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Historic Vermont Resort to Change 'Insensitive' Name

Historic 'Suicide Six' is keeping up with the times

(Newser) - A historic ski resort in Vermont has determined that it's time for a name change. Per CNN, Suicide Six announced the news in a statement on its website, saying, "Our resort team embraces the increasing awareness surrounding mental health and shares the growing concerns about the insensitive nature...

Terry Gilliam Rips Into #MeToo, and That's Not All

The Monty Python alum says Harvey Weinstein's victims made 'choices'

(Newser) - Terry Gilliam, offensive? The Monty Python alum seems to relish the role, smiling as he tosses off explosive opinions—and his latest Independent interview is no different. "People work so hard to be offended now," says the 79-year-old. "I don't know why I'm doing it....

White Progressives, Enough With 'Latinx'
White Progressives,
Enough With 'Latinx'

White Progressives, Enough With 'Latinx'

Giancarlo Sopo says it's actually offensive to many Latinos

(Newser) - "Latinos" and "Hispanics"? OK. "Latinx?" We'll pass. That's pretty much what Giancarlo Sopo argues in USA Today about an increasingly popular progressive term. "What began in the 2000s among activists has now gained currency among marketers, media personalities and progressives," he writes....

Trudeau: 'We Like to Say Peoplekind, Not Mankind'

PM mocked for remark at town hall event

(Newser) - Is Justin Trudeau trying to kill off "mankind"? The Canadian prime minister was mocked for being a politically correct "snowflake" after video emerged of him correcting a woman at a town hall event who said maternal love will "change the future of mankind," the BBC...

Top College to Freshmen: Don't Expect Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings

University of Chicago letter to students says school supports academic freedom

(Newser) - The controversial concept of "safe spaces" on college campuses—a place where members of a marginalized group can feel secure and able to express themselves—has grabbed the media's attention over the last year, spurred by such high-profile cases as the racial strife at the University of Missouri...

Sheriff's New Welcome Sign Isn't Super Welcoming

Georgia county takes bold stand for political incorrectness

(Newser) - It might be the most unwelcoming welcome sign in America. A six-term Georgia sheriff spent more than $500 of his own money to install a welcome sign outside the Harris County sheriff's office telling anyone who doesn't like the way they do things there to get out, the...

Banned From NYC Tests: Dinosaurs, Aliens, Birthdays

Officials ban 50 subjects from city-wide assessment tests

(Newser) - New York City test-makers are going to have a hard time coming up with acceptable questions to place on students' tests, after officials decided to ban 50 subjects including dinosaurs and birthdays. Why? Because those topics have been deemed potentially controversial, and could make kids upset: Dinosaurs, for example, could...

America Needs to Lose the Fake Outrage

 America Needs 
 to Lose the 
 Fake Outrage 
Bill Maher

America Needs to Lose the Fake Outrage

Bill Maher thinks it's time we lighten up and stop apologizing

(Newser) - When David Axelrod called Mitt Romney's Illinois ad push a “Mittzkrieg” this week, the Republican Jewish Coalition angrily demanded that the DNC rebuke him. “Because the message of 'Mittzkrieg' was clear: Kill all the Jews,” quips Bill Maher in a New York Times op-ed. Maher,...

Teacher Cuts 'Gay' From 'Kookaburra' Song

Uproar ensues after line changed to 'fun your life must be'

(Newser) - The Aussies are in an uproar over a teacher's decision to remove the word "gay" from the classic campfire song, "Kookaburra." The first verse ends with the line "gay your life must be!" Headmaster Garry Martin changed the line to "how fun your life...

NJ Bans the Word 'Retarded'
 NJ Bans the Word 'Retarded' 

NJ Bans the Word 'Retarded'

At least in official state documents

(Newser) - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a law today forbidding state laws or rules to use the term “mentally retarded” to refer to those with intellectual disabilities. “This is making sure each citizen in our state is treated with the respect they deserve,” Christie said. “It’...

Enough With This 'Liberal Piety'

 With This 

Enough With This 'Liberal Piety'

Debate over mosque is political correctness at its worst

(Newser) - Dorothy Rabinowitz hopes the debate over the New York City mosque ends up backfiring on the preachers of "liberal piety." Elites such as Michael Bloomberg deliver patronizing lectures to those who dare oppose the mosque as an affront to 9/11 victims, she writes at the Wall Street Journal...

Canada Considers Anthem Edit
 Canada Considers Anthem Edit 

Canada Considers Anthem Edit

Some want to make 'O Canada' gender neutral

(Newser) - O Canada may get a rewrite soon, in an effort to eliminate all gender-specific pronouns. In a throne speech yesterday, Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean called on Canada’s parliament to review the song, which became Canada’s national anthem in 1980, replacing God Save the Queen. The English lyrics are...

Shirley's a 'Dolt,' but ESPN Firing Is PC Hooey

The network just wants money, and made a calculation: Jeff Pearlman

(Newser) - Jeff Pearlman isn’t particularly enamored of Paul Shirley, the ex-NBA player cum ESPN contributor who said some regrettable things about condoms and Haiti (read them here ), but the network’s move to dump him just illustrates its money-grubbing essence. Here’s the formula: “An employee says something...

Fort Hood Report Doesn't Mention Islam

And barely mentions shooter; critics cry political correctness

(Newser) - The military’s new report on the Fort Hood shooting only once names alleged shooter Nidal Hasan and never discusses his religion, which has critics howling. Several lawmakers want an explanation for those omissions, including Homeland Security Committee chair Joe Lieberman. Lieberman tells Time he’s “disappointed” because the...

Less Racist Names for That Washington Team

Just in case the Redskins have had a change of heart

(Newser) - The Redskins may have dodged the latest legal challenge to its (allegedly) racist team name, but with more on the way, bloggers are tossing out alternatives owner Dan Snyder should consider. The Week collects the best:
  • Washington Nationals: Sharing a nickname with a baseball team didn’t hurt the New

Army Medicine Failed Hasan, Shooting Victims
 Army Medicine 
 Failed Hasan, 
fort hood shooting

Army Medicine Failed Hasan, Shooting Victims

Shooter wasn't promoted because it was PC; it was necessity

(Newser) - Media coverage of the Fort Hood killings has been factually challenged and quick to jump to conclusions about terrorism and political correctness, but the underlying problem is much bigger, Mark Benjamin argues. The real question: Why was alleged shooter Nidal Malik Hasan an Army psychiatrist in the first place? Given...

Palin Plans 'Less PC' Tweets

(Newser) - Sarah Palin plans to unburden herself on Twitter more freely after she leaves office next week, the AP reports. “Elected is replaceable; Ak WILL progress! + side benefits10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site,” she Tweeted today. And, she promises, “...

Lighten Up, This Is No Big Deal
 Lighten Up, This Is No Big Deal 

Lighten Up, This Is No Big Deal

Internet age makes it impossible to have fun.

(Newser) - All it took was one drunken night and an errant Facebook photo to turn 27-year-old Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau into the scandal du jour. Feminists are outraged, calling him “offensively sexist” for daring to touch that cardboard breast. Hillary tried to laugh the incident off, only to be lambasted...

Fear Not, Righties: Fairness Doctrine Isn't Coming Back

Democrats won't restore required balance to airwaves

(Newser) - Conservatives are beating their war drums with warnings that the Obama administration will torpedo them by reinstituting the so-called fairness doctrine. If he does—the policy calls for broadcasters to air opposing viewpoints—it could be big trouble for Rush Limbaugh and another denizens of the right-wing talk circuit. But...

At Chicago's Field, 'Ancient Americas' Exhibit a Bust

Museum 'patronizes, demeans' its subjects

(Newser) - Revisiting Chicago’s Field Museum—an institution enshrined in loving childhood memories—for its “The Ancient Americas” exhibit is a sore disappointment, PJ O’Rourke writes in the Weekly Standard. Once a bastion of public scholarship so solemn it contained a section devoted to useful varieties of wood, the...

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