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In Dating and Hiring Decisions, Acne Factors In
People Avoid Others
Who Have Bad Acne

People Avoid Others Who Have Bad Acne

Survey finds people with pimples face social, professional stigma

(Newser) - Research has shown acne takes a toll on emotional health , leading to low self-esteem and depression. Now, new research focusing on how society views people with acne, as opposed to how they view themselves, is highlighting further difficulties both in social and professional life. For instance, researchers found people are...

Acne Fighters Say Vaccine May Be on the Horizon
Got Acne? A Vaccine
Could Be Coming

Got Acne? A Vaccine Could Be Coming

Still a long way to go, but initial results on a possible vaccine seem promising

(Newser) - Eric Huang says he's "good at vaccine development." The UC San Diego dermatology professor tells the university's Guardian he has even worked on a biodefense vaccine to fight anthrax , with a boost from the National Institutes of Health. Huang's latest development on the vaccine scene,...

At Fashion Show, the Hottest Accessory Was Pimples

Moto Guo's spring 2017 collection is titled 'Picnic in the Society'

(Newser) - Malaysian fashion designer Moto Guo appears to be making some sort of statement about pimples, but exactly what, and whether they may actually now be fashionable, remains unclear. GQ reports that in his Milan Men's Fashion Week debut on Monday, Guo's makeup artists created blemishes on his models'...

Meet the Doc Who Pops Pimples for the Internet's Enjoyment

Millions of 'popaholics' want to watch Dr. Lee do her thing

(Newser) - Warning: This story is not for the squeamish. We mean it. New York Magazine has a fascinating—if occasionally far too descriptive—profile on Dr. Sandra Lee, better known among so-called "popaholics" on the Internet as Dr. Pimple Popper. Lee, an otherwise typical Southern California dermatologist, accidentally stumbled upon...

Pimple Popping Shouldn't Be Taboo
 Pimple Popping 
 Shouldn't Be Taboo 
in case you missed it

Pimple Popping Shouldn't Be Taboo

After all, we don't mind discussing celebrity private parts

(Newser) - You can blow your nose in public and discuss irregular bowel movements with a friend—but mention pimple popping, and the world goes “ewwww.” But “who hasn't popped a pimple? Who doesn't get a painful little prick of satisfaction from doing so?” writes David Marchese for Salon...

8 Secrets to Healthy Skin
8 Secrets to Healthy Skin

8 Secrets to Healthy Skin

Quit smoking, get some sleep, and don't go crazy with the beauty aids

(Newser) - You can't fight getting older, but you can keep the signs of wear and tear, not to speak of stress, off your face with these tips from the New York Times beauty expert:
  1. Get rid of old beauty products after a year—pots and tubes can develop micro-organism communities
  2. Quit

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