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Nearly 800 of School's Students Were Absent on Wednesday

Not due to COVID, but a 'highly contagious' gastrointestinal bug that's closed Alabama school

(Newser) - As one Florida elementary school deals with measles , another in Alabama is contending with a "gastrointestinal outbreak" that kept nearly 800 students out of school in just one day. WKRG reports that Fairhope West Elementary School is now closed Thursday and Friday after 773 students called in on Wednesday,...

CDC Solves Mystery of Norovirus on Hiking Trail

Virus often associated with cruise ships found a way to spread in the great outdoors

(Newser) - Even in the great outdoors, people aren't safe from norovirus, the nasty stomach bug that plagued the popular Pacific Crest Trail last year. Now, the CDC knows why. NPR reports that a remote log cabin where backpackers stopped to use the restroom was the culprit in spreading the illness....

110 Passengers Sickened in Viking Cruise Outbreak

It's the 13th cruise ship norovirus outbreak so far this year, the CDC says

(Newser) - A 14-day Viking cruise that ended Tuesday was a sickening experience for many passengers, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigation update. The CDC says 110 of the 838 passengers on board—13.1% of the total—and nine of the 455 crew members became ill with...

284 Sickened in Princess Cruise Ship Outbreak

Cruise line says it's 'likely' norovirus was to blame

(Newser) - It's that time of year: Princess Cruises announced that 284 passengers and 34 crew members became ill with vomiting and diarrhea on a cruise that returned Sunday to Galveston, Texas, after visiting the Caribbean and Mexico. The Ruby Princess had a total of 2,881 people on board, including...

Hundreds Went to the Casino. 200-Plus Got Sick

'How it started at this point doesn't really matter anymore': health official on La. norovirus outbreak

(Newser) - An outbreak of norovirus at a southwestern Louisiana casino has left at least 200 people sick and has prompted an investigation by state health officials. The Department of Health confirmed Thursday that the illnesses reported at L'Auberge Casino in Lake Charles last weekend were norovirus-related, news outlets report. The...

Suspected Norovirus Outbreak Hits Yosemite
170 People Fall Ill at Yosemite

170 People Fall Ill at Yosemite

Norovirus outbreak is suspected

(Newser) - Yosemite National Park is battling a suspected norovirus outbreak that has caused nearly 200 people to fall ill. Some 170 visitors and employees have experienced a gastrointestinal illness, with the "overwhelming majority" of cases consistent with norovirus—a highly contagious virus marked by stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea. It'...

Dozens of Teens Touring DC End Up Hospitalized

Illness (possibly food poisoning) seems to have originated in NYC

(Newser) - A spring break trip to the East Coast turned icky for a group of 48 teens and three adults Sunday night when the entire tour group was taken to hospitals in Washington, DC, with possible food poisoning. The group, which fire officials say may be from London, first started having...

Yet More Stomach Trouble for Chipotle

Virginia store temporarily closed after reports of illnesses

(Newser) - Chipotle's efforts to move past its food scares have been complicated by fresh reports of illnesses, which prompted it to temporarily close a restaurant this week, the AP reports. The company said Tuesday that it closed the restaurant in Sterling, Virginia, after it became aware of a "small...

Norovirus Hits California RNC Delegation
 Hits California 
 RNC Delegation 

Norovirus Hits California RNC Delegation

At least a dozen staffers are stuck in hotel 60 miles away

(Newser) - Republican National Convention organizers are worried about a guest even less welcome than the Clinton family would be: norovirus. The highly contagious virus, which causes vomiting and diarrhea and is known for turning cruises into hellish experiences, has struck down at least a dozen members of the California delegation, the...

A Hurting Chipotle Is Getting Into the Burger Business

The Mexican chain has trademarked 'Better Burger'

(Newser) - What do you do when your burrito chain has been responsible for multiple outbreaks of E. coli and norovirus that sickened dozens of customers over the past six months? If you're Chipotle , you get into the burger business. Chipotle filed a trademark application for the name "Better Burger"...

Chipotle Employees Will Now Get Paid Sick Leave

Even clouds made of E. coli and salmonella have silver linings

(Newser) - It looks like one good thing might come out of the various Chipotle outbreaks that sickened dozens of people across nine states at the tail end of 2015. Consumerist reports the restaurant chain will announce paid sick leave for employees during a company-wide meeting in February. The idea is that...

Feds Subpoena Chipotle in Norovirus Outbreak

Looks like that food poisoning in California is leading to all sorts of problems

(Newser) - Sickened customers and employees, bad publicity, and tumbling stock prices were apparently just the beginning of Chipotle's woes. Now the restaurant chain has been slapped with a federal subpoena as part of a criminal investigation into a food poisoning outbreak in August, the AP reports. The subpoena received in...

Cruise Ship Hit by 2nd Outbreak This Year

Norovirus sickens 172 on Crown Princess

(Newser) - A 28-day Pacific cruise turned out to be a less magical experience than expected for at least 172 people on board the Crown Princess. CDC officials met the cruise ship when it docked in Los Angeles yesterday after its second norovirus outbreak of the year, reports Reuters . In April, more...

Germ-Ridden Doorknob Can Infect Building in Hours
Germ-Ridden Doorknob Can Infect Building in Hours

Germ-Ridden Doorknob Can Infect Building in Hours

Virus quickly spread to more than half of one building's occupants

(Newser) - "The hand is quicker than the sneeze in the spread of disease," warns the lead author of a study that found a single germ-laden doorknob can spread a virus throughout a building in the space of hours. University of Arizona researcher Charles Gerba's team placed a harmless...

100 Get Virus as Cruise Goes On

Most are better, but half are quarantined amid California voyage

(Newser) - More than 100 passengers have contracted the highly contagious norovirus on a ship that is touring the California coast. But the cruise line said today it has no plans to end the voyage early. Some 104 passengers and 25 crew members on the Crown Princess had been infected by the...

230 Struck With Stomach Bug at Virginia School

School shuts down to be decontaminated

(Newser) - An Alexandria, Virginia, elementary school is closed today to get professionally disinfected after 230 students and staff members came down with a stomach bug. Thirty-three staff members called in sick before Thursday's classes, with five more going home mid-day; and 160 children were absent, with dozens more leaving mid-day....

Outbreak Hits Yet Another Cruise

But hey, at least customers get 20% off their next trip!

(Newser) - Just when you thought the cruise industry had used up its supply of terrible headlines, yet another voyage has been cut short because of illness. Federal health officials are investigating after more than 170 passengers and crew members became sick aboard the Caribbean Princess. The ship returned to port in...

Cruise Ends Early After Gut Bug Sickens 300

Diarrhea, vomiting force 10-day Royal Caribbean cruise back to shore

(Newser) - A Royal Caribbean cruise liner is being forced to head to shore early after a stomach bug rapidly spread throughout the ship, resulting in hundreds of vomiting passengers. Some 303 people—281 of them passengers, which works out to 9% of the ship's guests—became sick with vomiting and...

26 Passengers Quarantined After Falling Ill on Flight

Qantas fliers may have norovirus

(Newser) - More than two dozen passengers became ill with a stomach bug during a 14-hour Qantas flight from Chile to Australia yesterday, with 16 taken by ambulance to a hospital on arrival at Sydney airport, officials said. The 26 sick passengers were part of the same tour group and were suspected...

Now Yellowstone Knows How Cruise Ships Feel

It's dealing with a norovirus outbreak

(Newser) - A highly contagious virus famed for striking cruise ships is now attacking those on some pretty prominent dry land: Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Some 200 have been hit by the norovirus there so far, though tourists have gotten the longer end of the stick, with 150 employees and...

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