David Barron

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Secret Drone Strike Memo to Be Released

Move comes as fight over Barron nomination looms

(Newser) - The Obama administration has decided to release a secret memo explaining its justification for killing American citizens in drone strikes overseas, sources tell the AP . The decision comes as the Senate prepares to vote on the nomination of the memo's author, David Barron, to the 1st US Circuit Court...

Rand Paul: I'll Filibuster Drone Memo Author

He vows to block Obama judicial nominee

(Newser) - Rand Paul has vowed to do his best to block another President Obama nominee over drone policy. The GOP senator from Kentucky says he plans to filibuster the nomination of David Barron to the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals over Barron's authorship of at least two memos justifying drone...

Public Defender Gets Case to Supreme Court

Lethal-injection appeal filed by 29-year-old on docket next week

(Newser) - When the Supreme Court hears a case on the legality of a method of capital punishment next week—for the first time in over a century—it will be largely thanks to the toils of a 29-year-old assistant public defender, AP reports. David Barron filed the appeal on behalf of...

3 Stories