Democratic National Convention

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DNC Picks a Home for 2024
DNC Picks a Home for 2024

DNC Picks a Home for 2024

Chicago beats out Atlanta in something of a surprise

(Newser) - Democrats have chosen Chicago to host their 2024 national convention, reports the AP , trying to keep the party's momentum going after last fall's midterm success in the critical Midwest. The decision, confirmed by a Democratic official who spoke on Tuesday on the condition of anonymity before an official...

'Best' DNC Speech Belongs to a Surprise Speaker

13-year-old Brayden Harrington, who has a stutter, is winning universal praise for his remarks

(Newser) - One speech from Thursday night's Democratic National Convention is being called an example of "pure, unvarnished courage," a "must-watch," and even "the best speech" of the whole convention. No, those descriptors aren't for Joe Biden's speech (though he did receive applause across...

Biden Speech Called a 'Home Run'
Even Fox Commentators
Praised Biden Speech

Even Fox Commentators Praised Biden Speech

They called it 'enormously effective'

(Newser) - Democrats worried that the oldest presidential nominee in their party's history would stumble during his big moment will have been reassured by his performance Thursday night—Joe Biden's acceptance speech on the final night of the Democratic National Convention was widely praised, even by conservative commentators. "The...

Joe Biden's Big Night Is Here
Yang, Louis-Dreyfus Riff on
Pence's Name as DNC Wraps
DNC rundown

Yang, Louis-Dreyfus Riff on Pence's Name as DNC Wraps

And Joe Biden is now the official Democratic nominee

(Newser) - The Democratic National Convention wrapped up Thursday night with Joe Biden formally accepting the party's nomination for president, ending four nights of appearances by such political VIPs as Barack and Michelle Obama, VP nominee Kamala Harris, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and many more urging people to vote for him....

After Obama's Uncommon Move, One From Trump
After Obama's
Uncommon Move,
One From Trump
the rundown

After Obama's Uncommon Move, One From Trump

But Trump doesn't plan to let him have the spotlight on the big night

(Newser) - Wednesday night was big for Democrats , Thursday night should be bigger. Joe Biden will accept the nomination and officially head into the home stretch of the election with Kamala Harris by his side. Coverage:
  • The speech: The New York Times has a preview of the acceptance speech as it fits

'No Former President Has Ever Attacked' Like Obama Did

Historian tweets that Obama's convention speech was unprecedented

(Newser) - The barbs were flying between President Trump and his predecessor before night 3 of the Democratic National Convention even began. Excerpts of Barack Obama's DNC speech were released in advance, including his comment that he had once hoped Trump "might show some interest in taking the job seriously....

Day 3 of DNC: Kamala Accepts the Nomination, Obama Speaks

Some other big names will appear

(Newser) - Michelle Obama arguably stole the show on the first night of the Democratic National Convention. Time will tell if her husband does the same on Day 3. Former President Obama is among those who will be speaking Wednesday night, and he'll deliver the keynote address. USA Today reports the...

After DNC Speech, AOC Slams NBC for 'Malicious' Tweet

Yes, she seconded nomination for Bernie Sanders, as per procedure. Also yes: She's voting for Biden.

(Newser) - During the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered a symbolic speech (transcript here ) in which she seconded a nomination for Sen. Bernie Sanders during the roll call. It's routine procedure: Each presidential candidate who brings delegates to the convention has to be formally nominated, per...

Bill Clinton 'Eviscerates' Trump
Bill Clinton 'Eviscerates' Trump
convention rundown

Bill Clinton 'Eviscerates' Trump

Plus, Biden officially becomes the Democratic nominee for president on 2nd night of DNC

(Newser) - NBC News uses the word "eviscerates" to describe Bill Clinton's treatment of President Trump during the former president's speech at night No. 2 of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday. "If you want a president who defines the job as spending hours a day watching...

Cindy McCain Speaks at DNC, but One Thing Is Unclear

Specifically: whether she actually endorsed Biden

(Newser) - Joe Biden and John McCain had an "unlikely friendship," said Cindy McCain while speaking Tuesday night at the virtual Democratic National Convention. They met when Biden was a young senator and McCain a Senate liaison for the Navy, and their relationship progressed to the point that their families...

Some 'Heavy Hitters' to Appear at Night 2 of DNC

Virtual convention will also hear from Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell

(Newser) - Joe Biden is drawing on party elders at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday, making the case that he and his party are uniquely positioned with experience and expertise to repair chaos that President Trump has created at home and abroad. He's also showing off younger Democrats the party hopes...

Michelle Obama's Other Big Message: It's in the Necklace

Her 'vote' necklace goes viral as she encourages people to turn out in person

(Newser) - Michelle Obama took plenty of pointed jabs at President Trump Monday night, and he took notice . But another aspect of the former first lady's speech for the Democratic National Convention is generating lots of attention—and it involves her words and her necklace. Coverage:
  • The message: Obama's tweaking

Trump to Michelle: 'Thanks for Your Very Kind Words'

President has sarcastic response to former first lady, but also calls speech 'very divisive'

(Newser) - Michelle Obama went after President Trump in blunt fashion during the Democratic National Convention on Monday night, and the president took notice. "She gets these fawning reviews," the president said at the White House, per the Hill . "If you gave a real review it wouldn't be...

One Convention Takeaway: 5 Words From Michelle Obama

She turns 'it is what it is' around on the president

(Newser) - Much of the analysis from the first night of the Democratic convention centers on the closing speech from Michelle Obama. (Watch it in full here, via CNN .) Examples of reaction on that and more:
  • Not Barack: At Politico , Ryan Lizza thinks "this is surely the first time a

It's Convention Time, Pandemic-Style
DNC, Night One: 4 Republicans
Speak Up for Biden

DNC, Night One: 4 Republicans Speak Up for Biden

Plus Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, and more

(Newser) - The most unusual political convention to date is underway—the Democrats' all-virtual affair leading to the coronation of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Thursday night. Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders spoke Monday night, along with a rarity—a Republican, former Ohio governor (and 2016 presidential candidate) John Kasich, who...

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Will MC Last Night of DNC

3 more GOP speakers announced

(Newser) - The Democratic National Convention is kicking off Monday evening —and there will be star power, despite the fact that the proceedings will be mostly virtual, the New York Times reports. Organizers announced Monday that MCs over the four nights will be actresses Eva Longoria, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kerry Washington...

Democrats Go After a Key Demographic on Monday

GOP's John Kasich will appeal to unhappy Republicans as convention begins

(Newser) - A political convention unlike any that came before—thanks to the pandemic—begins Monday night. The Democratic event to formally nominate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will run 9pm to 11pm Monday through Thursday. Some details:
  • Watching: You can watch it in full via the official stream on YouTube or

AOC Will Have Just 60 Seconds for DNC Speech

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posts poem on the subject, reconnects with 2nd grade teacher

(Newser) - After it was announced Wednesday that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would have just one minute to speak next week at the virtual Democratic National Convention, the lawmaker got some encouragement from none other than her second-grade teacher, the Hill reports. In response to the news, which some progressives decried as a slap...

DNC Releases Speakers' List, and the Hunt for Clues Begins

Susan Rice is absent, setting off some chatter

(Newser) - The list of speakers is out for next week's Democratic convention, and it's making news for who isn't on it as well as who is. Much of the buzz centers around Joe Biden's pending announcement of a running mate, with people looking for hints. Sen. Kamala...

Nominee Won't Be at Democratic Convention

'We don't want to risk anyone's health for this'

(Newser) - Speakers—including Joe Biden—will no longer be traveling to the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, officials say. Organizers, who were already planning a mostly virtual convention from Aug. 17 to 20, say they made the decision after speaking to public health officials in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports. "...

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