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How Baron Cohen Might Follow Br&uuml;no
 How Baron Cohen 
 Might Follow Brüno 

How Baron Cohen Might Follow Brüno

(Newser) - Sacha Baron Cohen is box-office gold, but he can’t pull it off again … or can he? Eric Ditzian looks at some possibilities for the Brüno star’s future.
  • "A Fourth Wacked-Out Journalist." Some thought Brüno couldn't fly after the exposure Borat brought, but the

Bruno Offends Way to Top
 Bruno Offends 
 Way to Top 


Bruno Offends Way to Top

(Newser) - Bruno catwalked its way to the top of the box office this weekend, taking in $30.4 million, the Los Angeles Times reports. That’s a better debut than Sacha Baron Cohen’s earlier button-pusher Borat saw, though Bruno faced a steep drop-off in ticket sales after Friday. Holdovers Ice ...

Bruno : Prepare to Cringe, Laugh
 Prepare to Cringe, Laugh 

Bruno: Prepare to Cringe, Laugh

(Newser) - Critics generally give solid marks to Sasha Baron Cohen's cringe-inducing Bruno. It may not outrank Borat, but Cohen remains the master of crude, cruel laughs and uncomfortable insights.
  • Nathan Rabin, Onion AV Club: "Cohen no longer has freshness and novelty on his side, but he’s retained the power

Cohen: 'Bruno' Interviewed a Real Terrorist

Comedian appears as himself for once to discuss film

(Newser) - Sacha Baron Cohen made a rare appearance as himself last night on the Late Show, telling David Letterman about Bruno’s interview with a real terrorist, the Huffington Post reports. “When we were making this film, we thought, what could people see that they’ve never seen before on...

Bruno's Lawsuit More Serious Than Borat's

Fox may not be able to escape from this one unscathed

(Newser) - If Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno is anything like Borat, yesterday’s lawsuit is the first of many to come. But this one is different, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Unlike the Borat suits, mainly filed by people with gripes about release forms, the case is more serious: This lawsuit...

Meet Prince Zimboo, Borat's Hip-Hop Brother

African musician is a mystery, gaining in popularity

(Newser) - An up-and-coming player in the genre of “hipster world music,” Prince Zimboo Abakunamabooba is an African hip-hopper with 999 wives—or is he? Zimboo, who has been performing “deliriously funny music” since at least 2007, “is something like the African Borat,” writes Jonah Weiner for...

Cohen's 'Bruno' Pranks Abdul
 Cohen's 'Bruno' Pranks Abdul 

Cohen's 'Bruno' Pranks Abdul

Interview will be in film

(Newser) - Paula Abdul isn’t just acting oblivious on American Idol. Sacha Baron Cohen pranked the infamously airheaded judge for his upcoming film Bruno, and her interview with the character will appear in the movie, the New York Post reports.Paula was totally fooled,” says an insider. "She...

EU Prohibits 6 Kazakh Airlines From Airspace

Cites safety, won't say if Borat mockery lies behind ban

(Newser) - The European Union has banned six Kazakh airlines from its airspace, citing safety reasons, the Guardian reports today. No specific reason was given, though perhaps comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s skit about Borat flying on “Air Kazakh”—a rickety plane with a drunken one-eyed pilot—may have finally...

Ron Paul in Attempted Sex Scene in Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat follow-up tricks Texas Republican

(Newser) - Ron Paul is about the last person you’d expect to see in Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat follow-up. But the libertarian congressman appears for a 5-minute cameo, reports Slate, in which Cohen’s gay character, seeking to attain fame via sex tape, tricks Paul into a darkened hotel...

'Bruno' Pranks Alabama Army Base

Sacha Baron Cohen strikes again

(Newser) - Sacha Baron Cohen infiltrated an Alabama military base for a few hours in February as “Bruno”—a gay Austrian fashion journalist—before a savvy cadet spotted the ruse, the AP reports. The footage could appear in Cohen’s upcoming film, Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America For The Purpose ...

Joaquin Pounces on Heckler at Rap 'Concert'

Another stunt?

(Newser) - Security guards hauled off neo-rapper Joaquin Phoenix early this morning after he leaped from the stage during a Miami Beach concert to confront a heckler, reports AP. The increasingly bizarre actor appeared in a disheveled suit to mutter mostly unintelligible lyrics after appearing four hours late to the concert. Suddenly...

The Best of the Bush Years: Cultural Edition
The Best of the Bush Years:  Cultural Edition

The Best of the Bush Years: Cultural Edition

Newsweek picks most emblematic TV, music, movies of last 8 years

(Newser) - The Bush years have been their own little era, sparking artistic dissent and encouraging elaborations on new national themes. Newsweek had its top critics pick the piece from their field that seems most indicative of this decade:
  • American Idol: "Like Dubya, the show makes a virtue of its unflagging

'Bruno' Borat Disrupts NBC Set

Baon-Cohen infiltrates set of psychic drama Medium in latest character role

(Newser) - No one saw it coming. Production was temporarily halted and an extra forcibly removed during the filming of the popular NBC detective series the Medium when the actor suddenly disrupted a tense courtroom scene involving Patricia Arquette, reports Entertainment Weekly. The extra turned out to be Borat star Sacha Baron...

'Borat' Crashes Fashion Show
 'Borat' Crashes Fashion Show 

'Borat' Crashes Fashion Show

Shooting latest film, actor/comedian has designers on edge at Milan event

(Newser) - Sacha Baron Cohen caused a scene at a Milan fashion show today when he got up on the catwalk and danced violently before being hauled off, ANSA reports. Cohen—stalking the Italian city’s fashion week as he works on a film in which he plays gay fashion reporter Bruno—...

Baron Cohen: Borat Is Dead to Me
Baron Cohen:
Borat Is Dead to Me

Baron Cohen: Borat Is Dead to Me

Success of (in)famous roles 'self-defeating form' for actor

(Newser) - The man behind unruly Kazakh reporter Borat and gangsta journalist Ali G is abandoning the beloved guises, Sacha Baron Cohen tells the Daily Telegraph. “It is like saying goodbye to a loved one,” he said. But the loss was inevitable: “Every new person who sees the Borat...

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