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In Poll, 26% Couldn't Name a Famous Asian American

Another 18% gave wrong answers

(Newser) - More than a quarter of Americans drew a blank when asked to name a famous living Asian American, according to a study released by the Asian American Foundation . The nonprofit says it polled more than 5,000 Americans and the top answer was "Don't know," at 26%....

What Killed Bruce Lee? Maybe Too Much Water
Researchers Say Too Much
Water Killed Bruce Lee
in case you missed it

Researchers Say Too Much Water Killed Bruce Lee

New study blames his 'kidney's inability to excrete excess water'

(Newser) - Bruce Lee's unexpected death nearly 50 years ago at the age of 32 has been the subject of all kinds of speculation over the years. Now a new study offers another theory: The actor died from drinking too much water, reports Variety . More specifically, the researchers propose in Clinical ...

Screen Legend's Daughter Scorches Tarantino in Column

Bruce Lee's daughter is sick of white men telling her father's story

(Newser) - The daughter of action film legend Bruce Lee penned a scathing Hollywood Reporter column in which she hit back at Quentin Tarantino and others in Hollywood who've sought to portray her dad in an unflattering light over the years. Shannon Lee leveled her sights at Tarantino after the director...

Actor John Saxon Dies at 83
Enter the Dragon Co-Star Dies

Enter the Dragon Co-Star Dies

Golden Globe winner played hundreds of roles, including one alongside Bruce Lee

(Newser) - John Saxon, an American actor of Italian descent who played a Mexican bandit and a Middle East tycoon, died Saturday at age 83. The cause of death was pneumonia, per the Hollywood Reporter . His best-known roles were in three of Wes Craven's Nightmare on Elm Street films and with...

Bruce Lee's Daughter Fights a Fast-Food Chain

She is suing Real Kungfu for $30 million over use of her father's image

(Newser) - Bruce Lee's daughter is ready to fight over her father's image. Shannon Lee has filed a $30 million lawsuit against a fast-food chain in China that uses her father's image prominently in its logo—or at least it uses the image of a man who looks very...

1.3B People Denied Chance to See Tarantino Movie

'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' is canceled in China

(Newser) - Chinese audiences hoping to see Quentin Tarantino's latest movie are going to have to wait—maybe for an illegal copy. China's National Film Administration has abruptly canceled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's Oct. 25 release without giving an official explanation, Los Angeles Magazine reports. But sources...

Bruce Lee's Daughter on Tarantino: 'He Could Shut Up'

She responds to filmmaker's statement on her criticism of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

(Newser) - The feud between Bruce Lee's daughter and Quentin Tarantino continues. Shannon Lee last month called out the filmmaker for the way her father is portrayed in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Tarantino responded this month at a press junket when asked about her criticism that Tarantino had...

Bruce Lee's Daughter Has Bone to Pick With Tarantino

Shannon Lee doesn't like how her father was portrayed in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

(Newser) - Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood may be popular with both critics and audiences , there's at least one person who's not happy with the film: Bruce Lee's daughter. The iconic martial artist is played by Mike Moh in Tarantino's film, and (spoiler alert)...

Secret to Bruce Lee Punch? His Brain

His famous one-inch jab is all about synchronization

(Newser) - Bruce Lee could famously pack a wallop from a short distance—as in one inch. But how on earth did he punch with such power in so short a span? Popular Mechanics breaks things down and discovers that while the physical components of the punch are indeed impressive, the real...

20 Movies That Debuted After a Star's Death

Paul Walker died less than two weeks before 'Hours' release

(Newser) - Paul Walker died less than two weeks before the Dec. 13 release of Hours, a movie about Hurricane Katrina he starred in. The San Francisco Chronicle rounds up many more examples of movies released after one of their stars died. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out...

10 Eerie Hollywood Deaths
 10 Eerie Hollywood Deaths 

10 Eerie Hollywood Deaths

Mysterious circumstances surround these celebrities

(Newser) - Brittany Murphy's sudden death has always been mysterious, especially when it was followed by the death of her husband, months later, apparently from the same cause. Now her dad wants the investigation into Murphy's death re-opened, because he thinks she was poisoned. The Huffington Post rounds up 30...

15 Great Film Careers That Ended With Flops
15 Great Film Careers That Ended With Flops

15 Great Film Careers That Ended With Flops

Talented actors whose final roles weren't quite up to snuff

(Newser) - One well-placed stinker can mar an otherwise sterling legacy in film. The Onion AV Club gathers some of the saddest swan songs:       1.-2. Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin, Cannonball Run II (1984). The Rat Pack starred in some mediocre movies, but nothing holds a...

U. Washington Students Push for Bruce Lee Memorial

School balking over statue of ex-student

(Newser) - University of Washington students are petitioning for the right to build a statue of Bruce Lee, the film icon who studied at the university for three years and offered martial arts classes at the student union. Students argue the statue would be step toward better artistic representation of the school's...

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