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Awesome at Hiking, Terrible With Money
Awesome at Hiking,
Terrible With Money

Awesome at Hiking, Terrible With Money

'Outside' writer examines why young, outdoorsy types are typically bad with finances

(Newser) - In an essay at Outside magazine, Gloria Liu explores a phenomenon that hits close to home for herself: Young, outdoorsy types tend to be terrible with money. Liu, now in her late 30s, uses herself as Exhibit A, but she notes that many of her friends also fit the description....

Company's New Corporate HQ Is Already for Sale

Recreational Equipment Inc. needs the cash

(Newser) - Recreational Equipment Inc. has a newly completed corporate headquarters in Seattle—and lo and behold, it's already for sale. The Wall Street Journal calls it yet another instance of a company selling off central offices to raise cash during the coronavirus pandemic. But REI, which sells outdoorsy stuff like...

2 Hours a Week in Nature May Pay Benefits
Here's How Long
You Should
Spend in Nature

Here's How Long You Should Spend in Nature

2 hours a week appears to bring health benefits, say researchers

(Newser) - If you've noticed you feel better after spending time communing with Mother Nature, you're not imagining it, say researchers—and there's a sweet spot in terms of what amount of time confers the most benefits. Figure about two hours a week. Time spent outside has been tied...

Surprisingly Popular YouTube Niche: Videos of Hikers

Nothing much happens, and that's apparently the appeal

(Newser) - There are cult followings of just about any kind of (presumably legal) footage you can imagine on YouTube—people popping zits, people blowing bubbles, people (and other animals ) giving birth, and so on. But there is one type of video that has the Outline somewhat perplexed: hiking videos. Hiking...

Government Is Finally Taking Outdoor Recreation Seriously

And it will soon have the same lobbying tools as mining and timber

(Newser) - It's no surprise to anyone who's set foot in an REI that outdoor recreation is big business, but thanks to a rare show of congressional unity, we're about to find out exactly how big. The Denver Post reports the Rec Act was passed unanimously by both the...

Meet the Woman Who Helps Keep Bear Grylls Alive

She can catch fish with her bare hands and start a fire with a tampon

(Newser) - As a girl, Megan Hine's family, led by her geologist father, spent holidays climbing, hiking, and exploring the forests of their homeland in the UK. Hine spent a year before college as a raft guide in New Zealand, got her degree in outdoor education, and has been working as...

Search for Missing Writer Called Off as Body Found

Corpse hasn't yet been positively identified as Karen Sykes

(Newser) - Rescuers have suspended the search for missing outdoors-woman Karen Sykes , after finding the body of a woman on a little-traveled part of Mount Rainier, the AP reports. The body hasn't been concretely identified as Sykes, and the cause of death isn't yet clear; the remains have been taken...

Columbia Sportswear's 'Tough Mother' Foils Burglar

Gert Boyle, 86, tricked robber who roughed her up

(Newser) - Gert Boyle, chairperson of Columbia Sportswear and the "one tough mother" of its ad campaigns, lived up to her motto when she calmly outwitted an armed burglar, the Oregonian reports. The 86-year-old was immediately suspicious of the man who showed up at her door bearing a gift basket. She...

Technology Makes Us Really Bad Campers

You'd think that GPS would help, but it may not

(Newser) - Technology appears to be making some people a lot stupider when it comes to the great outdoors. Thanks to GPS, cell phones, and emergency devices, more people are heading into the wild ill-equipped…then, at best, wasting rangers’ time with their problems—or, at worst, getting injured or killed. The...

Outdoor Workouts Improve Mental Health

Exercise in fresh air boosts mood; for greater benefits, just add water

(Newser) - Moving your workout outdoors improves overall mental health, and the benefits kick in within the first 5 minutes, researchers say. To get the greatest mood boost from exercise in fresh air, work out near a body of water, British scientists advise. In an analysis of 10 studies involving 1,250...

Top Towns to Raise Outdoorsy Kids
 Top Towns to Raise 
 Outdoorsy Kids 

Top Towns to Raise Outdoorsy Kids

(Newser) - Backpacker combed through info on outdoor programs and proximity to national forests and parks to find the best cities in the US to raise active, crunchy kids. The results:
  • Boulder, Colo.: "Yes, we live here, but Boulder wins on its merits." Close to woods, glaciers, and mountains,

Monster Fish Becomes Hunters' Fave

(Newser) - Fish don’t get much uglier than the alligator gar, but lately the dinosaur-like monstrosity has attracted a following… of crossbow-wielding sportsmen trying to kill it, the Wall Street Journal reports. Part fishing, part monster hunting, bagging an alligator gar is a thrilling exercise, and at up to 8 feet...

Naked Hikers Enjoy Solstice Au Naturel

(Newser) - The summer solstice is upon us, but for certain enthusiasts, today bears a different name: Naked Hiking Day. “No way to explain it until you experience it,” one fan told the AP. “Traditional” hikers might feel the same upon encountering backpackers in the buff. “It’s...

Campgrounds Add Perks, Redefine 'Roughing It'

(Newser) - The purer pleasures of the outdoors don’t seem to be enough for some campers anymore, the New York Times reports. Increasingly, campgrounds are offering amenities like pizza delivery, air-conditioning, kiddie rides, and valet service to the delight of families and owners’ balance sheets. “The objective is to maximize...

Blonds Have More Skin Cancer

(Newser) - Blonds and redheads are three times more likely to develop skin cancer, as are those who worked jobs outside through their teenage years, the Age reports. A new study has identified six factors that increase the likelihood of developing a melanoma, which also includes a significantly freckled upper back. For...

Candidates Go Hunting (Not Each Other) in Field & Stream

McCain, Obama declare their love for the outdoors in nature mag

(Newser) - Barack Obama and John McCain will talk fishing and hunting in the October issue of Field & Stream magazine. (Coincidentally or not, the cover feature implores readers to “Find Your Bull,” the Swamp notes.) In the interview, both candidates profess to be big fans of the outdoors,...

A Midsummer Night's Screen: The Best Outdoor Projectors
A Midsummer Night's Screen: The Best Outdoor Projectors

A Midsummer Night's Screen: The Best Outdoor Projectors

A drive-in movie buff takes tech for a backyard test run

(Newser) - Though the drive-in movie theater has gone the way of the buffalo, Barry Sonnenfeld writes in Esquire, with the right projector you can recreate the outdoor film experience in your back yard. But take notice: A projector is only as good as the screen it’s projecting on, so make...

10 High-Tech Survival Items
 10 High-Tech Survival Items 

10 High-Tech Survival Items

Innovative solutions for wilderness living

(Newser) - Wired sees a distinct lack of cool high-tech outdoor gear, and gives its favorite examples of steps in the right direction:
  1. The Cocoon, a hanging teardrop-shaped tent/sleeping bag.
  2. The Adamant, an earthquake-proof bed.
  3. The Bedu Emergency Rapid Response Kit, a keg full of enough essentials to keep a family alive

Essentials for Your Survival Kit
 Essentials for Your Survival Kit 

Essentials for Your Survival Kit

You'll be glad you packed this gear if that 3-hour tour hits a snag

(Newser) - A GPS unit and satellite phone may be handy if you're lost in the wild, but Wired offers a simpler list of cheap essentials for any survival kit:
  1. Knife, vital for shelter, food prep, campfires, and countless other tasks.
  2. Lighter and tinder, like waxed cotton, to start fires in wet

Green Groups Push TV Tax to Get Kids Off the Couch

NM plan would fund outdoor programs

(Newser) - A New Mexico environmental coalition is calling for a 1% sales tax on TVs and video games to fund outdoor programs for kids, and the idea is gaining steam, writes Carl Pope for the Huffington Post. Proponents of the "Leave No Child Inside” plan say the tax would raise...

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