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Pitchers Offer to Strip to Prove They're Clean

First week of baseball's cheating crackdown is awkward

(Newser) - The first two days of baseball's crackdown against pitchers putting illegal sticky substances on the ball were awkward for everyone. Jacob deGrom, the Mets' ace, was the first pitcher to be checked, the New York Times reports. He was briefly detained when heading to the dugout after the first...

Study: Here's Why People Cheat, and What Happens

495 cheaters explain what made them cheat and what their affair was like

(Newser) - Why do people cheat and what does that affair look like? Scientific American reports a recent study came up with some pretty fascinating answers. Researchers turned to an unnamed US university and Reddit boards focused on relationships to recruit 495 people who copped to cheating. In a study published in...

West Point Reveals Biggest Cheating Scandal in Decades

Academy argues the honor code remains intact, and the offending cadets will be punished

(Newser) - Cheating on a math test at the US Military Academy, which is facing its worst cheating scandal in more than 40 years, can be a national security issue, a West Point law professor says. "There's no excuse for cheating when the fundamental code for cadets is that they...

Problem at Texas A&M: Test Qs Answered Too Quickly

Students suspected of using Chegg tutoring site to get answers to exams

(Newser) - Students in an online finance class at Texas A&M were starting to close out the semester when they received an email from the director of the Aggie Honor System Office. "I would like to encourage you in the strongest way to reclaim your personal integrity," read the...

Pandemic Has Caused 'Cheating Crisis' in Chess

'It has ruined my sabbatical,' says top anti-cheating expert

(Newser) - The pandemic has led to a surge of popularity for online chess—and a corresponding surge in cheating. The Guardian reports that the widespread use of powerful apps that can calculate near-perfect moves has caused an "atmosphere of paranoia and recrimination" within the game, despite efforts to crack down...

His Poker Wins Defied Logic. Rivals Think They Know Why
His Poker Wins Defied Logic.
Rivals Think They Know Why
in case you missed it

His Poker Wins Defied Logic. Rivals Think They Know Why

Allegations of cheating against Mike Postle roil the world of poker

(Newser) - He was a decent but unspectacular poker player, but then Mike Postle went on an epic hot streak. The problem? As Brendan I. Koerner reports in a fascinating story at Wired , Postle's Texas Hold 'Em strategy defied logic. He folded when he shouldn't, stayed in when it...

Their 'Fish Story' Ended With Felony Convictions

2 pleaded guilty to tampering to influence a fishing contest

(Newser) - There's a reason a "fish story" has become synonymous with the unbelievable. Two fisherman have pleaded guilty to felony charges for lying about some impressive fish entered in a Utah fishing tournament. Robert Dennett, 45, and Kamron Wootton, 35, are the first people in the state's history...

She Never Knew Why They Split. Then She Read the Times
Cheater's NYT Wedding Story
Gave Away a Little Too Much

Cheater's NYT Wedding Story Gave Away a Little Too Much

Nikyta Moreno says Robert Palmer was still married to her when he met Lauren Maillian

(Newser) - A coveted New York Times wedding announcement tells the story of how Robert Palmer, 30, and Lauren Maillian, 35, met at a NYC gym, which they'd both joined to get in shape. "In January 2017 that goal changed for both," the Aug. 7 Times narrative reads, detailing...

Astros Apologize, Say Cheating Didn't Affect World Series

Star Bregman 'sorry about the choices that were made by our team, the organization, and by me'

(Newser) - It's time for spring training, and the Houston Astros' first order of business Thursday was a series of apologies for their high-tech cheating . Owner Jim Crane, manager Dusty Baker, and star players Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve all read prepared statements to the media about the sign-stealing mess, reports...

Cheating Scandal Costs Carlos Beltran Managing Job

Former All-Star had just been hired by the Mets

(Newser) - Carlos Beltran, who was named in baseball's report as an initiator of the Houston Astros' scheme to steal signs from other teams, has lost his job as manager of the New York Mets—before ever managing a game. The Mets and Beltran "agreed to mutually part ways,"...

MLB Sign-Stealing Mastermind Loses His Job, Too

Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora is out

(Newser) - Baseball's newest cheating scandal has just felled it second big-name manager of the week. The Boston Red Sox say they've "parted ways" with Alex Cora, who led the team to a World Series in 2018, reports the Boston Herald . It was seen as a preemptive strike because...

Coach Provided an Answer on Cheating Allegation

Herman Franks finally discussed whether Bobby Thomson knew what pitch was coming

(Newser) - Before anybody put a camera in center field to learn what pitch the catcher was calling for next, there was a telescope and a buzzer. In 1951, the New York Giants beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in a playoff on a famous ninth-inning home run by Bobby Thomson—which became known...

Newspaper 'Outs' Cheating Husband by Mistake

Food critic Tom Sietsema hopes it was 'a crank post'

(Newser) - Cheaters, beware: Even an innocent food critic can end up exposing your unfaithful ways—if, that is, any of the following is real. "Well Tom your latest review is accompanied by a picture of my husband dining with a woman who isn't me!" an unidentified commenter posted...

Wife Won't Like Florida Man's Excuse for Speeding

John Pickard allegedly told police he'd been unfaithful

(Newser) - A Florida man caught driving recklessly told police he "needed to get home in a hurry because he was cheating on his wife." That's according to an arrest affidavit naming John Earl Pickard, 52, who Tarpon Springs police say was driving 90mph in a 55mph zone on...

Exam Proctor Flips, Admits Accepting Bribes

Igor Dvorskiy will testify if called: 'LAT'

(Newser) - A former college exam proctor has agreed to plead guilty and cooperate with investigators in the sweeping college admissions scheme, the AP reports. Court documents filed Tuesday say Igor Dvorskiy, director of the private West Hollywood College Preparatory School, agreed to plead guilty to a single charge of conspiracy to...

Chess Grandmaster Busted Cheating in the Bathroom

Igors Rausis says he 'lost my mind'

(Newser) - One could be forgiven for never having heard of Igors Rausis—probably until the 58-year-old chess grandmaster got himself busted cheating in a tournament with his smartphone in a toilet stall. As the Guardian reports, the International Chess Federation says it caught the Latvian-Czech player "red-handed using his phone...

They Said He Cheated in His Record Run. Now He's Dead

Frank Meza, 70, disqualified from Los Angeles Marathon earlier this week, found in LA River

(Newser) - A record-setting 70-year-old runner who earlier this week had been disqualified from the Los Angeles Marathon amid cheating accusations was found dead Thursday morning in the Los Angeles River, the LA County coroner's office has confirmed to the Washington Post . ABC13 reports that the LAPD responded to a body...

Record Run at LA Marathon Was Actually 'Impossible'

Frank Meza, 70, disqualified for cheating

(Newser) - It was a record-setting run—until it wasn't. Frank Meza, a 70-year-old who logged an impressive time of 2:53:10 at the Los Angeles Marathon in March, has been disqualified after cameras caught him violating a couple of rules, per the Los Angeles Times . As pointed out by...

Brunei Semantics on Brutal New Law: It's Not 'Punishment'

Stoning to death those who cheat, have gay sex is 'prevention' meant to 'nurture': foreign minister

(Newser) - A controversial Sharia law recently put into effect in Brunei, in which it's mandated that people who cheat on their spouses or men who have gay sex are stoned to death, isn't meant as punishment, the Muslim-majority nation's foreign minister is now saying—it's simply a...

Book: Trump Is Brazen Golf Cheater
Book: Trump Is
Brazen Golf Cheater

Book: Trump Is Brazen Golf Cheater

'Commander in Cheat' offers dozens of examples

(Newser) - Colluding with Russia? The special counsel says no. Cheating at golf? Well, that's something else. From pulling a fast one on Tiger Woods to exaggerating his handicap, Donald Trump's alleged misdeeds on and around the golf course are the subject of a new book by former Sports Illustrated...

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