef Jean needs to be 3 million strong,” Jean said recently. But there’s one New York Haitian he hasn’t won over: Ex-Fugees bandmate...

Wyclef Jean Owes IRS $2.1M
 Wyclef Jean Owes IRS $2.1M 
hang on, haiti

Wyclef Jean Owes IRS $2.1M

Singer the subject of 3 federal tax liens

(Newser) - Wyclef Jean may be gearing up for a run for Haiti's presidency, but he has to square some matters with the IRS first—the singer owes $2.1 million in federal taxes, the Smoking Gun reports. The IRS has filed 3 liens against him since 2006, and they're not Jean's...

Wyclef to Run for Haiti President
 Wyclef to Run for 
 Haiti President 
will announce tomorrow

Wyclef to Run for Haiti President

Entertainer enters crowded field of candidates

(Newser) - The rumors are true: Singer Wyclef Jean plans to run for president of earthquake-ravaged Haiti and will announce his candidacy in the coming days. Former Haitian parliamentary leader Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques said the Haiti-born hip hop artist will run as part of his coalition in the Nov. 28 election. The...

Wyclef Jean for President?
 Wyclef Jean for President? 
...of haiti

Wyclef Jean for President?

Ex-Fugee mulls Haiti presidential bid

(Newser) - If the rumor mill is to be believed, Haiti could soon have a Fugee for a president. Wyclef Jean, who was appointed ambassador-at-large for his native country in 2007, is considering a run for the five-year position, but reports vary on how serious he is. His family recently released a...

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