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5 Famous US Destinations at Risk From Climate Change

USA Today chronicles how a warming planet threatens iconic locations

(Newser) - As cities on the East Coast sink millimeter by millimeter due to climate change, experts are scrambling to understand what the future holds for land-lovers. USA Today takes a look at some of the iconic coastal attractions in the US that are already being affected by unprecedented flooding, landslides, and...

LGBTQ+ Travelers Get Special Alert From State Department

There's 'increased potential for foreign terrorist organization-inspired violence' overseas

(Newser) - The State Department renewed a global security warning Friday for Americans overseas, adding to it that LGBTQ people and events in particular face an "increased potential for foreign terrorist organization-inspired violence." The alert is a standard renewal of travel advice telling Americans to exercise increased caution against possible...

10 Best US Cities for Vacation Destinations

Atlanta takes the top spot on WalletHub's travel destinations list

(Newser) - Atlanta in July? That's the No. 1 pick by WalletHub for US cities that double as excellent summer vacay destinations. The site looked at 100 of the most populated cities in America, using more than three dozen metrics in six key areas: travel costs and hassles (including delays); what...

Most In-Demand Summer Vacation Spots on Earth

London tops the Google Flights list

(Newser) - It's not too early to start planning your summer vacation, and Good Morning America is tapping into some Google insights to help you out. Using data gleaned from Google Flights on travel set for June 1 through Aug. 31, the search engine company has pulled out the top destinations,...

Dogs Are Getting Their Own Airline—but It Won't Be Cheap

Bark Air for dogs has just 2 stops from NY—London and LA—costing up to $8K one way

(Newser) - "Finally, dogs can fly." That's the lofty proclamation on the website for Bark Air , a "100% totally real" new service that vows to "revolutionize flying" for our canine companions. In a statement, the airline launched by the BarkBox subscription service will offer "a more...

You Can Wait Till 2045 for Next Full Eclipse—or Just 2 Years

If you're willing to leave the US, there are a few upcoming options for a total solar event

(Newser) - It's being dubbed as possibly the "most viewed astronomical event in history," so we get it if you didn't get to see yesterday's total solar eclipse and are bummed you missed out. reports that the next total solar eclipse in the US will...

Visit These Tiny (but Cool) US Cities

Travel writers reveal their favorites on Thrillist

(Newser) - Smaller cities don't always make it into guidebooks, so a visit means you're in for a unique regional experience, minus the crowds. Thrillist tapped travel writers to name America's best small cities to visit, and they came up with 16 that span the country. Here are a...

2023's 10 Least Visited National Parks

CNN Travel has the 10 US parks that guarantee a bit of solitude

(Newser) - Hoping to beat the crowds on your next excursion? CNN Travel says these 10 US national parks will provide plenty of solitude. Their list notes which of the 429 national parks had the lowest visitor count in 2023. While some would take extensive travel for most of us—like National...

Travelers Choose the World's Top 10 Beaches

Tripadvisor has the scoop on which beaches vacationers love most

(Newser) - It's about that point in winter when dreams of sandy beaches start kicking in. To help illustrate those fantasies, Tripadvisor has released its "Best of the Best Beaches" list for 2024, which ranks the very top tier of its users' ratings and reviews. Topping the list is Praia...

Older Women Are the New Face of Wanderlust

The adventure travel industry is getting a boost from mature female tourists

(Newser) - Adventure travel's allure lies in its promise of helping you break out of your comfort zone as you explore new places and meet new people. For women especially, that sector of the travel industry has exploded: Citing stats from the Adventure Travel Trade Association , the Washington Post reports that...

This City Wants Space Aliens to Come Visit

Coded message sent to TRAPPIST-1 solar system welcoming ETs to Lexington, Kentucky

(Newser) - If you've never visited Lexington, the Kentucky city wants your business—especially if you're from out of this world. That's why the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau (aka VisitLEX) beamed a message in October to the TRAPPIST-1 solar system, described by VisitLEX as "home to the...

Major Station Closures Are Stranding Bus Passengers

Over 45 Greyhound stations have been sold off in major transportation hubs

(Newser) - Intercity bus riders are being left out in the cold, quite literally, as Greyhound's former owner sells the valuable stations that connect its vast network. CNN Business reports that bus depots have shuttered in major cities, including Houston, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Tampa, Louisville, and Charlottesville, with Chicago and Dallas next...

It's Going to Be a Wet and Wintry Holiday Week

Storm system ahead of Thanksgiving to bring rain, snow across US amid expected record travel

(Newser) - The Thanksgiving holiday week looks to be back in full force, with a record number of travelers expected both on the road and in the air—despite a weather forecast set to bring travel snarls across a good part of the United States. The AP reports that the Transportation Security...

203 Countries Visited, Zero Airplanes
10 Years, 203 Nations,
Zero Airplanes
the rundown

10 Years, 203 Nations, Zero Airplanes

Copenhagen's Torbjorn Pedersen spent a decade achieving his one-of-a-kind travel milestone

(Newser) - To equal Torbjorn Pedersen's feat of traveling, you could start today and expect to wrap up sometime around 2033. The 44-year-old from Copenhagen managed to travel to all of the world's countries without once using an airplane, reports Euronews . Pedersen is now in the midst of a grueling...

New Twist on Travel: Mystery Trips
New Twist on Travel:
Mystery Trips

New Twist on Travel: Mystery Trips

Destination is not revealed until the day of departure

(Newser) - Travel planning can be a real chore. Booking flights, deciding on the right hotel, and building an itinerary might be fun for some, but others dread it. In an article syndicated to the AP , NerdWallet writer Sam Kemmis writes this is why some travelers are opting for an unorthodox travel...

Please Stop Traveling to Antarctica
Please Stop Traveling
to Antarctica

Please Stop Traveling to Antarctica

Sara Clemence makes her case in the 'Atlantic'

(Newser) - In the first part of her essay on Antarctica, Sara Clemence recounts its "otherworldly" beauty. But that's merely a prelude to a plea she then issues: Everybody should stop traveling there before the increasingly fragile continent is wrecked irreparably. In the Atlantic piece, she notes that Antarctica drew...

It's Hot in Europe, and We're Traveling Differently

The summer tourism trade is heating up in Scandinavia

(Newser) - As summers in Europe grow hotter, tourists are rethinking their travel plans, reports Forbes . Spain reportedly already broke records for heat and dry weather in April, and Southern Europe in general is dealing with the same dilemma. According to Travel Weekly , climate change data predicts temperatures in the region will...

Cities With the Worst Hotels
US Cities With
Worst Hotel Reviews

US Cities With Worst Hotel Reviews

PlanetWare gives the unwanted top honor to Myrtle Beach

(Newser) - The travel site PlanetWare is out with rankings that no chamber of commerce in the country wants to be on: US cities with the worst hotels. The site pored over online reviews at Tripadvisor (which isn't affiliated with the rankings) to figure out which cities get consistently lousy assessments...

You Might Want to Start Planning Now for 2024 Eclipse

Total solar eclipse next April cuts across 13 US states

(Newser) - What Smithsonian calls "one of nature's grandest spectacles"—a total solar eclipse—is slated to sweep across North America on April 8, 2024, from Mexico to Eastern Canada. According to CNN and Smithsonian, it's a not-to-be-missed phenomenon for sky watchers as the moon slides in front...

10 Busiest Airports in the World
10 Busiest Airports in the World

10 Busiest Airports in the World

Atlanta stays on top

(Newser) - Atlanta's airport is the busiest in the world for the second straight year and third of the last four, reports the Wall Street Journal . Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport lost its title briefly during the weird travel days of the pandemic but has since returned to the top. The new...

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