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Your Kid Finished the Appalachian Trail? Be Quiet, Maybe

In 'Outside' essay, Krista Langlois explains why she doesn't like stories of young record-breakers

(Newser) - We've all seen the occasional headlines about kids who set mountain-climbing records or hike the entire Appalachian Trail , but Krista Langlois doesn't want to hear about such feats anymore. In her latest piece for Outside , she explains it's not that she's unimpressed by the youngsters' abilities,...

2 American Climbers Die in 'Psicobloc' Accident

Men were deep-water soloing on Spanish island

(Newser) - The sea cliffs of Majorca are a prime spot for deep-water soloing or "psicobloc"—climbing high-difficulty routes over a deep body of water—but something went badly wrong for two American climbers on the Spanish island Tuesday. The two men, ages 25 and 35, were found dead in...

Man in Wheelchair Pulls Himself 800 Feet Up Skyscraper

Hong Kong man raised $700K for spinal cord patients

(Newser) - Lai Chi-wai is disappointed that he didn't finish his climb Saturday—but since he managed to climb most of the way up a 1,050-foot skyscraper in a wheelchair, raising more than $700,000 for charity in the process, most people consider it an incredible success. Lai was considered...

One of America's Most Renowned Climbers Dies in Fall

Brad Gobright came off rope at El Potrero Chico

(Newser) - One of America's most accomplished rock climbers fell to his death on a mountain in Mexico Wednesday. Brad Gobright, a 31-year-old Californian, was abseiling down a cliff face on El Potrero Chico when he fell around 1,000 feet, the BBC reports. Climbing partner Aidan Jacobson says they were...

Tourists Rush to Climb Sacred Rock While They Still Can

Ban on climbing Uluru, Australia takes effect Saturday

(Newser) - The sandstone monolith in the heart of the Australian Outback is called Uluru, not "Ayers Rock," Aboriginal leaders say—and as of Saturday, tourists will no longer be allowed to climb it. The Anangu people consider the 1,140-foot tall rock formation sacred and have long urged people...

2024 Olympics May Boast 'More Artistic' New Sport

IOC appears to be on board for break-dancing

(Newser) - Break-dancing might just become an Olympic sport. Organizers of the 2024 Games in Paris have put forth their suggestions for four sports to be added to the current roster of 28, with breakdancing listed alongside surfing, climbing, and skateboarding. The latter three sports are already confirmed for Tokyo 2020, but...

'French Spiderman' Arrested in Philippines
'French Spiderman' 
Strikes Again

'French Spiderman' Strikes Again

Alain Robert arrested at GT International Tower in Philippines

(Newser) - "French Spiderman" Alain Robert was rather nonchalant about his arrest Tuesday for scaling a 710-foot-tall skyscraper in the Philippines. "There isn't any scandal ... Hopefully everything should be OK by tomorrow," the 56-year-old told CNN , noting he was "entertaining people for free" for 1.5 hours....

9 Die in Nepal Climbing Disaster
9 Die in Nepal
Climbing Disaster

9 Die in Nepal Climbing Disaster

Storm swept through their base camp

(Newser) - Nine people, including South Korean climbers, were killed on Gurja Himal mountain after a strong storm swept through their base camp, Nepalese police say. The nine climbers who died included Kim Chang-ho, the first South Korean to summit all 14 Himalayan peaks over 8,000 meters without using supplemental oxygen....

Want to Climb Uluru? Better Do It Soon

Climbing at sacred Anangu site will be banned in 2019

(Newser) - If your bucket list includes a trek up Australia's sacred monolith Uluru, you'd better get moving. The management board of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park—made up of eight indigenous members and four government officials, per the BBC —voted unanimously Wednesday to ban people from climbing the huge...

Think You're Tough? This Guy Climbed Everest in Shorts

Wim Hof has done the seemingly impossible

(Newser) - In 1999, Dutch daredevil Wim Hof earned the nickname Iceman when he swam under a frozen lake on TV—then jumped right back in to rescue an onlooker who had tumbled into the frigid waters. He was just getting started, reports the Times of London. In 2007, he nearly summitted...

Here's What Happens If You Lie About Climbing Everest

Indian couple banned from climbing any mountains in Nepal for 10 years

(Newser) - A total of 456 people reached the peak of Mount Everest during this past spring climbing season. PTI reports Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod were not among them. The Indian police officers, who claimed to have been the first Indian couple to climb Everest, were banned from climbing any mountain in...

Backpacker Found Dead After Texting Girlfriend
 Found Dead 
 After Texting 

Backpacker Found Dead After Texting Girlfriend

It took searchers nearly a week to find Aiden Webb's body

(Newser) - An experienced English climber who was halfway through a four-month trip through Vietnam with his girlfriend has been found dead after attempting to summit the country's highest peak. Expecting to scale the 10,312-foot Fansipan in a day, 22-year-old Aiden Webb set out at 6am last Friday with only...

This Tiny Teen Girl Is Already a Giant in the Climbing World

'Somewhere between a ballerina and a longshoreman'

(Newser) - "On the rocks, Ashima moved like a ninja," Pari Dukovic writes in the New Yorker . "When she climbs, it is as if she is merely walking." Ashima is Ashima Shiraishi, a giant in the climbing world despite being a 14-year-old, 90-pound girl from New York, Gear...

Study: Climbing a Tree Is Good for Your Brain

And the researchers looked at 55-year-olds, not 5-year-olds...

(Newser) - If you're quick to dismiss climbing a tree as child's play, a study out of the University of North Florida might go far in changing your mind. The study focused on "proprioceptively dynamic activities," that is, ones that involved proprioception and a second factor (like locomotion...

Woman Drives Off Cliff, Forced to Climb Back Up

Debbie Lopez, 57, spent 24 hours climbing steep terrain after days of waiting

(Newser) - Talk about the will to live. When 57-year-old Debbie Lopez was putting out a cigarette and steered her pickup truck off a cliff on the winding coastal Highway 1 near Ragged Point, Calif., last Saturday, she plunged 150 feet and landed upside down, where she waited for help for days,...

Unbelievable Feat: Climbing Up Niagara Falls

Part of falls was frozen; the rest barreled past them

(Newser) - Any fool can go over Niagara Falls in a barrel—and some of them have even survived to tell the tale—but two Canadian ice climbers needed a lot of skill to become the first to go up the falls. On Tuesday, Will Gadd and Sarah Hueniken managed to pick...

2 Complete Historic Yosemite Climb

Free-climbers scale wall of El Capitan

(Newser) - They made it: Two free-climbers today achieved the amazing feat of scaling a sheer granite wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park using only their hands and feet. Kevin Jorgeson, 30, and Tommy Caldwell, 36, made it to the top of the Dawn Wall about 3pm local time, the...

2 Attempt 'Hardest Rock Climb in World'

Climbers more than halfway along El Capitan's Dawn Wall in Yosemite

(Newser) - Two climbers in Yosemite National Park are attempting a feat no one has ever accomplished: climbing the entirety of a smooth rock face known as the Dawn Wall, part of the El Capitan formation, while shunning ropes except to catch their falls. Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson have already passed...

For One Leading Climber, Joys Justify the Risks
For One Leading Climber,
Joys Justify the Risks

For One Leading Climber, Joys Justify the Risks

Alex Honnold understands why Clif Bar dropped him and 4 others

(Newser) - News that Clif Bar was dropping five big-name rock climbers from its sponsorship rolls caused a ruckus within the sport and even outside it, the latter if only because non-fans were surprised to learn that climbers had corporate sponsors. But perhaps the biggest name of those five, Alex Honnold, explains...

Clif Bar Drops 5 Climbers Over Risky Moves

Sports-bar company acts as new documentary arrives

(Newser) - It's big news in the world of climbing: Sports-bar maker Clif Bar has dropped five climbers from its sponsorship roster, including the man Outside calls the sport's biggest name—Alex Honnold. The reason? Clif thinks they take too many risks. In a letter to the climbing community , the...

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