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More Teachers Spending Salary on ... Supplies

Study finds a quarter now spend $400 a year

(Newser) - With school budgets being slashed across the country, more and more teachers are paying for classroom supplies with their own money, according to a new study. The survey, by Horace Mann insurance, found 26% of teachers polled reported spending $400 of their own hard-earned on school supplies last year—up...

Kansas City Closing Half Its Schools

'We took a meat ax to the district'

(Newser) - Kansas City's school board narrowly voted to close 29 of the city's 61 public schools after an emotional, standing-room-only meeting last night. The measure, a desperate attempt to prevent a projected $50 million budget shortfall, passed 5-4 despite pleas from parents and community leaders to keep the schools open, the...

In US, Gym-Class Injuries Up 150% in Past Decade

Large class sizes, fewer school nurses may be to blame

(Newser) - American kids are suffering 150% more injuries in gym class than a decade ago, the AP reports. Over that period, a study found, there has been a renewed emphasis on physical-education class as a way to inculcate students with healthy habits and prevent obesity. But the increase in injuries may...

Teacher Puts Ads on Tests to Pay for Copies

Budget cuts force test-happy prof to take drastic action

(Newser) - When his suburban San Diego high school cut his photocopy budget to $316, calculus teacher Tom Farber had a problem. Because he gives a lot of tests—to make sure his students have enough practice for their AP exam, he says—he racks up $500 a year in 3-cents-per-page copy...

Strapped Schools Say Bye to Bus Rides
 Strapped Schools
 Say Bye to Bus Rides

Strapped Schools Say Bye to Bus Rides

New generation can tell grandkids they walked to school

(Newser) - As high gas prices strangle US school budgets, more officials are cutting back where it hurts student scores least: school buses. Some schools are limiting or redesigning bus routes, but others have nixed busing entirely, leaving thousands of kids to hoof it under adult supervision. Some parents object, but many...

Back-to-School Lists Bust Budgets
Back-to-School Lists Bust Budgets

Back-to-School Lists Bust Budgets

Cash-strapped districts turn to parents for 'communal' supplies

(Newser) - Ever-expanding back-to-school lists are squeezing family budgets, the New York Times reports. The bill often tops three figures as school ask for pricey items like flash drives—often specifying the brand name. And many cash-strapped districts are turning to parents to provide supplies like paper towels, baby wipes and Band-Aids,...

As Gas Prices Rise, Field Trips Go Virtual

Online outings 'can be the next best thing,' educator says

(Newser) - More school buses are being left in park these days, thanks to rising fuel prices and technology that lets students go on “virtual field trips.” “If you can’t go somewhere, this can be the next best thing,” said one administrator, as schools enjoy low teleconferencing...

Calif. Crunch May Force Drastic Cuts

State might slash education funds, free inmates early

(Newser) - California's dire financial straits may force the early release of 30,000 low-risk inmates and bring drastic cuts in education, the Los Angeles Times reports. Arnold Schwarzenegger will declare a fiscal emergency next month as the state wrestles with a $14.5 billion budget gap. The governor has ordered agencies...

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