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These 'Fun' Chicken Nuggets May Have Metal in Them

Tyson Foods recalls nearly 30K pounds

(Newser) - Tyson Foods is recalling nearly 30,000 pounds of breaded chicken "Fun Nuggets'' after consumers complained of finding metal pieces in the dinosaur-shaped patties, the AP reports. The nuggets, sold in 29-ounce bags, were produced on Sept. 5 by the Berryville, Arkansas, company. Tyson informed the US Department...

After Cranking Up Production, Tyson Trims Chicken Plants

Company plans more shutdowns after miscalculating demand

(Newser) - Increased market share became Tyson Foods' goal, leading the company to ramp up production at its chicken plants and generally speed up the line. That strategy has changed. The company is cutting back, closing two plants earlier this year and announcing plans last month to shut four more. Demand for...

Tyson Foods CFO Seeking Treatment After 'Mistake'

Chairman's 32-year-old son allegedly fell asleep in wrong home

(Newser) - Tyson Foods CFO John R. Tyson says he's seeking treatment for alcohol abuse after a stranger found him passed out in her bed. In a Monday email to company employees, Tyson apologized and said he was "embarrassed" by Sunday's incident in Fayetteville, Arkansas, for which he is...

We Probably Didn't Have a Meat Shortage After All

House panel report: Tyson, other meat-processing companies made 'baseless' claims of scarcity

(Newser) - Workers at meat-processing plants were forced to clock in to work during the early days of the pandemic, thanks to an executive order out of the Trump administration deeming them essential workers amid what was said to be a beef and pork shortage. Except now it seems that last part...

Tyson Foods Jumps 12.2% After Strong Results
Tyson Foods Jumps
12.2% After Strong Results

Tyson Foods Jumps 12.2% After Strong Results

It was a bumpy day for the S&P 500

(Newser) - Stocks ended another bumpy day with mixed results on Wall Street Monday. The S&P 500 went up, down, up, and then down again in the last hour of trading to wind up with a loss of 0.4%. Losses in several big tech companies left the Nasdaq down 0....

FTC Orders Walmart, Amazon to Explain 'Sky-High Prices'

9 companies asked to turn over information on supply chain woes

(Newser) - Walmart, Amazon, and Kroger will have 45 days to answer to the Federal Trade Commission for their "empty shelves and sky-high prices." With the holiday shopping season now underway, the FTC has ordered nine large retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers including Procter & Gamble Co., Tyson Foods, Kraft Heinz...

Rancher Pleads Guilty in $244M 'Ghost Cattle' Scam

He billed Tyson Foods for nonexistent cows

(Newser) - A rancher in financial trouble scammed Tyson Foods with a gigantic herd of what the Justice Department calls "ghost cattle." Prosecutors say Cody Easterday, who had a contract to buy, raise, and fatten cattle at his Washington state ranch for Tyson and another company, started sending invoices for...

Fired Manager Calls COVID Betting Pool a 'Morale Boost'

The virus killed at least six workers at a Tyson pork plant

(Newser) - One of the Tyson Foods managers fired for betting on how many workers would contract COVID-19 at a Waterloo, Iowa, pork plant said the office pool was spontaneous fun and intended to boost morale. Don Merschbrock said he was speaking in an attempt to show that the seven fired supervisors...

Tyson Foods Takes Action Over Managers' COVID Bets

7 managers have been fired at Waterloo, Iowa, plant

(Newser) - Tyson Foods has fired seven managers at the nation's biggest pork processing plant after an investigation into allegations that they bet on how many workers would test positive for COVID-19. Tyson hired former US Attorney General Eric Holder to lead the probe; he and his team "looked specifically...

A Big Name to Investigate Managers' Alleged COVID Bets

Tyson Foods hires former AG Eric Holder to investigate

(Newser) - Tyson Foods President and CEO Dean Banks says he is "extremely upset" by allegations managers at the nation's biggest pork processing plant placed bets on how many workers would get infected during a COVID outbreak. In a statement Thursday, Banks said the managers allegedly involved have been suspended...

Lawsuit: As Workers Got COVID, Manager Started Betting Pool

It was a 'cash-buy-in, winner-take-all' betting pool at Tyson plant, worker's family alleges

(Newser) - Managers at an Iowa pork plant were so cavalier about the COVID-19 risk to employees that they literally made a game out of it, according to an amended lawsuit from the family of Isidro Fernandez, a worker who died from the virus in April. The lawsuit now alleges that Tom...

Family Strikes Back Over Meatpacker's Death

Tyson Foods did not provide guidance or protective equipment for COVID, they say

(Newser) - The three children of a meatpacking worker who died from COVID-19 say Tyson Foods lied to the public—and didn't start protecting workers until it was too late. The children of Pedro Cano say he was infected while working "elbow-to-elbow" with other workers at the Columbus Junction, Iowa...

Hog Farmers Face 'Gut-Wrenching' Decision
Meat Shortage Affecting
One Fast-Food Chain's Menus

Meat Shortage Affecting One Fast-Food Chain's Menus

Some Wendy's locations don't have burgers

(Newser) - Despite President Trump's executive order dictating that meat processing plants stay open , the specter of meat shortages is being felt across the US—and customers of at least one fast-food chain are taking notice. Bloomberg notes that Wendy's has long advertised itself as offering hamburgers made from fresh...

As Meat Plants Shut Down, an Ominous Warning

Food supply chain is 'breaking' amid pandemic, says John Tyson, chair for Tyson Foods

(Newser) - Smithfield Foods and JBS have closed meat-processing sites , while Tyson Foods shut down pork plants in Iowa and Indiana last week after they were found to be hot spots for coronavirus outbreaks. Now Tyson is issuing a dire warning on the state of the industry as a result of the...

Iowa Plant That Is Critical to Our Pork Supply Is Closed

Tyson Foods suspended operations there Wednesday

(Newser) - Tyson Foods suspended operations Wednesday at an Iowa plant that is critical to the nation's pork supply but was blamed for fueling a massive coronavirus outbreak in the region. The Arkansas-based company said the closure of the plant in Waterloo would deny a vital market to hog farmers and...

Meat Companies Say: Eat Your Veggies
Eat Your Meat.
Now, With Veggies

Eat Your Meat. Now, With Veggies

Meat companies are beginning to market burgers with the veggies already blended in

(Newser) - Meat companies are making it easier for you to eat your vegetables by blending them into burgers, meatballs, and sausages, reports the AP . Applegate is introducing a line of meat-and-veggie burgers and meatballs at grocery stores next month. Tyson Foods is already selling a beef-and-pea protein patty, as well as...

Nation's Top Meat Company Joins Meatless Bandwagon

Tyson Foods is coming out with nuggets made from pea protein instead of chicken

(Newser) - In a sign of just how fast the meat-substitute market is growing, Tyson Foods said Thursday it will be coming out with nuggets made from pea protein instead of chicken. This is the same Tyson Foods that killed 2 billion chickens last year as the nation's biggest meat company,...

Tyson's Latest Recall: 12M More Pounds of Chicken Strips

It's an expansion of a smaller frozen-food recall in March

(Newser) - The 70,000 pounds of frozen chicken strips yanked off shelves in March now seems like small potatoes compared to Tyson Foods' latest news. USA Today reports the company is now recalling 11.8 million pounds of the strips, an expansion of the original recall, with the Department of Agriculture...

Tyson Recall Gives New Meaning to Rubbery Chicken

Chicken nuggets produced on Nov. 26 might contain rubber

(Newser) - Tyson Foods is recalling 36,420 pounds of chicken nuggets after consumers reported that they contain "extraneous material, specifically rubber." The Food Safety and Inspection Service announced Tuesday that 5-pound packages of "Tyson White Meat Panko Chicken Nuggets," produced on Nov. 26, 2018, should be thrown...

Our Biggest Meat Producer Invests in Vegan 'Meat'

Tyson Foods nabs 5% stake in startup Beyond Meat

(Newser) - The country's largest meat producer is investing in a vegan startup. Tyson Foods has acquired a 5% stake in Beyond Meat, whose food products made from plant-based proteins are sold in 11,000 stores across the country, reports the Wall Street Journal . One analyst suspects Tyson Foods is more...

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